10 Things A Man Will Give Up Before Sex

When you break it all down, guys are very simple creatures. There are a few things that keep them happy: a good meal, a few good friends, clean socks and underwear, a good game on television, an ice-cold beer and of course, amazing sex. We left the “sex” for last because in many ways, it often ranks the highest in the hierarchy of wants and needs for most guys. Dating back to caveman days, the coolest Neanderthal in the cave community was probably the one who had the most sex. So with all that said, in this article, we are going to talk about 10 things near and dear to a man’s heart that he’d gladly give up before sex. There is also a very interesting survey referenced here by Women's Health magazine that further elucidates these entries. Read on below:

10 Sports

What is it about guys and sports? Stick a guy in a man cave with a large screen TV with his favorite team playing and it’s almost like he’s completely oblivious to the outside world. This phenomenon cuts across all sports: golf, soccer, football, basketball etc. As long as there is a ball involved, men are going to be attracted to the game like moths to a flame. However, according to an interesting survey by Women's Health magazine, 67% of men would give up watching sports for sex. It could be a World Series game, playoff game or World Cup qualifier. It really doesn’t matter, scoring sexually is always more thrilling than the excitement from watching a game.

9 Their Favorite Food 

There’s a popular saying that goes like this: The way to man’s heart is through his stomach. Guys absolutely love food and that’s a fact. They dream about it and fantasize about it almost as much as they do about sex. When it comes to the food they love, bar foods like wings and pizza rank at the very top. Watching the big game with wings on the side and a large pepperoni is heavenly for most men. However, the survey again proves to be very telling. It states that 70.7% of men would give up pizza for sex. It's true; a man will still opt for hot, intense sex over splurging on his favorite food.

8 The Internet

Let's  face it; we are firmly entrenched in the Internet age. It's gotten to the point that when we don't have an Internet connection in our immediate vicinity, many people feel completely stranded. Why? Because we need to have our email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram accounts available to us at all times. But once again, it's been reported that even when the Internet and social media is pitted against sex, sex comes out on top. The exact number is that 70.82% of men will give up the 'net before video games. Wow!

7 Sneakers

There’s something almost weird about how much guys love their sneakers. In downtown NYC, it’s not rare to see long queues of both teens and full-grown men waiting in line at the Nike store on Mercer Street for an exclusive sneaker release. Perhaps it is something related to the latent sports gene in men that makes them so fanatical about collecting sneakers. But you can bet your lifesavings that if a sneaker addict was offered regular sex with the hottest girl of his dreams in exchange for his most prized sneakers, the sexy girl will always win.

6 Closet Space

This is one commodity that only those men with live-in girlfriends will understand. The fact is that unless you’re living in a penthouse or spacious mansion with your girlfriend, closet space will probably be a major issue in your life. Women just happen to need insane amounts of space for the ridiculous amount of clothes they own. If you happen to share a closet with a woman, this is probably going to be a major recurring issue in your relationship. But if a guy was given the choice between giving up all his closet space and having regular sex wherever or whenever he wanted, we think you already know what that answer would be.

5 Video Games

Men love video games. It’s a proven scientific fact. Whether they’re 5 or 50-years-old, throw a man in front of an X-box or Play Station and see them transform into zombie-like gamers right before your eyes. Maybe it’s something about the fantasy scenarios that excite them so much. But here is another fact. If the most nerdy gamer is given a choice between playing video games all day or having sex all day, the latter option is always going to be picked first. In fact, a survey by Women's Health Magazine states that 72.3% of men will give up video games before sex. Let’s face it, sex is that primordial, innate instinct that trumps any manmade invention.

4 His Cell Phone 

Most guys tend to be very private creatures. Even when they are outgoing personalities and have plenty of friends, there are still huge parts of their lives they keep very secret. Men just don’t have that emotional gene that allows them to share absolutely everything. That’s why most men are extremely guarded about their cellphones and giving up their cherished, private moments. This is all good and true, but according to a Woman's Health Magazine survey, 57.67% of men would give up their cell phone for sex. When a man falls in love with a woman offering good companionship and great sex,  his life can easily become a complete open book.

3 His Friends

It’s a fact; guys like to move in packs. There is something about guys hanging out together, cracking jokes, hitting the gym, watching the game that just fits in so well with male psychology. But watch what happens when you throw a sexy girlfriend into the picture. That “bro camaraderie” disappears really quickly, and it’s usually the guy in the group who is getting regular sex that’s missing in action. This observation is backed by surveys which state that 62.05% of guys will drop their friends for sex. The bottom line is this: Guys love chilling together and having a great time, but when sex is thrown into the scenario, those 'best buds' are the last things on a guy’s mind.

2 Booze/Bar-Hopping

This one is pretty much self-explanatory. If you didn’t know before, this is the basic truth. The main reason that most guys go to the gym, get all toned up, dress up nicely and go to the club/bar is to try and hook-up with girls. There is simply no other reason. So imagine if a guy actually has a girlfriend at home providing him with regular sex. Do you think he will still go through all that trouble to try and hit on a random girl at a bar who might totally turn him down? The answer is: Not A Chance. Women's Health magazine survey again provides some key insight. It reported that 71.97% of men would give up booze for sex. Once again, sex reigns supreme in this scenario.

1 X-Rated Vids

The reason the internet abbreviation “NSFW” was probably created was because of all the guys out there checking out X-rated flicks online, in their office cubicles. Guys think about sex probably two or three times every hour, it’s just how they are wired. And the thing with adult entertainment these days is that it’s so accessible and convenient, and guys can watch it anywhere: tablet, iPad, smartphone etc. But this is another no-brainer. Given the two choices of watching sex online or enjoying the real thing, a man will go for the real thing every single time.

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