10 Sure Signs He Will Be Great In Bed

One of the questions most people ask dating/relationship experts and ask themselves is, “How do we know if we are good in bed?” There really is no test you can take. If there are quizzes in magazines

So thinking about this question, how would anyone really know if their partner is good or not? And really, how can anyone not be good at something that we all were “made” to do in order to recreate? Here are ten signs that he will be great in bed or the reasons why he is satisfying you to no end.

10 He Or She Doesn't Brag

9 He Makes You Feel Sexy

8 Are They Skilled With Their Hands?

7 Takes Chances

If they enjoy trying new things or taking risks, chances are they will also take risks in the bedroom. But if you are with a person who doesn't take as many risks as you or enjoys different adventures as you, you may not want to spring a new move on your partner without communicating with them first. On the other hand, if you both enjoy taking risks, (not risks that are going to cause you injury) and enjoy the same type of adventures, then the new moves or ideas you bring into the bedroom are going to work and succeed.

6 He Isn't Selfish

5 His Walk

4 He Is Actually Interested In How Your Day Was

3 Seriously, Just Let Go

2 Kissing Style

1 Work It

If they workout they are not only able to keep up but the saying, “all night long” means something to them. Researchers know that being physically fit and active is a big boost for women, but it can also make you better in bed. For instance, exercise boosts your libido, enhances your endurance, and helps you gain confidence. Exercising is a great motivation to be better in bed. Now, before you decide to go join a gym, there are many exercises you can do at home that will not only keep you fit, but also help you become a sex goddess. Concentrate on your abs, which is the body part that is associated with stamina and performance, according to Men's Health. And you can do many of the exercises right in the comfort of your own home.


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10 Sure Signs He Will Be Great In Bed