10 Of The Sexiest Beaches In The World

With less than a month of official Summer left, many are scrambling to soak up that last luscious drop of warm, soothing sunshine, languishing in the intoxicating natural warmth that can't be duplicated. Whether you sprawl in backyards, on rooftops or on a little strip of sod outside your apartment, it's so easy to close your eyes and imagine you're on a sexy beach surrounded by pristine white sand sipping an icy cold fruity umbrella drink.

What makes a beach sexy is totally subjective…and limited only by the boundaries of your mind. Scantily clad guys and gals might be sexy for some. Rolling around in the sand or frolicking in the waves with your main squeeze could be a sexual turn-on. If you're sunning solo, just look out over the horizon and if you're patient, sooner or later your dream lover will manifest and start walking towards you. Those umbrella drinks are magical.

Sexy beaches, like sexy people, come in all shapes and sizes and are found all over the world. These were chosen for a variety of reasons, one of which surely meets your criteria either from experience or just pure imagination.

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10 South Beach, Miami, Florida

Via: placesunderthesun.com

Before it became famous for the South Beach Diet a decade or so ago, this beach in Miami, Florida was the favored destination for the "beautiful people" as they were so aptly labeled by the media. The near perfect weather enjoyed by Miami virtually year round makes it a popular destination for visitors from all over the globe. When the sun goes down, there are nightclubs frequented by celebrities (many are even owned by big stars) from stage, screen and most recently, the music industry. Factor in an abundance of Art Deco architecture, five star famous-chef restaurants, and designer clothing and accessory boutiques lining every block and you've got more 'sexy' than you could ever imagine.

9 Lover's Beach, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Via: cabobeachweddings.com

If you lean more toward a quiet kind of sexy and generally shun the nightlife filled with bright lights and loud music, head south to Lover's Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Geared mainly toward couples, it's best to go with a partner but those with a penchant for fateful rendezvous are always welcome. The gigantic rock formations that line the shores of the Baja Peninsula cove make it easy to find a secluded area to woo your lover. Beware of the undertow on the Pacific Ocean side of the beach that can easily ruin the mood and stick with the Sea of Cortez area for a safe haven.

8 The Baths, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Via: www.bvitalktourism.com

The British Virgin Islands is a popular destination for lovers and often tops the list of favorite honeymoon destinations. While all the islands have breathtaking vistas and perfect climates that last through the night, for the ultimate romantic atmosphere, seek out The Baths on the island of Virgin Gorda. The ethereal atmosphere created by lofty granite slabs encompassing intimate sandy beaches is further enhanced by the sound of water softly lapping on the shores of the coves and grottos so private you can indulge a few fantasies without fear of being spotted by nosy looky-loos.

7 Paradise Beach, Mykonos Island, Greece

Via: www.mykonos-life.com

If you're shy and retiring, you'll love Paradise Beach on Mykonos Island, Greece – but only during daylight hours. A beach that has two distinct personalities, Paradise Beach is an 'aw shucks, let's have some lemonade and write messages in the sand' vibe during the day, dotted with happy families picnicking and building sand castles. But when the sun starts to set, the families quietly retreat to wherever and the party freaks take over. Barely clothed dancers, DJs and visitors who have been resting up all day emerge from every nook and cranny ready to heavily imbibe in adult beverages and party through the night.

6 Snapper Rocks, Gold Coast, Australia

Via: stabmag.com

Not everyone goes to a sexy beach with a partner but rather with a heartfelt wish to meet that special someone—even if they're just special for a few days. Off the most famous coast in the Down Under, Snapper Rocks on the Gold Coast of Australia is teeming with surfers of both sexes, toned and tan, with flowing hair naturally streaked by the relentless sun that's bright from dawn to late afternoon. Located at the most southern tip of the region, watch the surfers skillfully ride the waves and marvel at their skills, perhaps tossing in a bit of playful flirting along the way.

5 Saline Beach, Saint-Barthelemy, Caribbean

Via: www.flyjet.com.au

Besides being a magnet for the wealthy aristocracy of Europe, Saline Beach in Saint-Barthelemy is one of the most gorgeous beach destinations on earth. Affectionately known as St. Barths, everything from the 22 white powdery beaches to the bright turquoise water screams fantasies come true. A gently meandering trail will take you and your partner to private natural nooks in the sand dunes where you can snuggle and take in the scenery. The combination of visual and sensual perfection often makes visitors lose their heads – as well as their clothes – so be prepared to see some 'exposed' beachcombers.

4 Tahiti Beach, Saint-Tropez, France

Via: http://www.veoelmundo.com/

Tahiti Beach personifies the wonderful stereotype of Saint Tropez epitomized in the unforgettable 1970s suntan lotion commercial that murmured, "Bain de Soleil for the San Tropez tan." One of the hottest spots for topless and nude sun bathing, commoners and celebrities share the beach with abandon, all mesmerized by the flawless weather, cool, tall cocktails and alluring ambiance that seems to melt away inhibitions as the sun rises in the baby blue sky. Nothing's sexier than the feeling of psychological freedom coupled with a lack of inhibitions.

3 Palmizana, Hvar, Croatia

Via: www.island-hvar.info

Once one of the best kept secrets in vacation retreat spots, Hvar has become the go-to destination of British Royalty as well as pop and movie stars, musicians – anyone who is rich and famous. The beauty and glitz of the visitors is rivaled only by the picture-perfect weather and endless beaches bathed in milky white sand found on the Parmizana region on the south side. No one has to bring sexy back to this little slice of heaven; it was born here.

2 Las Salinas Beach, Ibiza, Spain

Via: www.glitterandmud.com

Both singles and couples find Las Salinas Beach in Ibiza, Spain erotically stimulating, so whether you visit with a partner, best friend or bravely mingle all alone, the electrifying environment studded with celebrities from around the world will rock you from dawn to the wee hours of the morning. The seemingly infinite stretches of beach beckon and at the end of the day, fabulous bars and eateries invite you to end the day wallowing in self-indulgence.

1 Copacabana, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Via: 2il.org

If a trip to a racy European or Caribbean island destination isn't on your itinerary, check out the sexy, sultry Copacabana Beach in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Visitors beat the heat with swimwear held together by strings and tiny thongs are the top choice of both men and women as they proudly strut their stuff, creating an atmosphere bursting with eroticism. Odd but enticing is the prohibition of topless sun bathing for women, which seems to add to the sexual energy that infuses the crowd.

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