10 Services Only The Extremely Wealthy Can Afford

Private drivers, nannies, maids, personal chefs; we are all painfully aware of the services that the rich and famous can afford and that regular folk would never think of paying for. But what about the services that they pay tons of cash to have. Reddit put out a question to their users asking what the craziest services are that the wealthy pay for and the responses they got were unbelievable. From driveways that melt the snow to a metal box that costs $35,000 to play movies that are in theatres to nannies that lull your baby to sleep in the middle of the night; it seems there is no end to what the wealthy will pay for.

Imagine hiring a professional stylist to decorate your Christmas tree or having a doctor set up a hospital suite in your mansion; that is what these wealthy folks are spending their dough on. Who would have imagined that you can actually buy insurance to move your assets to a safe place while a natural disaster is occurring or how about paying someone to blow dry your hair everyday just because. If you have ever wondered what the wealthy really spend their money on; here is a list of 10 services that only the rich can afford comfortably.


10 Daily Hairstyling 

We all know that the rich have their personal hairstylists that they see every time they need a cut or special occasion style but how about those who see a stylist every single day. ‘Blow and go’ is what these niche salons are called and are for the seriously rich who want flawless hair every day. In thirty minutes these professionals will have you looking spectacular. No scissors needed here, all you are getting is a wash and a blow dry, for about the same price as leasing a top tier BMW. For the ultra rich who refuse to leave their house with uncontrollable locks; enough money can buy you a personal hairstylist who shows up every morning to perfect your hair.

9 Baller Fine Art Insurance


No we aren't talking about the kind of insurance that gets paid out when all of the paintings in your house get wrecked by a flood. It’s not the kind of insurance where a fire breaks out and you receive a check in the mail. Yahoo Finance tells us that Baller Fine Art Insurance is the kind of insurance for the ultra wealthy, ultra prepared and some may say ultra paranoid rich. This insurance is going to send out a helicopter when all hell is breaking loose and fly your assets to a safer place. When riots are breaking out, a flood is happening or some other extreme disaster is in the works these wealthy folks can rest easy that there precious possessions will be kept safe.

8 Full Service Travel Agents

In a world where travel agents are quickly becoming obsolete for the regular folk the wealthy seem to have no problem paying someone to take care of all of their travel needs; down to every single minor detail. Not only will these travel agents book your flights, cars, hotels and attractions but they will go so far as to manage your money if you are travelling internationally. The best part about these expensive commodities is when something goes wrong during your travels they are on call 24/7. No more worrying about standing in line at the airport to re-book a flight or arguing with the hotel concierge about a room; just call your full service and expensive travel agent.

7 Heated Driveways


Who has time to shovel snow when you are rich? No one is clearly the answer but most people hire snowplow drivers to come dig them out after a big storm has hit. But the really elite who don’t have time to wait around for the snowplows have granted themselves immediate access to a nice clear driveway. Heated driveways are the big thing for those living in a colder climate. We cannot imagine that system is affordable enough for the average Joe and for now; we will break out the shovel every time it snows.

6 A Family Office

Yahoo Finance distinguishes the difference between a normal accountant and a family office; stating the first is for a regular person while as the later is for the rich. A family office team could consist of accountants, investment managers, lawyers, financial planners and even concierge services. This hub is hired to cater to all of your financial needs to ensure you are keeping and making even more money. Gone are the days when the rich actually had to visit the bank; these family office hubs will come directly to you. All you have to do is sign on the dotted line.

5 PRIMA Cinema Services

For a mere $35,000 set up fee you can have Hollywood films delivered directly to your home theatre as early as opening day. Capitalizing on the need to be the ‘first’ to see new movies this company installs their high quality systems and then charges per movie shown. The ultra rich love this service as gone are the days where they had to leave the house to watch the brand new movies. The rack mountable player downloads the movies you want for $500 a pop and presents them in ultra high quality unmatched by anything else out there. Home theatres have taken it to a new level with this service.

4 Doctor House Calls


Private nurses, private care staff and even a doctor showing up in case you decide you want to skip the hospital wait times are all available for the super wealthy. Not only will they just show up on call but they are equipped to set up full hospital suites in your mansion. Providing privacy, dignity and avoiding any health care associated illnesses are typically why the wealthy prefer to be treated at home. Let’s be honest; who wouldn't want a nurse or doctor showing up for a house call?


3 Night Nannies


We've heard of personal nannies that come into your house when you have a baby and help new mothers out but the rich and wealthy pay for something even better than that. Not wanting to be sleep-deprived these moms are hiring nannies specifically for the night time. Whether the nanny is in charge of waking mom to breast feed, change the diapers or lull the baby back to sleep this new mom is getting more sleep than any moms we know. No wonder these new moms look so great shortly after giving birth; they have nannies around the clock to make things easier.

2 Christmas Tree Stylists

You walk into your wealthy friend’s house near Christmas time and low and behold their Christmas tree looks like it stepped out from the magazine cover. A little secret your friend doesn't want you to know; that tree was literally styled by a designer and therefore it technically is magazine worthy. Trust us, she didn't handpick those decorations that match perfectly or string those lights evenly. Christmas tree stylists actually exist and the wealthy pay serious money to have them decorated and then to get rid of them come January. We have to wonder about the qualifications for such a job.

1 Escort Liaison Manager


One Reddit user that responded to the question ‘what’s the craziest service the wealthy pay for’ has a friend who is literally an escort liaison manager. What does this entitle you may ask? He is responsible for lining up escorts for his super millionaire playboy boss who likes to have company on his yacht. The fact is you can hire one, two or as many women to join you as you want- or can afford. His job continues in the morning when he has to round up the passed out hookers and take them back, where he lines up the next group of girls for that day. We all know the wealthy like to have their fun but you may be too rich if you have to hire an escort liaison manager.



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