10 Rappers That Should Learn To Bite Their Tongue

There was a classic Hip-Hop song released in the mid nineties called "Shook Ones." The track was by the duo Mobb Deep from Queensbridge NYC, and it became an instant classic. The song was meant to call out all the rappers who acted all hard and tough but were really fakers and posers. The phrase "Shook Ones" referred to those emcees who have a tough exterior but are shaking and trembling on the inside. In honor of that timeless track, we take a look at 10 Hip-Hop artists who aren't scared at all about voicing their opinions - and  they never bite their tongues for anyone. We all know that most times it's best to think before you speak, but these rappers below have a tendency to shoot verbal bullets first and then asks questions later. A few of the artists mentioned are veterans of the rap game, but there are also a couple of newer names included as well. We think you are going to enjoy this one - check out the piece below ...

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10 The Game

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Most Hip-Hop fans know that The Game is one of the top name-droppers in the industry. But he is also known for creating controversy with some of the open-ended comments he tends to make. That’s what he did this year when he released the dis track and video “Bigger Than Me” directed at the 2014 class of Freshmen chosen by XXL magazine. This Freshmen class is the list of rappers expected to blow up in the near future and it included Troy Ave, Kevin Gates, August Alsina, Lil’ Bibby and more. It seems Game wasn’t impressed by this selection and here is some of what he rapped in the song, “These ni**as ain't bigger than me, these ni**as ain't Nas, ain't Jigga to me, These ni**as ain't Em, they ain't 50 to me. You ain't Pun, you ain't Pac, you ain't Biggie to me.” It sounds like he made a lot of new enemies with just one track.

9  Azealia Banks

Recently Azealia Banks did a long and in-depth interview with the Hot 97 Morning Show radio station in NYC. It was an extremely revealing profile because she shared so much about herself, how she started rapping, her upbringing and what her artistic motivations are. She also proved again that she doesn’t bite her tongue for anyone. She hurled insults at rapper T.I. and even threw some venom at his wife Tiny. She also explained further about her never-ending beef with Iggy Azalea. Azealia Banks may only be 23-yrs-old, but one thing is for certain, this Harlemite rapper has no fear.

8  Kanye West

7  DMX

If you want to know what one of the best “must-watch” moments was in recent television history, then you have to watch the 2013 Fix My Life episode of Iyanla Vanzant with DMX. The episode was like watching a train wreck happen in slow motion and it really made you feel genuine concern for DMX’s life and all the demons he’s battling. One of the most troubling sequences was when he was trying to reconcile with his grown son Xavier. At one point DMX erupts and says to Iyanla: "Lady, shut the f** up! - Stop running your mouth!" And then he turns to his son and says, "We'll talk when she stops running her f***ing mouth." DMX was so great at one point in time. Hopefully he can get his life together and perhaps regain a fraction of his former brilliance.

6 Meek Mill

The rapper Meek Mill is one of the brashest and most aggressive rappers in the game right now. The young Philadelphia rapper is signed to Rick Ross’s MMG label and in the last five years, he has already had several beefs with many rappers. He has a tendency to say whatever is on his mind and rarely bite his tongue. He has had beef with Philly rappers like Cassidy and even his own crew member Louie V Gutta. He even engaged in a social media argument with his own label mate Wale. Another interesting tidbit of information is that Meek Mill is rumored to be cause of Nicki Minaj’s break-up with her longtime boyfriend Safaree Samuels.

5 Tyler The Creator


Tyler the Creator is the leader of West Coast Hip-Hop collective known as Odd Future. Even though his debut album had a lot of disturbing and dark material, he also has a comedic/prankster side to his persona. His crew even has a show on the Adult Swim channel called Loiter Squad. Tyler also has a tendency to speak his mind no matter whoever he disses. For example, when Eminem released his album Shady XV, this year, he sent a tweet that said: “I love you Marshall, you are my favorite rapper but dude Shady XV is f***ing ASS – hahaha why wont someone who loves him tell him NO.”

Earlier on in the year, he went on 106 & Park and played a game of marry, kiss or dis with the choices being Iggy Azalea, Rita Ora and M.I.A. He decided to dis Iggy by saying “I don’t want Iggy – she stinks. I want real booty, you feel me?” Doesn’t it seem like Iggy is everybody’s punching bag?

4  Killer Mike

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Heavyweight Atlanta rapper Killer Mike has been doing his thing in the Hip-Hop industry for over a decade now. He first debuted on the scene with a cameo appearance with legendary group Outkast. Recently, he formed a group called Run The Jewels with NYC rapper/producer El-P and they’ve been enjoying a lot of commercial success and critical praise. Killer Mike is also known for speaking his mind. When the Ferguson, Missouri riots happened this year, he went on stage and showed a lot of emotion in a speech he gave to the crowd. He was even interviewed on CNN and he was very vocal about his misgivings about the way the police force all over the country treated black people. When his rapping career is over, he should perhaps pursue a life in politics. He certainly has a lot to say

3  Tyga

25-yr-old rapper Tyga has been in the news a lot in 2014. Some of the attention has been for his music, but a lot of it has been for his label problems and his rumored relationship with the 17-yr-old budding socialite Kylie Jenner. Tyga is signed to YMCMB/Cash Money records and he sent out a tweet in October about the problems he was having with his label: “Gold Album has been done. My label holding me hostage so I can’t release nothing. Might just leak it for my fans then let them make $ off it.” He followed that up by releasing a dis track called “Make It Work” directed at his label mate Drake. It seems as though 2015 is shaping to be a big year for Tyga  – if you haven’t yet, be sure to check out his new mixtape with Chris Brown titled Fan of a Fan 2.

2  Kendrick Lamar

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1  Eminem

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Over his long career, Detroit rapper Eminem has never been shy about unleashing venom directed towards the government, various facets of society and different personalities in pop culture. He has even had some very disturbing words towards his own mother. Some of his targets have also included pop stars like Mariah Carrey, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. This year, he added Lana Del Rey to the list in his viral Shady XV Cypher verse. This is what he rapped: “I may fight for gay rights, especially if they dyke/Is more of a knockout than Janay Rice/Play nice? B***h I’ll punch Lana Del Rey right in the face twice, like Ray Rice in broad daylight in the plain sight of the elevator surveillance/’Til her head is banging on the railing, then celebrate with the Ravens.” Wow Mr. Mathers certainly has some very dark thoughts.

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