10 Rappers Who Are Shockingly Spending Big On Baby Mama Drama

One lesson most adults learn sooner or later is that kids are expensive. Starting a family is a matter that has to be well thought out and carefully planned - but rappers seem to ignore this fact. There are several stories each year of rappers having problems with the mothers of their kids for one reason or another. For the most part, these emcees are no longer together with their significant others, and they end up sidestepping their child support obligations. When these jilted moms see these rappers in videos and at clubs popping champagne and hanging out with sexy models, you can imagine how a lot of child-related drama is likely to occur. Without further ado, here is a list of 10 rappers going through one form or another of baby mama problems.

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10 50 Cent:

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Everyone knows 50 Cent is a rap and entertainment mogul, but that doesn’t exempt him from baby mama drama. Earlier this year, he was catching all kinds of heat on social media because he didn’t show up to the high school graduation of his first son Marquise. Apparently 50 Cent not showing up was due to ongoing legal issues and arguments with his son’s mother Shaniqua Tompkins. The issue is further exacerbated by 50 Cent having a new son named Sire with a sexy Puerto Rican/Filipino video vixen named Daphne Joy. This new arrival has led to further tension with his first son and previous baby mama. Doesn’t it seem like such a tangled plot? Well one thing’s for certain, Fiddy has more than enough cash to take care of all his problems.

9 Future

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Atlanta rapper Future is one of the new rappers on the scene really making a name for himself in the Hip-Hop industry. He’s a big hit with the ladies as well. He has three different kids from three different baby mamas, and he just had another one with the R&B star Ciara. We seriously don’t know how he keeps it all together, being that he’s on a rapper schedule and all. This August, according to TMZ, his child support payments for his oldest child were increased because court documents showed that he earns about $50K a month. That’s a lot of money, but he better keep making hits, because that’s a lot of kids he has to take care of.

8 Nas:

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The skilled lyricist Nas has baby mama drama going down on two fronts. One of the issues is with the mother of his older 19-yr-old daughter Destiny. Her name is Carmen Bryan, and according to TMZ, she claimed earlier this year that Nas owed 11K in child support and was refusing to pay his daughter’s tuition and medical bills. The second issue he has is with the mother of his young son, the result of his short-lived marriage to R&B star, Kelis. In 2010, it was reported on MTV news that Nas was ordered to pay over $40K in monthly child support.

7 DMX:

When it comes to baby mama drama, DMX might just be the king of the castle. His troubles with drugs and addiction have been well-documented and these situations extend into his personal life as well. DMX has 11 children total with different women, and he had four children with his first wife Tashera Simmons. It was recently reported that his wages from the hit records at Universal Music Group would be docked to the order of $15,000 per month. There was a time in the heyday of his career when he was making $13 million a year, but not now. This direct garnishing of his check probably puts a serious dent in his monthly expenditure. The 43-yr-old rapper actually filed for bankruptcy this year.

6 French Montana:

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5 Lil Scrappy

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Atlanta rapper Lil’ Scrappy is one of the stars of the reality show Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta. His angle of the story involves his tumultuous relation with a certain Erica Dixon. For a while in the show, it looked like the two were trying to work through their differences, but that’s still in the works. In the meantime, reports surfaced that Scrappy hasn’t paid child support to Dixon for years. In order for that case to get settled, his checks from the show were being diverted directly to his child support arrears.

4 Layzie Bone:

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Do you remember when Bone Thugs N’ Harmony were the biggest rap group around? They pretty much controlled MTV and they had international star power too. Wow, how times have changed. These days the group is pretty splintered and one of their members is going through some baby mama drama. According to TMZ, Layzie Bone, who is already married, was recently found out to be the father of a one-and-a-half-year-old child he had with a woman outside his marriage. The child’s mother took the case to court, and since Layzie didn’t respond within 30 days, Layzie was officially declared as the father even without a paternity test. It will be interesting to see how this one develops.

3 Ludacris

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2 Chief Keef

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This case is pretty sad because Chief Keef, the rapper embroiled in this baby mama drama is so young himself. He is just 19-years-old, and he has already been in and out of court for child support on a baby he fathered in 2011. Even at that age, the young rapper was earning close to $13K a month, and according to TMZ, he was ordered to pay his baby mama a total of $2,600 per month. This is in addition to $500 in daycare and another substantial amount of $10,400 in previously unpaid support. Let this be a lesson to all the young studs out there, keep it zipped and use protection – kids are expensive!

1 Scarface

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There are some occasions when baby mama drama can turn really serious and even lead to jail time. This is what happened to legendary Houston rapper, Scarface. He had to go to jail from October 2010 to August 2011 for reportedly owing over $123K in child support payments. When he was asked about this incarceration by MTV News, this is what he said, “In the system when you kids get grown and you pay all this money direct and it’s time for the money to stop being issued out, they will want to appeal because there ain’t no more money coming in.” He admitted that he learnt from his mistakes, and recently, he has lost a lot of weight and is prepping to drop a new album in the coming months.

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