10 Rappers Who Are Completely Whipped

There is no doubt about it, rappers are the new rock stars. They drive all the expensive cars, go to the most exclusive parties, wear the most expensive jewelry and date the most beautiful models. Actually scratch that last part, women practically throw themselves at these rappers. So it's surprising when you find such a thing as a "whipped" rapper because they can literally choose whoever they want. In the following article, we talk about 10 rappers who have been lassoed and whipped by beautiful women who now own the keys to their hearts. Check it out, there are probably some names you know and others that will be quite surprising to you. Read on below ...

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10 Tyga


This is a relationship that’s been in the news and gossip sites for about a year now. It’s between 25-yr-old rapper Tyga and the 17-yr-old Kylie Jenner. The reason why everyone is talking about this is because she is not even 18 yet and she’s been hanging out at night clubs and other adult spots with her rapper boyfriend. And it looks like Tyga is totally whipped, because he takes his girlfriend everywhere: To the recording studio, the coffee shop, church, grocery shopping – they are pretty much inseparable. At his level of fame and wealth, he can probably get any girl he wants, but it sure looks like he’s completely whipped by his young girlfriend.

9 Kanye West


We all know that Kim and Kanye are one of the popular celeb couples around. With the introduction of their daughter North West, they might just be one of the most photographed families in the world. Even though Kanye is known for his outbursts and rants, there is one thing that’s for sure: he really loves his wife. Here are some quotes from his interview on the Kris Jenner show in 2013. Here is what he said:“There’s times when I wasn’t with [Kim], I wanted to be with her so bad I thought about taking up sports.” He also said, “I just dreamed about being next to [Kim]. I don’t want to start jumping up and down on the couch here.”He might have a huge ego, but this man is certainly in love.

8 Diddy


7 Ludacris


As far as rappers go, Ludacris is one emcee whose stock continues to rise. He has been part of the extremely successful Fast and Furious movie franchise, and he recently dropped a well-received studio album. He also just got married and had a child with his longtime girlfriend, Eudoxie. His sweetheart is originally from Gabon and is very involved in charitable, non-profit work. She is a classy and sexy lady and definitely has the keys to Luda’s heart.

6 Ice-T


The rapper Ice-T has been a regular fixture on the hit NBC show, Law & Order SVU for many years now. But before that, he was a gangster rapper who ascribed to the pimping and street life philosophies. However since he got hitched with the voluptuous Coco Austin in 2005, Ice-T has become a one-woman man. He has done reality shows with her and they are even scheduled to have their own talk show this fall. Even when rumors surfaced in 2013 of Coco apparently having an affair with a Bay Area rapper named AP.9, Ice-T still stayed with her. Now if that’s not being whipped, we don’t know what is.



This is a new relationship that started around April of this year, but it seems to proceeding really fast. It’s between the tatted-up Ohio rapper and self-proclaimed “rowdy boy” MGK and Amber Rose. Now if you’re familiar with Amber Rose, you know that she first surfaced with Kanye West, and then got married to Wiz Khalifa. And now she has reeled in another rapper to keep her streak going. She was recently on Larry King’s talk show talking about her new love MGK, and from all the pics popping up on the internet, it looks like she has yet another popular rapper completely whipped.

4 Macklemore


Next to Eminem, there is probably no white rapper in recent times as popular as Seattle rapper Macklemore. His fame in the last few years was buoyed by the breakthrough tracks “Same Love” and “Thrift Shop.” All this fame happened in 2013, but he had been underground working hard before all the success came. Someone who was always by his side was his best friend and fiancée Tricia Davis. They have been together over seven years. She also handles his marketing, promotional merchandise, public relations and even managing his tours. To give her this much responsibility, he must be totally whipped and fully in love.

3 Bow Wow


The 28-yr-old rapper Bow Wow has been in hip hop game since he was just a young kid. And now, he’s getting ready to be married to Erica Mena, one of the stars of the VH1 show, Love & Hip Hop. In a recent interview with Rolling Out magazine, he spoke about how he’s ready to settle down and how he could have been the black Hugh Hefner if he wanted to. But now, he’s settled down and he’s ready to raise his own child along with Mena’s son (both kids are from previous relationships). So it looks like he has put his player card away, and he’s completely ready to be domesticated.

2 Cam’ron


Harlem rapper Cam’ron is considered as one of the most boisterous and rowdy rappers in the game. He has had beefs with Jay-Z, Nas, 50 Cent and more, and he is the kind of rapper who never backs down. But when it comes down to his girlfriend Juju, he’s one big softie. She recently stated in an interview with VMan that he once surprised her by setting up a beautiful mango spa complete with rose petals and candles to show how much he cared. For a tough guy like Cam to do this, there’s definitely a little “whipping” going on here.

1 French Montana


Bronx rapper French Montana is estimated to have a net worth of $8 million dollars. But all that money doesn’t stop him from constantly rapping about drugs, guns and the street life. That’s why it was so surprising when he started dating (on & off) with the Khloe Kardashian. It just seemed that she was looking for a “bad boy” rebound relationship, and on his part, it was a mixture of being whipped and upgrading his social status. Last year, he even bought her a $49K Jeep for her birthday gift. They still occasionally make appearances together but no one really knows for sure if they are still in a relationship or not.

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