10 Professions That Will Likely Lead You To Divorce

Divorce is one of the worst experiences that an individual can go through because it spells the end of the highest level of commitment that exists in human society. When two people are in love, it is hard for them to notice faults in each other, especially when they are burning with passion for each other. Many people tend to rush into marriage as fast as they can rather than taking enough time to understand each other well, in order to discover whether there are any issues in their potential life partner that they cannot live with.

Most marriages fail because the wife and husband develop problems that affect how they communicate. The couple can also allow finances to become a source of conflict, and trust issues can develop. Furthermore, couples face issues when one or both of them feel as if the other person is not meeting his or her expectations, or when insecurities begin to develop that start tearing the couple apart. However, it is important to note that a husband and a wife can overcome every type of relationship issue out there and save their marriage, regardless of how serious the issue is.

The profession that a person is in can also be a cause for divorce, owing to its ability to pull the couple apart. Poor pay can lead to conflict, as well as crazy hours that choke the life out of a marriage, and the temptation to be unfaithful with co-workers. Here are the 10 professions that have the highest rates of divorce in America. While the divorce rates of people with these jobs are among the highest, it is also very important to know that there are numerous thriving marriages with professionals working in the following fields:

10 Housekeeper

9 Psychiatrist/Psychologist

8 Waitress/Waiter

7 Musician/Athlete/Actor

6 Nurse/Caregiver

5 Tobacco/Food Factory Worker

4 Gaming Service Worker

3 Masseuse/Masseur

2 Bartender

1 Dancer

Dancing is very entertaining, especially when it is done well. However, as the audiences enjoy what they see on stage, the dancers are probably breaking down on the inside because they have serious relationship problems that have the potential to end their marriages. Dancing requires a high level of team work, time, deep emotions, and physical contact, qualities that can make dancers develop feelings for each other despite their marital status. Furthermore, some very sexy dancing genres and styles not only make the audiences want to get up and close with the dancers, but they also mess up with the dancers' feelings and emotions when they have to repeat the moves over and over again with their dancing partners. If the dancers do not break off their marriage because they have feelings for someone else, their spouses will break off their marriages because of trust issues. It's hard to imagine a dancer being with someone who shares no passion for the art form, because much like actors and musicians, it's very difficult to maintain a relationship with someone outside the domain. If a dancer falls in love with their partner, that probably presents their best chance for a long lasting marriage.


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10 Professions That Will Likely Lead You To Divorce