10 Professions That Will Likely Lead You To Divorce

jobs that lead to divorce

Divorce is one of the worst experiences that an individual can go through because it spells the end of the highest level of commitment that exists in human society. When two people are in love, it is hard for them to notice faults in each other, especially when they are burning with passion for each other. Many people tend to rush into marriage as fast as they can rather than taking enough time to understand each other well, in order to discover whether there are any issues in their potential life partner that they cannot live with.

Most marriages fail because the wife and husband develop problems that affect how they communicate. The couple can also allow finances to become a source of conflict, and trust issues can develop. Furthermore, couples face issues when one or both of them feel as if the other person is not meeting his or her expectations, or when insecurities begin to develop that start tearing the couple apart. However, it is important to note that a husband and a wife can overcome every type of relationship issue out there and save their marriage, regardless of how serious the issue is.

The profession that a person is in can also be a cause for divorce, owing to its ability to pull the couple apart. Poor pay can lead to conflict, as well as crazy hours that choke the life out of a marriage, and the temptation to be unfaithful with co-workers. Here are the 10 professions that have the highest rates of divorce in America. While the divorce rates of people with these jobs are among the highest, it is also very important to know that there are numerous thriving marriages with professionals working in the following fields:

10 Housekeeper

A housekeeper is usually the person who helps with all the activities of the home, and ends up playing most of the roles of the "traditional wife." A housekeeper works very odd hours and hardly gets to spend time with their family, leading to a huge strain on their relationship. The poor pay, the bad working hours, always being at the mercy of the homeowner, and low self-esteem are some of the things that can contribute to putting down a housekeeper and causing stress and strain in their marriage. When a housekeeper's significant other starts feeling neglected because their spouse is only taking care of another person's house and leaving them with all the work at home, they will surely feel jealous at some point and possibly ask for a divorce. This is one profession which is dominated by women, and who can blame them for not wanting to have anything to do with house cleaning when they get home after a long day's work? Imagine you getting home from your job and having to do the exact same thing all over again instead of getting to relax or take your mind off your job.

9 Psychiatrist/Psychologist

These professionals are on this list despite being the ones that all other professionals on this list should run to when they need help to overcome mental and emotional issues that may be affecting their marriages. Ironic, isn't it? Psychiatrists and psychologists can be very difficult people to be married to because they will tend to treat their spouses like their patients, and consider their spouses as the ones with the problem; never themselves. It is also possible for a psychiatrist or a psychologist to manipulate his or her spouse because he or she has the training needed to get into people's heads, a situation that can be very disturbing to a spouse. Furthermore, since a patient is supposed to open up to these professionals, their patients might disclose too much information and start getting involved in activities that could threaten their marriages. The fact that these people help others to deal with their personal problems doesn't mean that they have the same ability in their private lives. When removed from a personal situation, giving advice is easy, but when it comes to your own life and your relationship, things can get a lot more difficult, and this is where many psychiatrists/psychologists fall short.

8 Waitress/Waiter

People say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, a saying that carries a lot of truth in it. When a waitress serves a man well, treats him like a king, and flirts with him a bit, it opens up a number of possibilities. Furthermore, even waiters who treat their customers with respect, make them smile, and make them feel important can sometimes get much more than a good tip for the great service. It is possible for these jobs to unknowingly be the source of conflict at home because workers never get to go home with huge salaries, their jobs involve having to stand all day and take numerous orders, they have really bad working hours, and they have to tolerate rude and ignorant customers on a daily basis. The above stress and pressure makes it hard for the waitresses and waiters to concentrate on their marriages. Basically, when you get treated like crap all day and have to work like a dog, it can be hard to put on a pleasant face when you come home at the end of the day. If your significant other expects to be waited on hand and foot, you can forget about your marriage working. At least at work you're getting paid on the job!

7 Musician/Athlete/Actor

Music, sports, and movie celebrities who are married need a lot of discipline to remain faithful to their spouses because their fans love and adore them dearly. Some fans go to great lengths to get their favourite celebrity's autographs while some would do anything to meet the celebrities in person. All this attention and adoration can quickly get to the heads of these celebrities, to the extent that they neglect their spouses. Furthermore, these professions require a lot of time and commitment, and an individual might feel as if his or her spouse is pulling them down because they keep demanding attention. These professionals receive relationship offers from very attractive people all the time, and the marriages that survive are those where the professionals realize that their relationships are too important to lose over fans who do not really know them. That's probably why people who are in show biz tend to date and marry others within the industry. No one knows what it's like to be an entertainer like another entertainer, and your average Joe probably just won't get it. On the other hand, lots of entertainers get divorced from one another too, just more proof that this is one realm where staying in a solid relationship is harder than it seems.

6 Nurse/Caregiver

One way to kill a marriage is to stop spending quality time with your spouse, a situation that can arise due to either neglect or a tight work schedule. Nurses and caretakers tend to have the worst working hours in environments where they are constantly surrounded by pain and suffering. A normal day at work for a nurse can involve losing a patient, dealing with a stressful patient, or even dealing with extremely demanding bosses. When you add up the above stress with extra-long and unsocial working hours, you get a partner who will really need you to put in all you have to make the marriage exciting. Furthermore, the care they have to give to all their patients can overstretch, in some cases, to offering other benefits that can tear down a marriage. The many nurses and caregivers with thriving marriages never lose sight of how important their marriages are, despite the challenges. This is another case where most people get so invested in their job that they have a hard time taking themselves out of the zone when they get home. Stress on the job can also carry over into a nurse's personal life, and traumatic incidents on the job can make home life increasingly difficult.

5 Tobacco/Food Factory Worker

Factory workers are not always exposed to environments that encourage them to give in to sexual temptation as are many other professions on this list. These professionals are forced out of their marriages owing to frustrations generated by their working environment. Factory workers are not some of the best paid people anywhere in the world, and their seriously long hours and tedious jobs only contribute to them getting home tired, angry, and frustrated. In addition to bringing their frustrations home, many of these workers will lack the time and money to make their marriages loving and exciting, a situation that will begin to tear down the marriage slowly. When a problem comes up in the relationship, the frustrations from both sides will make a problem seem bigger than it actually is and eventually lead to a divorce. It's probably best for factory workers to spend extra effort on their relationship, because odds are that they really need something to look forward to at the end of a long, tedious work day. It's definitely in their best interest to get through the difficulties that come with the job and spill into home life.

4 Gaming Service Worker

A gaming service worker is a person who serves customers in casinos, racetracks, and other gaming establishments. It is common to find these people taking bets, paying out winnings, tending slot machines, overseeing games, or even dealing cards. These professionals come across people willing to spend money on anything, including private services that the institution they are working for is not offering. Married and attractive people always have a difficult time working in these professions, because they will constantly be on the defence with respect to unwelcome proposals and people wanting to gratify their sexual desires after scoring big wins. Despite the fact that many of these workers can maintain healthy marriages, the workplace atmosphere where gaming service workers spend their days and nights is anything but healthy for a married person trying to remain faithful to his or her spouse. Since these people usually work nights, it can be difficult to find time to spend with their significant other during the day. This can be taxing on a spouse's patience and will likely lead to a split at some point down the road.

3 Masseuse/Masseur

Nothing can compare to relaxing at the spa after a hard day at work with your favourite masseuse or masseur massaging every inch of your body. It is possible for you to fall in love with your massage therapist, because the experience you get in his or her arms is just out of this world. However, do not forget that he or she makes at least a dozen other people feel the same way you feel every day. Rubbing oil and massaging someone's naked body is sure to arouse some feelings in you, especially if you find them attractive. If a client shares the feelings of attraction with his or her massage therapist, then little can be done to prevent the infidelity that is about to happen. Either the marriage will end because of infidelity or the spouse of massage therapists will become tired of feeling jealous. On the flip side, you might expect your massuese/masseur other half to share a bit of their magic with you on a regular basis. However, as with many of the professions on this list, who wants to come home and do the same thing they've been doing at work all day? If a massage therapist is reluctant to massage their spouse during their off hours, it can be incredibly frustrating and open the door for all kinds of other issues within the marriage.

2 Bartender

So you fell in love with a bartender and got married? Brace yourself for issues in your marriage because his or her job might seem harmless for now, but in time it is likely going to cause serious relationship issues that will lead to a divorce. Your typical bar is the place where people go to get drunk, hit on anyone or everyone around them, lose control, and expect to go home and have sex with someone new. As much as you trust your spouse and he or she respects your marriage, bartenders will get hit on so many times and chances are that he or she will give in eventually. Furthermore, since the pay here is not so good and the hours are not friendly to a marriage, bartenders and their spouses will start to pull apart and eventually get a divorce. If you met and fell in love with a bartender, you can be sure that you won't be the last person to do so. It takes an extremely faithful person to be a bartender and maintain a long lasting relationships, so if you have any doubt in your mind, you're sure to come across a variety of opportunities to cheat on your spouse. It's often just a matter of time before that happens.

1 Dancer

Dancing is very entertaining, especially when it is done well. However, as the audiences enjoy what they see on stage, the dancers are probably breaking down on the inside because they have serious relationship problems that have the potential to end their marriages. Dancing requires a high level of team work, time, deep emotions, and physical contact, qualities that can make dancers develop feelings for each other despite their marital status. Furthermore, some very sexy dancing genres and styles not only make the audiences want to get up and close with the dancers, but they also mess up with the dancers' feelings and emotions when they have to repeat the moves over and over again with their dancing partners. If the dancers do not break off their marriage because they have feelings for someone else, their spouses will break off their marriages because of trust issues. It's hard to imagine a dancer being with someone who shares no passion for the art form, because much like actors and musicians, it's very difficult to maintain a relationship with someone outside the domain. If a dancer falls in love with their partner, that probably presents their best chance for a long lasting marriage.

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