10 Over the Top Celebrity Weddings

Everyone loves a wedding! If not for the romance, ambiance and love, at least for the free food and open bar, right? There is just something about a wedding that is different than any regular event that makes the people planning it go one step further than over the top. Perhaps they are drunk on love and it results in them making expensive choices, but either way most couples planning a wedding are saying “yes” to more than just the dress.

BUT (yes there is a BIG BUT), whenever you are a celebrity, weddings go to an entirely different level. Doors open that “regular people” could never even dream of pushing through and people seem to bow to their feet, snap their fingers and somehow manage to do everything that they please.

In addition to having the “big bucks” and being able to afford a million dollar wedding, celebrities somehow manage to get a great deal of their weddings sponsored. Yes sponsored. So while they are bringing in millions of dollars every year, they are actually making money off of their star studded weddings.

Over the years, we have witnessed many celebrities who were married during very private ceremonies that were both simple and intimate; while there have been others on the complete other end of the spectrum in which flash is not flashy enough. Through magazines we have gotten a behind the scenes look at many of these seemingly royal matrimonies, and what we have seen is not for the faint of heart.

10 Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

With such an exuberant start to their relationship, everyone was pretty much counting down the days until their divorce even before the wedding happened in November of 2006. The total cost of the wedding was $3.5 million and included the renting of the iconic medieval Odescalchi Castle in Bracciano, Italy, which officially brought this wedding to fairy tale level.

The wedding didn’t last one day, but three (Oh the things you get to do when your name is Tom Cruise!). Celebrity guests such as Jennifer Lopez and Will Smith were in attendance and renowned opera singer Andrea Bocelli sang love songs during the reception. They drank three hundred bottles of champagne, and the castle hall was converted into a nightclub where guests danced the night away!

9 Liza Minnelli and David Gest

Though this marriage didn't last long, at least the wedding was memorable. While one of the oddest celebrity couples in history, they had a lot of well known friends in attendance including Michael Jackson as the best man and Elizabeth Taylor as the maid of honor, with that aspect alone people would pay for attendance. However, with over a thousand guests in attendance, it’s no wonder that their nuptials cost $4.2 million.

8 Celine Dion and Rene Angelil

Their long time love affair that seemed to start during her childhood was a little on the weird side, but we have overlooked that because they have lasted so long together and been through many bumps in the road. When Celine Dion and Rene Angelil, her manager, wed in December of 1994, it was a princess-like ceremony.

More than five hundred guests were in attendance for their ceremony at the Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal, Canada. Forget about the dress, Celine wore a seven pound tiara headpiece that needed to be sewn to her head. Clearly she loves accessories, because she also had a twenty foot train to balance as she walked down the aisle. The icing on the wedding cake was the snowflakes falling from the ceiling during the reception as a twenty-one member orchestra played. Happily ever after does exist because this couple is still happily married.

7 Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky

In a sense, Chelsea Clinton is American royalty, so it’s only fair that she had a wedding fit for a princess; Vera Wang wedding dress and all. The highest cost of the wedding over all was the charge for security guards, to keep paparazzi at bay. Although who could resist snapping pictures of this wedding where guests were people like Ted Danson? The evening was concluded with air conditioned tents and an $11,000 wedding cake. It certainly pays off to be the former First Daughter of the United States.

6 Madonna and Guy Ritchie

When film director Guy Ritchie and Madonna (who needs no introduction) got married, we all sat in anticipation of its lasting power. They married in December of 2000 and had every celebrity in attendance such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Sting. They were married at Scotland’s Skibo Castle and all twenty-one rooms were booked for their guests. The bride wore a stunning Stella McCartney dress strapless gown and a tiara that was originally worn by Princess Grace of Monaco. At the end of the evening, everyone danced the night away as they turned the basement of the castle into a dance club.

5 Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

Wedding in October of 2012, this star studded ceremony was an epic affair. The $6.5 million price tag came about not only due to their expensive taste, but because they arranged an entire week of festivities in southern Italy to celebrate their tying of the knot, which included fireworks and bike rides. Lastly, in an effort to avoid the paparazzi, they rented out their entire hotel as well as the surrounding ones. That’s what we call living the good life.

4 Elton John and David Furnish

In December of 2005, after being together for twelve years, Elton John and David Furnish finally tied the knot. They held the ceremony at Windsor Town Hall in England and the rest really is history. With about six hundred people in attendance, the couple welcomed their guests back to their home, the Windsor Mansion for the reception. Guests got to enjoy a live Elton John performance, as he serenaded his new husband. You may have thought that having the reception at their home would have cut out costs but you can think again, as the reception cost about $2,500 per head.

3 Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

Married in August of 2011 (and filing for divorce only 72 days later), Kim and Kris married in California with a wedding worth six million dollars and was advertised on the television network E! Surprisingly, vendors involved in the wedding either gave the couple extreme discounts or items for free, just to be involved in this televised affair.

Some of the highlights of this event included $2 million for flowers, $10,000 for invitations, $750,000 for food (Kobe beef burgers, caviar, cupcakes, etc), and $400,000 in champagne.

2 Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto

Costing upwards of ten million dollars, we know that only Michael Jordan could pull this off. It is reported that Mr. Jordan and his long time model girlfriend, Yvette Prieto have the record since 2013 of having the most expensive non-royal wedding ever!

They were married in Palm Beach Florida and over 300 guests were in attendance, including other celebrities such as Tiger Woods and Spike Lee. In addition to the blushing bride wearing a couture gown, Usher and Robin Thicke performed at the reception. Need we say more?

1 Prince William and Kate Middelton

This royal affair simply oozed glamor in every way possible. As usual, not an expense was spared and they truly had a wedding day that people could only dream of. While the exact price is unsure for this star studded event, it’s safe to say it’s probably the most expensive wedding on this list.

First, Kate’s dress was designed by Alexander McQueen and was simply amazing in every way with its lace sleeves and v-neck silhouette. The world waited in anticipation of the big dress reveal and everyone was in complete awe of it, with millions watching on the televised ceremony, and thousands crowding the streets to see them wed at Westminster Abbey.

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