10 Of The Top Party Schools In The United States

The cost of college keeps on shooting up by astronomic amounts each year. Nowadays, in order to get a quality college education, average tuition fees are $20,000 and above. When you talk about esteemed Ivy League institutions, these figures go even higher. The funny thing is that the cost of a college education seems to be increasing at the same rate of excessive partying on college campuses. University students these days (both guys and girls) are partying harder than ever before, and it’s become an accepted state of affairs in colleges all over the country. For your reading pleasure, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 party schools in the nation. Take a look – maybe your Alma Mater made the list.

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10 Syracuse

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Syracuse University in Northern New York is considered one of the top party schools in the nation, and as Playboy magazine eloquently stated: “Syracuse kids bleed orange just as much as they bleed booze.” The school is also known for its extremely debaucherous Mayfest  where drinking , partying and extreme hedonism is strongly encouraged. Syracuse also has nationally respected football and basketball programs, and we all know how wild college kids can get after their teams win big games.

9 West Virginia University

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WVU has long been considered one of the top party schools in America, and there are several reasons why it is awarded this accolade. First of all, the University is located in Morgantown, which is in the middle of nowhere and stacked with endless bars - so it’s a perfect setting for a party school. WVU also  has a really good football team and the tailgating parties offers some of the best pre- game boozing you’ll find anywhere. Additionally,  the St. Patrick’s Day and FallFest celebrations here are taken very seriously. If you like to party like an animal, WVU has got you covered.

8 UPenn

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UPenn is considered as one of the top Ivy League colleges in the United States, and their business school Wharton is undoubtedly one of the very best in the world. But according to Playboy Magazine, the brainy academics at this esteemed institution love to have fun as well. UPenn has a deep and very active frat culture, and these young adults spend tons of their parents’ money to create some really epic campus parties. The college also has a very vibrant scene of local bars and their Spring Fling celebrations are known to get very wild.

7 University of Miami

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If you’re a college-bound student who loves the sun and enjoys partying just as much, University of Miami is the place for you. The school is located in beautiful Coral Gables, Florida, and when it’s time to party till the sun comes up, you can head to hot spots like South Beach and The Coconut Grove. There are also huge events like the Ultra Music Festival that touches down in Miami every year and brings a huge party with it. And of course, you can’t forget their nationally known football team, The Hurricanes. When any university has a team this big, you know the parties surrounding their wins (or losses) will always be pretty major.

6 University of Texas

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You know how the saying goes: “Everything is just done bigger in Texas” – and that also holds true for the party scene at the University of Texas, the home of the Longhorns. UT is based in Austin and this is one of the most notorious party towns in the country. The popular 6th Street strip is full of all kinds of bars, watering holes and live music venues – and when SXSW comes to town each year, it’s a non-stop party on a whole other level. Not to mention, the rich football culture. When the Longhorns are playing, the entire city stops and everyone is required to head to the nearest bar to show their team pride.

5  Colorado State University

Via: www.collegian.com

This entry is almost a no-brainer if you consider the recent legalization of marijuana in this state. You can bet your bottom dollar that the reefer smoking by students is at a higher level than ever before. Apart from the marijuana activity, CSU is also known for its copious amounts of bars that line College Avenue in Fort Collins’s Old Town. If you ever wanted a college experience that gives you a Rocky mountain “high” and offers plentiful alcoholic relaxation, Colorado State is certainly the place for you. Who said college was for studying anyway?

4 University of Iowa

Via: blogs.desmoinesregister.com

The University of Iowa has long been considered one of the top party schools in the nation. The kids who go to school here love to have a good time, and it seems the powers that be at the university seem to tacitly approve that image. Prime example, the University of Iowa allowed Jell-O to use its logo for its Jigglers Mold Kit – and we all know that college students are using these to make the most potent, alcohol-laced jello shots. Also UI decided to let its logo be used for ping-pong balls as well, and we can be fully certain that students aren’t using these for table tennis championships – beer pong is the more likely culprit. If you thought all that happened in Iowa was corn growing, you’ve been seriously mistaken.

3 Penn State

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There’s one reason that Penn State constantly makes the list of top party schools in the nation – that reason can be summed up in one word: football. The Penn State football team is one of the biggest sports institutions in the country, and their home, Beaver Stadium can hold over 107,000 fans. In addition to the college’s party scene revolving around the football team, Penn state also has a very active fraternity scene, and these Greek pledges are known for partying hard till the sun comes up.

2  University of Wisconsin

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The University of Wisconsin in Madison is another American college that has also been recently recognized by Playboy Magazine as one of the top 3 party schools in the nation. The college teams from UW are known as the Badgers, and both their football and basketball teams compete at the highest NCAA division of college sports. In addition to the plentiful drinking events centered around college sports, the college is also known for its boisterous Halloween party on State Street and its raucous Mifflin Block party. If you never thought badgers were party animals, think again.

1 University of Arizona

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The University of Arizona is another school where extracurricular activities mostly involve a lot of partying and drunken good times. This university has a strong party culture on campus, but the best parties usually happen at the off-campus complexes where students really turn up and take things to the next level. Homecoming and Spring Fling weeks are major highlights of the party scene at UofA, and the major bar district in Tucson (4th Ave) is known for keeping things jumping till the early hours of the morning.

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