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10 Of The Sexiest Bikini Trends You Need To Know

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10 Of The Sexiest Bikini Trends You Need To Know

It’s something that many women both love and dread – bikini season. Everyone loves spending time in the sun, hanging out with friends, heading into the waves, playing a bit of beach volleyball, etc. However, when it comes time to go shopping for a bikini, things get a little trickier. Are last season’s bikinis still in style? Do they still even fit you? Is that same string bikini you’ve had shoved in your drawer going to do the trick, or do you want something a bit trendier?

There are a lot of things to consider when buying a new swimsuit, and the season’s trends should definitely be one of them. Of course, you shouldn’t rock a trend if you’re not a fan of it, or if you don’t find it to be flattering to your body type. However, since you’re generally not buying countless swimsuits every single season (unless you spend all day every day on a beach) it can be nice to splurge on one trendy suit for the season.

Whether you’re loving a great, bold print or an unexpected silhouette, this season has plenty of options to choose from. Here are 10 of the sexiest bikini trends for summer 2015.

10. Sheer



Let’s be quite honest – there are the swimsuits that you wear when you’re actually going to be frolicking in the waves, and there are the swimsuits you wear when you’re lounging pool-side and having drinks. Yes, it may be silly to get a swimsuit that’s not designed for roughhousing in the ocean, but sometimes you don’t need the most durable of swimwear. That’s where the sheer trend comes in. Sheer suits allow the wearer to get a bit of sexiness without necessarily having to show too much. An itty bitty bikini that’s bordering on too revealing can turn ultra chic with the addition of just a few sheer panels.

9. Straps

One of the biggest bikini trends for summer is the use of straps. No, not just regular straps for retro or bra type bikini tops. We’re talking about straps in unusual places. For example, caged bikini tops that give a little bit more coverage while strategically showing a few slivers of skin. Depending on where they’re placed, straps can also help to elongate the body, as opposed to a single line. Another popular way to incorporate straps is on the side of bikini bottoms – rather than side-ties or a simple side join, many swimsuit designers are adding a few straps to the edges to give a little peek of skin at the hips.

8. Crop Tops

Crop tops have become a huge trend lately, with countless celebrities sporting adorable crop tops, often with high waisted pants or skirts. If you’re hesitant to expose so much stomach while you’re running errands, don’t worry – the popularity of this trend has spread into swimwear. A crop top bikini can be incredibly sexy, and as a bonus, it offers a bit more coverage and support. Let’s be honest – a teeny string bikini isn’t always the best thing when you’re playing beach volleyball. A crop top style bikini can look ultra stylish, but it’s also really functional if you like to spend your beach time getting active.

7. Retro

Retro swimwear has been on trend for seemingly forever, and it shows no signs of fading away. Whether it’s because everyone wants to channel a little Bettie Page or just because women want different options than the typical string bikini that covers next to nothing, retro swimwear is both trendy and super sexy. While high-waisted swimsuit bottoms and tops with a bit more coverage may seem dowdy, they’re anything but – in true pin up model style, the cuts of retro inspired swimwear emphasize a woman’s curves. They’re the perfect option for someone with a bit more of a vintage aesthetic, or someone who wants the sexiness of a bikini but doesn’t quite want to show off every square inch of skin.

6. Long sleeves



I know, I know – when you think sexy swimwear, you usually don’t think ‘covered up,’ but hear this trend out. When you’re selecting a swimsuit, your options usually range from bikini to one-piece, depending on how much skin you want to show. A new trend has emerged, somewhat based upon the trend of sportswear going on in fashion right now – long sleeved swimwear. Yes, it might not seem sexy, but a skin-tight swimsuit that covers a bit more is the perfect combination of sexy and leaving something to the imagination. Plus, let’s face it – everyone wants to look as sexy as half those surfer girls do. This trend is your chance to get that surfer vibe, regardless of whether you can stand on your board or not.

5. Wrap Style



The wrap dress is a staple piece in any woman’s wardrobe – it’s classy, universally flattering, and oh-so-sexy. This trend has moved into the swimwear world and it’s a perfect way to amp up the sex appeal of your suit. For some woman, a regular bikini top can be unflattering on their torso, particularly if they’re more petite. A wrap top creates the illusion of a more shapely and toned core by creating curved lines around your torso, rather than segmenting your torso with a horizontal band. Additionally, many wrap bikini tops are designed to be somewhat adjustable, just as wrap dresses are, meaning you can get the perfect fit.

4. Little Black Bikini

Every year, it seems like a new wild pattern is ultra hot for swimwear, whether it’s color blocking, florals, polka dots or animal print. However, for those who are looking for a way to be sexy and on trend without committing to a loud print, fear not – the little black bikini is in. There’s a reason that every woman loves a little black dress – it’s incredibly flattering and never goes out of style. A little black bikini is no different. A woman of any age or body type can wear it, and you don’t need to worry about it going out of season within a year or two – it’ll always be a chic, classic choice.

3. Tropical Prints



Tropical prints on swimwear, which is often seen in tropical settings? It seems like a no brainer. However, many associate tropical prints with the horrible Hawaiian shirts and cheesy board-shorts that people wore in the 1990s. This season’s tropical prints are nothing like that – they’re a bit more abstract, focusing on bright tropical flowers, fruits, and plants rather than shorts scattered with hula girls. There’s also a move towards a bolder color palette as designers pick bright, tropical colors to accompany the print. If you’re looking to make a bit of a statement with your swimwear, a tropical print is a great option – nothing says sexy like the confidence to rock a statement print.

2. Longline Bikinis

When it comes to swimwear, women want options – we don’t want to be restricted to the same triangle bikini tops that have been around for season after season. One trend that’s been gaining a lot of momentum over the past year or two is the longline bikini – and it’s definitely still a red hot trend for summer 2015. Longline bikinis can incorporate many other trendy elements, such as an interesting print or cut outs, but the main differentiating factor is in the silhouette. A longline bikini extends a little bit further down the ribcage. While many retro inspired swimsuits incorporate a longline top with a high-waisted bottom, you can get a more modern look by unexpectedly pairing a longline top with normal bikini bottoms. Added bonus – elongating the top is usually pretty flattering, as it draws attention to the narrowest part of your waist.

1. Cut Outs



When you’re talking about the sexiest trends in swimwear, cut outs are always on the top of the list. Simply put, the little peeks and hints of skin incorporated into an otherwise fairly plain or classic look can really transform a swimwear look from simple to seductive. Warning – less is definitely more when it comes to cut outs. You don’t want to look like you took a pair of scissors to your suit before coming down to the beach. However, subtle cut outs can add a bit of sex kitten mystery to any look. Just make sure the cut out is placed at a flattering spot for your body type.

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