10 Of The Most Scandalous Onstage Kisses

In the world of celebs, too much is usually never enough. When it comes to famous people pushing the envelope to create a buzz and more fame for themselves, there's no telling how far they are willing to go. In the following article, we talk about 10 of the most famous onstage kisses that were caught on camera for all the world to see. You will notice that quite a few of these episodes happened at events that were thrown by MTV. You will also notice that there are some repeat offenders on this list as well. There is some girl on girl action and man on man action happening on this list too. So before we give you too many spoilers, check out the feature below.


10 Drake & Madonna

These two artists are some of the biggest names in music right now. Drake is definitely much younger and Madonna has been in the limelight for close to 3 decades. Their worlds collided earlier this year when Madonna brought Drake onstage at Coachella and proceeded to give him a long, sensual kiss. Drake’s reaction afterwards seemed to be one of shock and disgust, and of course, the social media world went completely crazy. Drake had to even send out a tweet to say that he was totally ok with the kiss. And for her part, when she was asked about the kiss in a later interview, this is what she said, “I kissed a girl and I liked it.” Ouch, that sounds like a dis to us.

9 Madonna, Britney & Christina

This is the one that is most often discussed when the topic of scandalous onstage kisses is brought up. It happened at the 2003 MTV Movie Awards, and it was between 3 of the most popular women in the world of music (at that time). Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears were performing the timeless hit “Like A Virgin” when Madonna proceeded to give Spears a kiss before planting one on Christina too. Christina and Britney were both in their early 20’s and Madonna was 45 years old. It was certainly provocative to watch, but all 3 of them were certainly of legal kissing age.

8 Adrien Brody & Halle Berry

In 2003, the actor Adrien Brody was fully stepping into his own as an A-list movie star. He had already appeared in movies like Summer of Sam and Liberty Heights, but it was his jaw-dropping performance in The Pianist that broke down the doors for him. He ended up winning the Oscar for that role, and that award acceptance is a moment that is still fresh on people’s minds. Halle Berry was the presenter for that award, and when she mentioned his name as the winner for “Best Actor,” he stepped up, took the award, and planted a long, sensual kiss on the unsuspecting actress. He was obviously caught up in the emotion of it all, and the beautiful Halle Berry was the object of all his affection in that one unforgettable moment.

7 Michael Jackson & Lisa Marie Presley

It seems that most of the talked about onstage kisses happen at MTV events. For this one, we go all the way back to 1994, when the King of Pop, Michael Jackson announced that he was married to Lisa Presley (the daughter of the King of Rock). To show the world that their marriage was real, Michael and his new wife ended up kissing onstage. For most viewers, it looked completely staged and somewhat cringeworthy. The couple ended up divorcing two years later, and the jury is still out on whether the whole marriage was just one big publicity coup or not.

6 Russell Brand & Jonah Hill


This is another kiss that happened at the MTV Movie awards. This one took place in 2010, and it was between the stars Russell Brand and Jonah Hill of the hit comedy, Get Him To The Greek. The award show had a Kiss Cam and when it panned to the two comedians sitting next to each other, Brand leaned over and laid a big wet sloppy one on Jonah Hill. When they were asked about it later, Hill mentioned that it wasn’t a premeditated smooch. They just got caught in the moment and decided to go with the vibe.

5 Angelina Jolie & Brother

These days, Angelina Jolie is known mostly as an A-list actress, movie director, wife, mother and global humanitarian. However, there was a time when she was way wilder and more controversial. A prime example of her younger years was at the Oscars in 2000. She wasn’t actually onstage but she was walking the red carpet with her brother with all the cameras recording her every move. So it was to everyone’s surprise when she gave her brother a deep, sensual French kiss for all the cameras to see. The kiss sparked rumors of incest, but a report recently came out that explained it. Apparently that same day, her brother had started treatment for cancer, and this was Angelina’s way of showing her support and love for him.

4 Rihanna & Britney Spears

In the music industry, one tried and tested way that artists use to generate buzz and sales is utilizing publicity stunts. Rihanna did this to perfection in 2011 at the Billboard Music Awards. The Barbados native was performing her hit song “S & M” with pop queen, Britney Spears. The two singers were both clad in provocative outfits and during their sexually-driven performance, the two singers ended up kissing each other. Needless to say, the video of that onstage tryst darn near broke the internet.


3 Russell Brand & Jason Segal

Russell Brand is known for his numerous sexual conquests with the opposite sex, but he’s also had some hookups with the bros too. One of his guy moments was captured for the world to see, and it happened in 2010. It was a kiss he shared with Jason Segel, the actor he co-starred with in the hit comedy, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The event was a LA benefit for Haiti earthquake victims and the two actors performed and ended up kissing “quite passionately” onstage.

2 Sandra Bullock & Scarlett Johansson

When it comes to discussing some of the sexiest lips in Hollywood, you definitely have to mention the luscious puckers of Scarlett Johansson. That’s why guys everywhere were on cloud nine when she engaged in some girl on girl action at the MTV Movie Awards in 2010. She was onstage to present Sandra Bullock with the MTV generation award. When Bullock got onstage, they engaged in some light banter before launching into a full-on kiss. Of course, the crowd went crazy and the guys in the crowd especially were quite elated.

1 Will Ferrell & Sacha Baron Cohen

This one happened in 2007, and if you haven’t seen this onstage kiss, you certainly have to watch. It happened at the MTV Movie Awards, and it came right after Sacha Baron Cohen and Will Ferrell were announced winners for “Best Kiss” for their movie Talladega Nights. The two funnymen got onstage, and that’s when the hilarity and drama ensued. Cohen ended up forcing his mouth onto the lips of Ferrell and the two eventually rolled around onstage, sucking face the whole time. The crowd went crazy and it was a truly memorable moment.



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