10 Celebrities That Everyone Is Obsessed With

If you've ever been at a celeb fashion shoot, you'll already know that it's a great place to differentiate the true talented trendsetters from the ones that aren't so visionary. This is how you can tell. Usually, the innovative celebs who have a really strong sense of self, will head straight to the clothing racks, without their stylists. They start picking out pieces they personally love, and when the photoshoot starts, they are involved in the whole process and even come up with great ideas to add to the mix. Then you have the other celebs who just hang on for the ride, do what they are told and wait for everything to just wind down for the day. There's nothing wrong with that, but in this article, we're tipping our hats off to those true trendsetters who would rather start new trends, styles and movements without waiting for someone to okay it first. There are some very influential people on this list - from royalty to supermodels and more. Read on below ....


13 Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea had one gigantic year in 2014. Last summer, her huge hit “Fancy” was one blaring out of radios and car speakers everywhere. She also had other major hits appearing on songs with Rita Ora, T.I. and Jennifer Lopez. Apart from the music, Iggy also played a major role in bringing back 90’s trends and style to modern-day fashion. Everything from her music video inspired by the movie Clueless movie, to her high ponytails, colorful varsity jackets, cropped matching sets, golden chains and big curly hair. She has an amazing body and a really confident persona, so almost everything she wears looks great on her.

12 Cristiano Ronaldo

The 30-yr-old Cristiano Ronaldo is undoubtedly a skilled messiah in the realm of soccer. Its no debate, this soccer star has incredible skills on the field. But off the field, he might even have a bigger influence. Ronaldo is very much into fashion and style, and many young soccer players emulate his “Galactico” style which consists of designer jeans and sweaters from brands like Dolce & Gabbana and D-Squared, expensive sunglasses, Gucci loafers and luxury watches by brands like Jacob & Co. His new haircuts and underwear ads are always trending topics too. Even in his hometown of Portugal, there is a museum dedicated to him, and that shows you how much larger than life this man is.

11 Emma Watson

Emma is currently 24-yrs-old but she has already been popular for so many years because of her starring role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies. Nowadays, she is a burgeoning serious actress and a budding style icon as well. She is one of those lovely actresses that sophisticated fashionistas constantly look to for fashion inspiration. It makes sense, she tends to go against the grain, set trends and wear items that are not necessarily mainstream. In a recent feature with Vanity Fair last year, she mentioned how she likes more obscure and unique brands like Miu Miu and BLK DNM. She’s also a big fan of vintage shopping. Another reason women look up to her in fashion is the fact that she has modeled for global fashion brands like Burberry.

10 Taylor Swift

At the young age of 25, the long-legged, super-talented and sexy Taylor Swift is really running things and influencing culture all around her. She’s a definite fashion influencer and some of her major style looks like sporting chic mini-skirts with long socks and pumps are copied by fashionistas everywhere. She is also known for loving clothes from the brand Free People (which is a subdivision of Urban Outfitters) and she has singlehandedly caused a resurgence in interest for this brand. In fashion and music, there’s no doubt about it, Taylor is a certified trendsetter. The one department that Taylor might be falling short in is finding a nice boyfriend, but she’s currently rumored to be dating handsome UK DJ, Calvin Harris. Maybe this is the relationship that will finally stick.

9 Kanye West

Kanye West may be one of the most audacious and rude celebs in the industry, but the truth is, he also wields the most influence. When he first entered the rap game in the early 2000’s and was producing for Jay-Z, Cam’ron etc, he introduced a soul-sampling sound that everybody copied. In the realm of fashion, he also introduced several trends like leather jogging pants, his popular Nike Air Yeezy sneakers , and even more recently, his Yeezy Boost sneaker for Adidas. His highly anticipated new album So Help Me God should be dropping this year, and we’ll probably see this troubled genius creating even more trends for the masses to follow.

8 Kate Middleton

The Dutchess of Cambridge is so popular at starting trends that make “big bucks” that a phrase was coined called the “The Kate Effect.” It all started during her fairytale marriage to Prince William, an event that infused millions of pounds in the UK economy. Her wedding dress still remains one of the most copied dress styles of all time. To prove this has noted that her dress style is still influencing the bridal show runways. Another popular trend that sparked notice at the wedding was the diet she used to slim down before the big day, The Dukan Diet has become so popular that it can be referred to as the 'Kate Middleton Diet'.

Then it followed with her pre and post pregnancy period. For example, she wore a maternity dress by a brand named Seraphine that immediately sold out after she wore it. She also did the same for a brand named Reiss when she wore one of the label’s sleek white dresses on a visit to Canada a few years ago. Middleton should prep stores from now on because anything she wears becomes sold out shortly after.

7 Kim Kardashian

As much as you may to admit it, this celeb is among the top trend setters in Hollywood. When she cuts her hair (for example her recent blunt cut) that cut becomes one of the most requested styles at hair salons. When Kim recently dyed her hair white/blonde for New York fashion week, even though the color gained a lot of negative attention from the press, this color became one of the top requests at hair salons. Even Glamour magazine admits that days after the celeb revealed her new blonde hair, they were overwhelmed with readers asking how to obtain this color. Kardashian even made sales of violet shampoo ( to keep blonde bright) soar through the roof, once she admitted to using it to keep her hair its brightest.

Not only is her fashion highly sought after by fans but her game ' Kim Kardashian Hollywood' has been estimated to earn an estimated $200 million by the end of 2015. She is among the top earning celebs in Hollywood and has the ability to turn anything into the next big trend.


6 Drake

At this point in time, the rapper named Drake is probably the biggest star to come from Toronto. He is also one of the biggest and bestselling names in the rap game. With regards to trends, the biggest one that Drake has set was entering the music game as both a talented singer and an exceptional rapper. At the beginning of his career, there was a lot of criticism and people told him to choose one lane. But he stuck to his guns, and now we see artists like J.Cole, Action Bronson, Chance the Rapper and Childish Gambino all taking a page from Drake’s book.

5 A$AP Rocky

Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky is one of the leaders of the new school of hip-hop, but even more than music, he has set all kinds of trends in the realm of fashion. He has appeared on the covers of several fashion magazines including L’uomo Vogue, Jalouse, Interview, Complex and more. With regards to starting specific trends, Rocky started the hot trend of urban kids wearing the now popular brand Hood By Air aka HBA. After he made the brand one of his fashion staples, the label exploded and was major feature at fashion shows in New York, Italy and Paris. Also in hip-hop it is more difficult for rappers to come off effeminate in any way, but A$AP Rocky nicknamed himself ‘Pretty Flacko” and it was still cool. That just goes to show that this guy has the confidence and independence to be a trendsetter for many years to come.

4 Rihanna

This singer, actress and fashion icon is certainly one of the top trend setters today. From her nails to her often changing hairstyles, this celeb has the ability to turn any style into an instant hit. Her long rounded nails have been in style since the second she was spotted with them, now most celebs in Hollywood are seen sporting this look.

Rihanna made the bright red hair color very popular back in 2010 and since then has made this hair color a top choice for teens and young adults everywhere. Her tattoos and style choices are closely followed by fans and often copied. This 26 year old singer has a net worth of approximately $120 million, this due to her success as a trendy artist that has the ability to sell anything she proudly endorses.

3 Harry Styles

One Direction has now been whittled down to 4 members, but no matter what, the most stylish member of the popular group is Harry Styles. When it comes to nailing down chic rocker style, no one does it better than Harry, and young men all over the world look to him as a fashion icon and trendsetter. One of the favorite brands that Harry loves to wear and is always photographed in is Saint Laurent Paris. And earlier this year, it was actually reported that sales of the Saint Laurent brand have been really surging. The Harry Styles influence is most likely a major factor in this trend. And of course there is his flawless head of hair which always looks perfect. All he has to do is run his hand through his hair, and voila, he’s ready to go. It wouldn't be shocking to hear that guys all over the world go to the barbershop and ask for the 'Harry Styles cut'.

2 Kendall & Kylie Jenner

Kendall's family is among the most famous in Hollywood and not to mention her big sis is Kim Kardashian. In the next few years, she might surpass Kim to become the biggest star of the Kardashian clan. Last year, she was on a slew of magazine covers and walked the runway for some of the biggest fashion brands in the world. That trend is continuing in 2015, and now she is being looked upon as a genuine trendsetter. At a recent Chanel show in NYC, Kendall wore a monochromatic outfit that featured a grey pair of apron pants. Once the picture hit the internet, several fashion sites, including, were telling their readers to pick a pair up for themselves. That's the measure of influence she has now, and it's only going to increase.

As for her sister Kylie, the same rule applies. Kylie has been in the news for many different reasons over the last year and a half. The focus of attention has been on her relationship status, her fashion choices and most often about her face transformation. Girls all over the world are fixated on attaining Kylie's lips - there's thousands of YouTube videos showing girls sucking on bottles to swell their lips (please do not try this at home). The world is obsessed with her lips, any lip color she wears and shares with her fans, ends up selling out in days, sometimes even hours. These two sisters sure have a way of influencing the public.

1 Beyoncé

Just call her Queen Bey, because honestly, everything she does, millions of her followers around the world are quick to follow suit. Whether it’s the new dances she debuts in popular videos like “Run The World” and “7/11” or her choice of hair color or even the type of Fedora she wears, it always becomes a trending topic. We all remember in 2013 when she broke the internet by dropping her self-titled album without any warning – well Drake followed her lead and did the same thing this year with his If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late LP, and the strategy worked for him too. Like we said earlier, just call her the Queen.



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