10 Of The Most Impressive Female Celebrity Makeovers

Between filming, attending premiers, parties and award shows, celebrity styles are hard to miss. A celebrity’s time in the public eye is a chance for them to show off their own personal style outside of any role or persona they may have on stage. Like most of us, celebrities enjoy changing up their look from time to time, allowing them to explore different sides of their personality and style. Whether they have grown up in the spotlight or have only been in the public eye for a few years, it’s fun to see how celebrities can be made over into a fresh new version of themselves. These ten female celebrities don’t just go for a subtle makeover, they go all out. From weight loss to body confidence, to overall style and hair changes, these high profile ladies know how to make a statement. Not only do these women know how to change up their looks, they know how to rock their new look with confidence and style. Makeovers also give celebs a chance to potentially hide in plain sight for a little while when the change first occurs. If they are careful not to post pictures to social media or go to an event right after the drastic change, they may be able to sneak past paparazzi unnoticed for a day or two. Whether you feel more comfortable in your own skin, change your hair or just shake up your look, these hot celebs will help motivate you to find your next new look.

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10 Tyra Banks


Runway model, Victoria’s Secret Angel, reality television show host, and business woman, there doesn’t seem to be much that the fierce Ms. Tyra Banks won’t take on. Thanks to the varying demands of her high profile life as a model to the less strict days of television hosting and writing, we’ve watched Tyra transform her body over the years. When Tyra got heat for an image of her on the beach in a less-than-flattering pose while wearing a bikini, she made a point to strut her stuff in the same suit on her then talk show called Tyra, calling out the haters and setting the record straight about her confidence in her own body. Most recently, Tyra has changed up her look by chopping her signature long locks into a chic pixie cut. Way to keep things fresh and classy Tyra!

9 Nicole Richie

Nichole Richie Makeover
Before image courtesy of popsugar.com.au, family image courtesy of people.com

From early 00s party girl with then bestie Paris Hilton to glowing wife and mother of two, Nicole has shown how changing your priorities can really change your life around. While Nicole has always been a pretty girl, the partying days that often come with youth didn’t seem to flatter her in the same way that becoming a parent has. Since switching out of the club scene for family nights, Nicole looks more refreshed, happy and healthy. While she seems to enjoy changing up her hair color from a bright and fun blonde to a rich chocolate brunette shade, Nicole has made herself over into a confident, secure and stable role model for her children.

8 Star Jones


Sometimes it takes a serious health risk to wake us up to the reality that we need to make a change in our ways. When Star Jones underwent Gastric Bypass (weight loss) surgery, she knew she would need to change her habits to help keep her health in check. The results have been amazing. Star not only looks healthier, but it’s clear to see that she feels better about herself. With a healthier and more fit body, Star can continue pursuing her passions of practicing law, being a television personality and working on women’s issues. Star’s transformation from out of control and overweight to confident and healthy shows us we can all obtain anything we put our minds to.

7 Ashlee Simpson


We got to know Ashlee Simpson as the edgy, pop princess. As the baby sister of squeaky clean popstar Jessica Simpson, the drastic difference in style and vocals was a smart move on Ashlee’s part. It let everyone know that Ashlee had her own talent and style. She wasn’t simply tagging on her big sister’s heels. As Ashlee grew out of her sort of angst driven vocals into a more mature sound, her image changed too. Often changing hair colors from black, medium brown, a beautiful auburn to a platinum blonde, Ashlee shows she isn't afraid to experiment with her haircolor. What really helped change up her look from the young pop-punk girl to a more geek-chic chick was her shorter hair. Both her bob and cropped pixie cuts help shed the image of young Ashlee and shows us a more polished and confident woman.

6 Scarlett Johansson


5 Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson Makeover
Left image courtesy of fan pop.com, right image courtesy of billboard.com

Quite a bit has changed for Mrs. Kelly Clarkson over the past few years. From her days as the first winner of American Idol to her first couple of albums to now when she has seven albums under her belt and a family of her own, much of Kelly’s adult life has evolved before us. Like many of us, Kelly’s weight fluctuated over time. When Kelly was recently criticized by a news anchor for not dropping the weight she gained during her pregnancy, Kelly quickly took control of the situation by speaking out against those who attacked her. Proving that body shaming and poor self esteem is just as unhealthy as carrying too much weight. While Clarkson has said she may regain her more slender build over time, she’s happy with the curvy confidence she has now. Rock on Kelly!

4 Shailene Woodley


One of the hottest young Hollywood stars today, Shailene Woodley is a classic beauty. Despite her extremely fast rise to fame thanks to her involvement in the films Divergent and The Fault in Our Stars (TFiOS), Woodley has remained cool and collected through it all. For a long time, Shailene’s long flowing locks were a signature part of her look. That was until she was working on the set of TFiOS and needed to figure out a way to portray a cropped haircut for her role as Hazel Grace Lancaster. When Shailene made the drastic decision to completely change her look for the role, fans went wild. The shocking transformation from super-long hair to an exposed pixie not only helped for her role in TFiOS, but it gave her a fresh take on her look.

3 Kelly Osbourne


2 Emma Watson

Emma Watson Makeover
Left image courtesy of fan pop.com, right image courtesy of independent.co.uk

From growing out of Hermione and that frizzy hair (girl I feel you on that pain!) to taking on new roles outside of acting, Emma Watson has proven that she is much more than just a childhood actress who hit acting gold. Emma is a vibrant, confident, involved and enchanting woman who can command a room’s attention with grace and kindness. As she’s matured over the years from a young pre-teen into the woman she is today, Emma has changed her look to suit her current style. With varying hair colors and lengths (including her incredibly gorgeous cropped pixie for her role in The Perks of Being a Wallflower), Emma Watson shows us how to let your early success be a launch pad for your dreams. Emma’s transformation over the last decade has been amazing.

1 Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence is another young Hollywood actress who has taken the world by storm. Unashamed of who she is or how she looks, Jennifer has always been frank with her fans about the importance of being yourself and not being a slave to the impossible standards of beauty set by our society. This confidence gives the Hunger Games star the advantage of feeling pretty comfortable in her skin regardless of how she’s dressed or how different her look may be. When Jennifer decided to chop her long hair in favor of an unexpected but trend setting pixie cut, no one could believe the change. If ever there was an example of someone who can prove that short hair (and any body) shape is sexy, versatile and feminine, JLaw is it.

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