10 Of The Most Fashionable Pro Athletes

Talented sports players and athletes have always been granted the limelight of celebrity. After all, millions of people tune in to watch these stars perform superhuman feats on television week in and week out. There are a handful of these amazing athletes who are also quite obsessed with their fashion and personal style. We made a list below of ten of the most fashion-addicted professional athletes. Read below ...

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10 David Beckham:

Via: www.theconfuseddasher.com

Honestly, is there any athlete around today with more style and natural swagger than David Beckham? Even when he was a younger soccer star playing for the English national team, he was already a British style icon. But after making the hop across the pond to play for the LA Galaxy in the twilight years of his career, his global visibility has completely exploded. There are so many fashion and style ventures that he’s currently  involved in: his underwear line with H&M, his endorsement deal with luxury watch brand Breitling, his Adidas lifestyle capsule collection and most recently, his new deal as one of the major faces of global luxury brand, Burberry. Beckham is a walking fashion billboard with tons of fame and popularity, and he has made the successful transition from athlete to fashion icon with surprising ease.

9 Serena Williams:

Via: www.huffingtonpost.com

Tennis phenom Serena Williams has been on the sports scene for what seems like forever defeating competitor after competitor on the hard courts. Even when she’s playing tennis, she has the tendency to wear some flamboyant and fashionable outfits, and off the courts, she has proved herself to be a true lover of bold, luxurious style. On the red carpet, she wears elegant and breathtaking gowns from highly sought after designers like Naeem Khan and more. Right after winning the US Open Championship this year, she attended NY Fashion Week to showcase her new Spring 2015 fashion line for the Home Shopping Network. When she eventually retires from her tennis career, it certainly looks like she will have a bright future in fashion.

8 LeBron James:

Via: LeBron James

7 Russell Westbrook:

Via: arhe.co

Another NBA player that must certainly be mentioned when you are talking about athletes who really love fashion is Russell Westbrook. What sets him apart from the other fashionable players is his willingness to wear some really bold and attention-grabbing fashions. Some of his greatest hits (and misses) include: sleeveless 2-tone tuxedo shirts, garishly bright eyewear, animal print jackets and drop-crotch cropped pants. You may doubt his fashion choices, but one thing you can’t question is this man’s fearless self-confidence.

6 Cristiano Ronaldo:

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5 Shaun White:

Via: www.dailymail.co.uk

4 Amar’e Stoudemire:

Via: www.jackguy.com

Something quite unexpected has been happening in the NBA league lately. More than a handful of the top NBA ballers have become extremely involved in the glitzy world of luxury fashion. Amar’e Stoudemire, the 6’11” power forward for the NY Knicks is certainly one of the most style-obsessed out of the pack. He sits front row at all the top New York Fashion week shows with powerful fashion industry personalities like Anna Wintour; he designed a capsule collection with designer Rachel Roy; and he’s always invited to the annual Met Gala, which is pretty much the Oscars of the fashion world. It’s difficult to imagine a man with the imposing physical stature of Amar’e to look as impeccable as he does in a suit, but he’s serious about style and he definitely makes it work.

3 Henrik Lundqvist:

Via: hlundqvist.blogspot.com

2 Colin Kaepernick:

Via: mkalty.org

1 Maria Sharapova:

Via: celebmafia.com

27-yr-old Russian tennis champion Maria Sharapova is surely a sight to behold. She is tall, svelte, sexy and you can’t forget her lovely blond tresses. With a frame like hers, clothes just drape so beautifully on her body, and she is naturally talented at picking fashionable outfits that make her look gorgeous. She’s known for wearing exquisite creations by designers like Antonio Berardi and Bottega Veneta and she even designs a line of women’s accessories for Cole Haan. She is a Grand Slam winner in her chosen sport and when it comes to her fashion, she hits a lot of aces as well.

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