10 Controversial Breastfeeding Celebs

Today's world is filled with opinions from all kinds of people on numerous things. Public breastfeeding is no exclusion. Celebrities have recently taken the lead in publicizing feeding their children

Today's world is filled with opinions from all kinds of people on numerous things. Public breastfeeding is no exclusion. Celebrities have recently taken the lead in publicizing feeding their children the "natural way". These mom's are not only opening up the topic of breastfeeding for discussion but opening their lives up for criticism. Many of their critics think they should not feed in public. Some believe it should only last until the child is a few months old while others want to give their children free reign of their milk supply for as long as the child wants. In any case, the subject is polarizing among moms from any background. Most support these efforts while others have more heated debates on the issue. Check out how this generation of celeb mom's that are creating a stir in the world of boobs and babies.

10 Maggie Gyllenhaal

In 2007 Maggie Gyllenhaal caused quite a stir when she was seen in a public cafe breastfeeding her baby in the West Village in NYC. She bared full breast to feed her daughter with no cover or inhibitions what so ever. Maggie fed her 8 month old baby Ramona and went on with business as usual. Some found it stunning that she did not attempt to use a cover up. Most moms are asked to leave or grab a blanket in an effort to keep the bosoms concealed but because she is who she is, no one confronted her. For this reason the photo is seen as shocking.

9 Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen is the women all women love to hate. She is every man's dream as a beautiful angel winged Victoria's Secret Model. Not only does she look great on the catwalk but she can exude pampered beauty even while feeding her daughter, 12 months old at the time, from her bosoms. Just giving the average new mom another reason to roll her eyes. This photo caused quite the stir when she posted it via Instagram. Her view was to show everyone that she only looks great because of the team of people around her to work on her looks as she does what moms do.


Gisele did not stop at the glamour squad to create a breastfeeding uproar. She alarmed her fans and others that were privy to the photo, when caught breastfeeding while riding an ATV. This was astonishing in more than one aspect. Throw aside all public concerns of possible nudity when pulling out a nipple, this was viewed as dangerous.

8 Natalia Vodianova


7  7. Pink


6  6.  Alyssa Milano

Actress Alyssa Milano, 41, shared a moment in time while breastfeeding her daughter Elizabella. Her caption quoted Milan Kundera with "Ah, the joy of suckling!.."  Just another one of many photos featuring a famous breast, pitched at "normalizing" breastfeeding. When criticized, Milano lashed back by asking why it was big deal on the internet for Kim Kardashian to post nude for Paper Magazine but her sharing how she feeds her baby is an issue. Milano has since posted a series of other photos where she bares the boob for her baby. She has even spoken about how difficult and uncomfortable it is to pump milk. This is just one of the ways that she chooses to be a very involved mother. She even left her latest work on the show Mistresses, in order to be there for her two young children.

5 Selma Blair


4 Olivia Wilde

3 Mayim Bialik

2 Jason Biggs with wife Jenny Mollen

Here is a selfie with a whole lot going on! Not only is the dad the one taking the picture, but he is driving while his wife is breastfeeding in the back seat! Just another attempt from actor / comedian Jason Biggs to cause a stir in the breastfeeding frenzied world. Apparently it is not a good idea to breastfeed in the back seat let alone snap a photo while driving. Not surprisingly, there was much talk about this "selfie".

1 Jessie James Decker


Jessie James Decker was having a great beach day when she posted this selfie on Instagram, feeding her 4 month old daughter, Vivianne. Jessie has never been shy about her body as she has posted many photos before and during pregnancy that bare her curves. Now that her daughter is of potty training age, Jessie has continued to "uber share" her parental moments by posting a picture of her little girl on the potty. This cute beach shot is just another photo of a celebrity woman bringing the controversial topic of public breastfeeding to the forefront of everyday life.  The only issue here is that she is in a public place with no cover.  This is what grabs the attention of those that are against pulling a boob out of your shirt like it is as normal as grabbing your cellphone from your purse to make a call. She is now pregnant with her second child. Fans will surely be on the lookout for any upcoming photos of her feeding her new baby.


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10 Controversial Breastfeeding Celebs