10 Of The Hottest Spring Break Vacation Spots

Spring break is that time of the year that college students absolutely love. It happens during March and it's a great opportunity for these party-loving co-eds to escape from their local clubs and watering holes and head to warm, scenic locations for enjoyable fun in the sun. In the following article, we have compiled a list of 10 hot spots where students can go to see the best beaches, feast on inexpensive alcohol, dine on delicious all-you-can-eat buffets and dance their hearts out till the sun comes up. A few of the locations featured are exotic islands outside the borders of the United States (like the Dominican Republic & Jamaica) but there are also cities featured like Vegas and Miami that are hot party spots too. Depending on your budget, particular party preferences and unique tastes, we are quite sure that one of these will pique your fancy. Enjoy below ...

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10 Cancun, Mexico


For college revelers looking to really turn it up and go all out for spring break, one of the most popular locations is the coastal tourist city of Cancun in Mexico. If there was ever an area that was built for endless partying and drunken lounging at the beach, this is it. The great thing about Cancun is that there are so many resorts in the Hotel Zone to suit all budgets and tastes. There are also many all inclusive options, so once you pay your way up-front; there is endless drinking and non-stop buffets to handle all of your partying needs.

9  9. Las Vegas


Las Vegas is always another great option for spring break and partying hard till the sun comes up. They say “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” and there’s a reason why most grooms-to-be have decided to have their bachelor parties in this glitzy desert oasis. Even though there’s no ocean or beach in Vegas, the strip provides a wide variety of swimming pools for the best daytime partying/drinking excursions. When it comes to partying hard, at night, there are amazing dance clubs like‎ Hakkasan, Marquee, 1Oak, XS and Tao Las Vegas that have the best DJs and hottest party people from all over the world. Yep, in Vegas, they do it right!

8  8. Miami


There is a reason why Miami is always considered one of the top cosmopolitan and happening cities in the United States – and even the world. It has it all; the hottest women, the best restaurants, stunning beaches and nightclubs where the parties go on forever and ever. South Beach is definitely the center of activity and clubs like Story, Liv and Nikki Beach, which offer some of the best nightlife experiences you’ll find anywhere in the world. Hey who knows – while you are partying at one of these hot spots, you might even run into Pitbull and truly have an unbelievable night.

7  7. Dominican Republic


If you are looking for a tried and tested party island in the Caribbean, then Dominican Republic (or “The D.R.” as it’s affectionately called) should definitely be on your shortlist. The island is home to the tourist and party mecca known as Punta Cana. It is popular for its scenic beaches and multitude of all inclusive resorts that will happily fill your belly with all the Dominican rum your heart desires. There are also several reservation free restaurants, discos and bars to keep the party going until the early morning.

6  6. Puerto Rico


Another fine option for vacationing during spring break is heading to Puerto Rico for lounging in the sun and some serious partying. The all inclusive packages can be pretty cheap, and the locals do a great job of making all visitors feel at home and comfortable. With regards to the beaches, there are several; Isla Verde Beach in Carolina, Sun Bay Beach in Vieques, Flamenco Beach in Culebra and Playa Combate in Cabo Rojo. For some intense clubbing, the city of San Juan has a plethora of night clubs, chic lounges and street side bars to keep you loose and stress-free for the entire duration of your visit.

5 Jamaica


There are many reasons why it’s always a great idea to spend spring break in Jamaica. First off, the all inclusive packages are usually around $1,000. Secondly, the people in Jamaica are some of the nicest and most welcoming hosts you’ll ever meet. The weather is beautiful, the cuisine is spicy and delicious, the rum is strong. Everything in Jamaica is Irie!  

4  4. Bahamas


The Bahamas is another popular location for spring break revelers because it’s an awesome island party spot located so close to the United States – it’s barely 50 miles off the southern coast of Florida. There are lots of options open for cheap, affordable lodging and popular beach party choices abound in the bustling tourist area of Nassau. Two party spots to definitely check out when you visit are Senor Frogs and The Daiquiri Shack, both located in Nassau.

3 Lake Havasu, Arizona


As was the case with Vegas, Arizona doesn’t have a beach to boast about, but it’s certainly an awesome spring break spot. The center of activity happens on and around the stately Lake Havasu. There are inexpensive party spots like Kokomo Havasu Bar and night clubs like the Style Entertainment Lounge and Martini Bay for serious nighttime partying. Also for a different twist on a spring break experience, Lake Havasu offers copious water sports activities like jet skiing and parasailing to break the monotony from just drinking and lounging all day.

2  2. Panama City, Florida


We already discussed Miami Beach, but there is more than one spring break hotspot in the sunny state of Florida. Panama City is located in Bay County and it’s the largest city between Tallahassee and Pensacola. It has a beach that borders the Gulf and there are well known drinking and partying spots like Harpoon Harry’s and Spinnaker Beach Club & Grill that are excellent hangouts for students on a mission to let loose. Another must visit spot is Club La Vela which is located right in the heart of the resort area. It welcomes some of the biggest DJs from all over the country and has several themed rooms that collectively cater to about 6,000 patrons. Now that’s what we call a party nation.

1  1. Aruba


Aruba is a scenic and beautiful island located in the southern Caribbean, and it is situated quite close to Venezuela. The great thing about this island is that it has a completely flat topography and the weather is beautiful and sunny all year round. When it comes to the party scene, there is the high-rise area where most of the tourists and the locals who enjoy drinking and dancing hang out. There are several night clubs, casinos and bars with live music where you can party hard and eat delicious Dutch-Caribbean cuisine. It certainly is one of those places you’ll be trying to come back to as soon as you can.

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