10 Of The Highest Celeb Homes In The Hollywood Hills

Hollywood Hills has been home to many famous stars since the golden years of the motion picture industry. It is basically a residential area that is located in the central area of Los Angeles that offers its residents incredible views.

Approximately 23,000 people live in the 7.05 square mile area that includes the Hollywood Bowl, Griffith Park and nearby Forest Lawn Memorial Park, which is the well known celebrity cemetery. Neighboring areas you may have heard of are Universal City, Studio City and Burbank.

The homes are expensive, exclusive and many are surrounded by walls and gates to give the owners privacy from L.A. tour buses and paparazzi who might be out stalking celebrities who are busy living normal lives.

The area has a rich history of having megastar owners as inhabitants. Many of the celebrity owners wind up selling to other celebrity owners, so some of the homes have a long chain of famous owners. And, this may strike you as odd, but many celebrities are property flippers and others are landlords. We guess they are interested in stabilizing and increasing their income by diversifying rather than counting on maintaining their position on the A-list. After all, the Hollywood suits are a fickle bunch and getting more bottom-line than ever before.

The wonderful thing about owning a home in Hollywood Hills is it is peaceful, tranquil, is close to downtown Los Angeles, celebrity neighbors and fantastic views.

Some of the hundreds of celebrities who have come and gone from the Hills: Katy Perry, Ben Affleck, Kevin Costner, Britney Spears, Bryan Austin Green and Justin Timberlake - to name but a few.

We did our homework to come up with the most current list of celebrities who live high in the Hollywood Hills. If you take a tour, you may get a glimpse of a celeb out hiking - but chances are you will be lucky to see more than privacy gates. Stars are like everyone else and just want to live the non-working part of their lives without having to worry about public eyes upon them at all times.

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10 Leonardo DiCaprio


It is not surprising that Leonardo owns about four homes - maybe more. But his Hollywood Hills home was his first and he bought it soon after his Titanic fame for $2 million. According to reports, he also purchased the two nearby land parcels to give added privacy.

He had a huge basketball court built on the property, much to one of his neighbor's dismay, as it covers 21,700 square feet. Neighbors Ronald and Joan Linclau took the actor to court citing the basketball court construction damaged their nearby property, but the judge closed the case without awarding damages. The persistent Linclaus appealed the judgment and the case went back into court - apparently the decision was not overturned.

9 Robert Pattinson


The Twilight megastar, Robert Pattinson, bought this gorgeous Hollywood Hills home in the latter part of 2014 for $2.176 million, which is modest for his level of franchise wealth. The home is located in the area of the Hills which is considered a celebrity cluster. Lucky for girl-fave Pattinson, the home is located behind another home so the Hollywood celebrity home tours will be difficult to point out his digs. The home is a single-story, 1,940 square feet and offers an open and roomy feel. There are two-bedrooms, double-sided fireplace, vaulted ceilings and a small swimming pool, to name just a few amenities. All-in-all, the home is modest, comfortable and homey.

8 Keanu Reeves


7 Zac Efron


6 Halle Berry


The last report had Halle putting this mansion on the market for $15 million. Evidently, according to TMZ, this is where husband Olivier Martinez (then fiancé) and ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, got into a overly-heated argument that bordered on violence. . Evidently, the past couple of years have been tough - partially because of Aubry's child support settlement and partially because the newlyweds were denied their plans to move to France. Aubry would not agree to let their daughter move out of the state. Now her marriage to Olivier is apparently rocky. It looks like this Hollywood Hills home may continue to be the home of the award-winning actress and her daughter, at least for now.

5 Iggy AzaLea and Nick Young


Lovely rapper recording artist and model, Iggy Azalea, and Laker's shooting guard, Nick Young recently bought a Hollywood Hills mansion for $3.45 million. It's large, 6,630 square feet size include six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, media room, two-car garage, a card room and a fantastic great room. The airy outside area hosts a guesthouse, fire pit, swimming pool and a full-size basketball court (of course!). The home previously belonged to singer Selena Gomez , who remodeled and added approximately 2,000 square feet to the home.

4 Jared Leto


Just a week or two ago, award-winning actor and musician, Jared Leto recently purchased a famous 1940s compound in West Hollywood Hills for $5 million. The over 50,000 square feet used to be the Lookout Mountain Air Force Station, which was the location Pentagon's motion picture studio and soundstage. The mansion still includes a soundstage, plus art galleries, a theater, eight bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a swimming pool and courtyard. Leto is best known for his award-winning performance in Dallas Buyers Club.

3 Salma Hayek


Salma bought this Outpost Estates residence in 1996 for $537,500 after she got her big break acting opposite Antonio Banderas in Desperado. Some have called it her starter house. She hasn't lived there for a few years, after buying Kelsey Grammar's Bel-Air a few years ago. In 2013, rather than sell the home, Hayek decided to become a landlord and rents it out for a mere $9,500 per month. The home is a ranch-style, open-floor plan with lots of upgrades, not to mention incredible views.

2 DJ Avicii


Swedish DJ Avicii is flying high in the Hollywood Hills with his fabulous $15.5 million estate. The views are as amazing as the home. The home has multiple tiers extending out over 7,000 square feet. To add even more beauty, the water feature runs the length of the home which means is can be viewed from several vantage points. It's the kind of indoor-outdoor living one generally finds in Indonesia and other island-countries. Avicii is a mere 24-years-old, but is in his prime. According to a story in Forbes, DJ made around $20 million in 2013.

1 Borgore


Young producer and founder of Buygore Records, Borgore (aka Asaf Yoseph Borger), just added his name to the list of celebrity residents who are living it up in the Hollywood Hills. The mansion is almost 3,000 square feet with four bedrooms, four baths, pool, gourmet kitchen and every delightful amenity a celeb could want, all for the reasonable price of $2 million. We're pretty sure it is a huge difference from his former life in Tel Aviv, Israel, where he started out as a drummer. Welcome to the neighborhood, Borgore.

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