10 Of The Fittest Models On Instagram

Within hours of launching Instagram- an iPhone photo sharing app, thousands had already downloaded and begun to post photos. The high turnout was not expected that quickly and that's when reinforcements had to be called in to keep the app from crashing. By December of that same year over 1 million people had already downloaded the app. Founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, Instagram soon took off and rose to unprecedented heights. Every month the number of users increased exponentially, on February 26, 2013 the company celebrated its 100 million users.

Today Instagram has over 300 million active monthly users with 70 million photos posted per day. This revolutionary social media photo application has created a new breed of celebrity, the Instagram fitness model. The ultra thin runway model look is no longer the standard of beauty. This fact has been proven by the number of followers who gravitate to the fitness models on this list. Women and men who look healthy and strong is the new trend in modeling.

10 Alicia Marie


You can catch this fitness model on YouTube, Alicia Marie is all about healthy living. Before entering the fitness arena she participated in model searches and pageants at the age of 15. During high school her long lithe 5’9” frame helped her excel in high jumping competitions until she tore her achilles tendon. Brains and beauty Alicia Marie graduated with a BA in neuroscience from the University of Connecticut, she did her graduate work in broadcasting and feature story writing. Her studies would definitely take on more significance as her modeling and business career would soon take off.

She is fitness obsessed and practices what she preaches. Her body looks like it was carved out of marble. She credits her amazing abs to the Captains Chair leg raise. Her sculpted biceps come from doing dumbbell curls and pinwheels and her amazing butt from dancing and walking up stairs. Equally proud of her accomplishments in the fitness world she is now an author, you can purchase her book “The Booty Bible”. Based on her body, she knows how to give excellent fitness advice. Marie has over 71.1k followers on Instagram and many of her workout videos have over 1 million views, some even reaching over 5 million.

9 Abbie Burrows


Abbie Burrows was a former member of the LFL (Lingerie Football League), her position was defensive tackle. Her fellow teammate who had just turned pro in figure competitions recommended Abbie to try out for the Bikini division. Abbie trained with Taylor Rey for 8 weeks before she won her first show in the NPC Colorado State. Her next step was entering the NPC National Bodybuilding Championships, she emerged victorious and earned her pro card. Abbie now competes at the Olympia level. Being a single mother she prioritizes her time management with the support of friends who believe in her. Her personal recommended exercise for the lower body is the one legged leg press. Burrow has over 38.2k followers on Instagram.

8 Caitlin Rice


This fitness trainer, model and businesswoman is originally from the U.S. but she now calls beautiful British Columbia home. The former army brat first started modeling at the age of 16 in Atlanta, Georgia. The constant pressure in the fashion industry to be as thin as possible led to her becoming unhealthy and unhappy. Being malnourished and not feeling good she shifted her priorities from the world of fashion to her formal education. Caitlin became a party addict and ended up gaining 15 excess pounds. During this time she met her now fiance who encouraged her to lead a more active lifestyle. Caitlin responded by lifting weights and she hasn’t looked back since. In addition to working out at the gym she educated herself on proper nutrition and healthy eating, it definitely looks like all her hard work is paying off. She now espouses that having a healthy body with toned muscles looks much better on her. Today she can be found training clients to lead active and healthy lifestyles. Rice currently has over 775k followers on Instagram.

7 Jen Selter


Instagrams most famous butt belongs to Jen Selter. She has the distinction for having the most recognized posterior in social media. The fitness model has over 6.3 million Instagram followers. Her squatting and lunging workout video recorded a year ago has more than 25 million views. This workout fanatic never dreamed that her uploaded photos and videos would attract the world wide recognition it has. Her first photo went viral, now she has a growing social media following. She now has sponsorship deals with Nike, New Balance and Lululemon, famous for the yoga pants that accentuate her rear end. Her dream is to share her workout routines with people around the world. At 20 years old it looks like she has found her true calling in life.

6 Nikki Blackketter


One of the hottest fitness models right now, Nikki Blackketter has over 403k followers on Instagram and that amount is only getting higher. She has YouTube videos showcasing proper workout routines but if you want a personalized workout routine she offers that as well. She sells full fitness plans, from diet supplements and structured daily workout plans. She also sells her own Nikki Blackketter apparel, and why is this so popular? Because her body and workouts are sought after by everyone. This is a young fitness model that will be around for a long time.

5 Paige Hathaway


A breakout fitness model from the midwestern city of Minnesota. Probably one of the best exports from the midwest to enter fitness modeling. Paige Hathaway is a 26 year old fitness model that didn’t plan on entering the world of fitness as a career. She currently has over 2 million followers on Instagram. Believe it or not she previously had no muscle tone and was considered skinny. After she entered her first Bikini contest she made it a priority to focus on health and fitness. Paige trained 4 months for the Ronnie Coleman Classic placing 2nd overall.

She stated that after the NPC statewide championships she attained a strong dedication to nutrition and health that she didn’t have before. Paige learned self promotion by handing out flyers of herself at fitness shows before she got sponsored by fitness companies. Paige discovered the power of social media and hasn’t looked back since. Her life’s work is now promoting health and fitness for anyone regardless if they compete professionally or not.

4 Brittany Renner


Brittany Renner is a former Jackson State soccer player. This stunning beauty is originally from Ocean Springs, Mississippi. After she quit soccer she got involved in fitness because she wanted to take her physique to the next level. Brittany got started early on Instagram by sending out meal plans and workouts for free on the social media site. Her Instagram profile featured hot females only. Her followers increased and that's when Instagram changed her life from that point onwards. Brittany never intended fitness to be a major part of her life but her growing social media popularity changed all that. In April of 2014 she did a fitness shoot in Las Vegas featuring PlayStation. Players can download her theme on the PS2. She credits Rosa Acosta as her inspiration for getting in shape.

Brittany has a large Instagram fanbase with over 820k followers.

3 Svetlana Bilyalova


The Russian sensation Svetlana Bilyalova is one of the hottest models on Instagram. She currently has over 2 million followers. Her Instagram pictures have her posing in variety of tropical locales around the world. Svetlana loves to show off her toned midsection in her numerous gym workout pics. This native of Moscow stands tall at 5’8” and her measurements are 36-23-38 (in). She’s what most would consider to be a busty petite brunette.

2 Alice Matos


The Brazilian bombshell Alice Matos is a Bikini fitness athlete and entrepreneur, she owns Labellamafia clothing. To keep in great shape she works her lower and upper body on different days. Her workout routine encompasses 40 to 50 minutes of cardio on the bike or elliptical machine 5 days per week. Her favourite 3 exercises are barbell squats, bench press and the back row, she prefers compound exercises that use more than one major muscle group simultaneously.

She is also big on Women's Ultra Mega Vitamins, Omega 3’s and daily vitamins. Her exotic looks have definitely contributed to her 1.1 million Instagram followers.

1 Michelle Lewin


One of the all time famous Instagram fitness models. You can find her photos plastered all over the Internet. This Venezuelan beauty was a former Playboy Centrefold model. Now a resident of Miami Beach, FL, you can find many of her Instagram photos taken at the beach. Naturally a blonde she dyed her hair dark brown and from that point on is when she said her career as a fitness model took off. Admired for her beauty she surprisingly doesn’t think of herself as particularly sexy. She currently has 4.6 million followers on Instagram.

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