10 Most Sexually Satisfied Nationalities On Earth

The United States is at the forefront of Western mainstream media and almost always features themes of sex and violence in their material. So with such decadent, liberal ways and in a country that has one of the world’s largest populations to boot, you’d think that Americans would be the most sexually satisfied people in the world. But you’re in for a surprise.

A recent study conducted by AlterNet and Durex global research showed which countries were the most sexually happy and the measure by which satisfaction is derived. According to Durex’s research, the highest criteria in having an exciting sex life is mutual love and respect between partners. The second factor is stress-free lives, followed by ability to orgasm, good health, and lastly, frequency of sex. And based on statistics studied by AlterNet, the countries that meet all the criteria are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Some of these countries are morally lenient in their views of sex.  And then there are the big surprises that made the list, as these countries are considered quite conservative.

Whether it’s a surprise or not, the United States didn’t make it to the list. So without further ado, here’s the rundown.

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12 China

Who would have thought that a communist country would make it to the list? But yes, China is apparently one of the most sexually satisfied countries in the world. With sex shops on every corner and online sex toy purchases at an all-time high, it’s no surprise that 78% of Chinese adults are having sex at least once a week—and that’s saying a lot considering the booming population of this Asian nation. The kicker? An annual sex expo is even held in Shanghai and is 12 years in the running! 

11 Germany

It may come a surprise that Germans are considered to be some of the world’s most sexually happy people. This can probably be attributed to the open discussion of sex in schools and the work place. According to studies, 30% of Germans have done the dirty in a public place and a whopping 32% have had one-night stands. It’s no wonder they’re pretty sexually satisfied.

10 Brazil

Coming at a close second to Spain in terms of best male lovers, it’s no wonder that Brazil is part of this list. With the warm climate, perpetual mardi gras atmosphere, and gorgeous people, Brazilians are a very passionate lot. Though there’s no exact figure of how many Brazilians claim sexual satisfaction, other statistics showed that 82% of them have sex 145 times a year on average, equating to three times a week—much more than their counterparts in other countries. Added to that, Brazilians supposedly lose their virginity younger than any other nationality the world over.

9 Australia

Given its sandy shores, laid back nature and slow-paced environment, life in Australia is definitely a beach. Throw the warm weather into the equation and you get Australians who love doing the deed during road trips, with 75% claiming that they’ve had sex in the car on road stops. Cosmo said that 27% of Australian women were beyond happy about their sex lives, even saying they wouldn’t mind spicing it up by experimenting on a menage a trois at least once in their lives. 

8 Switzerland

Out of all surveyed, 21% of the Swiss said their sex lives were excellent and 32% have even had sex in public places, placing Switzerland as one of the most sexually satisfied in the world. Perhaps due to the fact that sex education is taught as early as Kindergarten, the country’s liberal view of sex has branched out to legal prostitution and legalized brothels. With these lax views also comes the widespread use of contraception because despite being the most sexually satisfied, Switzerland also has the lowest teen birth rates among all other countries in the world.

7 The Netherlands

Canals and clogs and Van Gogh aside, The Netherlands is known the world over for its red light district. Its liberal views on sex, drugs, and all things decadent have earned its people the citation of being some of the most sexually satisfied. With the abundance of nude beaches and open discussions of sex education in schools, nudity and sex are practically second skin to the Dutch. They talk about sex casually, which leads to fantastic sex lives for them. AlterNet reported that 22% of the Dutch rated their sex lives as amazing.

6 Spain

One of the most sexually satisfied countries in the world is the land of fiestas and siestas and hot men. Romantic and passionate by nature, the Spaniards are unsurprisingly some of the best lovers. 25% of the population rated their sex lives as off the charts and research also showed that Spanish men were the best male lovers in the world. Being hopeless romantics, most claimed that their sexual satisfaction was higher in a stable, committed relationship versus casual flings and one-night stands. It’s good to know that love still abounds amidst all the sex!

5 Greece

Ancient Greeks, like the Romans, were always so open about expressing their sexual preferences and talking about sex in a matter-of-fact way. This practice has extended to modern day Greece, where sex is openly discussed in the workforce, in social settings, and with partners. And because the lines of communication are wide open, they can tell each other exactly what they want and act on it accordingly. Durex global research claimed that Greeks have sex the most frequently at 164 times a year on average. So it’s no surprise that 51% of Greeks said they were satisfied. 

4 India

India is known for its delicious spicy food, warm climate, and beautiful people. And despite the Indians being some of the oldest to lose their virginity (the average age being 22), the people still claim that their sex lives are quite satisfying. It’s not surprising, considering the art of lovemaking, Kama Sutra, and Tantric sex originated from this south Asian nation. So with creative sexual positions and prolonged lovemaking, 61% of Indians have claimed that they are more than happy with their sex lives.

3 Mexico

With its beaches, warm climate, hot and spicy food, and margaritas, Mexico is unsurprisingly on this list. It’s no wonder, since it’s constantly infiltrated with tourists partying hard in tandem with the locals, who are vastly considered some of the most sexual people in the world. It’s unfortunate though, that despite 63% of the overpopulated country claiming satisfactory sex lives, sex crimes such as human trafficking and child sexual exploitation are still running rampant in this part of the world.

2 Italy

Lauded by many as having the most romantic people in the world, the country itself is one of the most popular destinations for honeymooners, with the lovely scenery, romantic songs belted out by tenors, scrumptious food, and delectable wine. That being said, it’s no surprise that Italy is among the top on the list, with food and wine playing a big part to initiate foreplay. Studies showed that 64% of sexually active men and women claimed that their sex lives were exemplary.

1 Nigeria

We don’t quite know if it’s surprising or not that the most sexually satisfied country in the world is one that’s widely known to be ultra-conservative in its views on sex and homosexuality. But it’s usually those who are repressed that have the most carnal of desires, largely because of the excitement of keeping it under wraps. That being said, Durex studies showed that 67% of Nigeria’s sexually active people are satisfied with their sex lives. It’s also a bit of a shock that 62% of women have claimed to have cheated on their partner, placing them as the most unfaithful in the world.

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