10 Most Insane Celebrity Post-Baby Bodies

Let’s face it – celebrities are generally in better shape than the average individual, largely because staying in shape is part of their job. They have access to personal trainers and personal chefs, and have a huge incentive to look their very best at all times. After all, the camera adds ten pounds, and anytime they’re not being filmed for a television show or movie, they’re usually being followed by the paparazzi. There’s one time when even celebrities can’t escape a little weight gain, however – pregnancy. Though many pregnant celebrity moms look impeccably groomed throughout their pregnancy, they all unavoidably pack on the necessary baby weight as they’re pregnant.

It’s after the baby is born that some celebrities stand apart from the average individual. Women can gain anywhere from 15 to 50 pounds during pregnancy, and though the baby’s weight accounts for some of it, your body definitely doesn’t immediately snap back into shape as soon as you’ve given birth. Many moms struggle for years to get back to their post-baby bodies. Despite gaining the same amount of weight as the average woman might during pregnancy, there are several celebrity moms who seemed to lose the baby weight overnight, effortlessly. One minute they’re 9 months pregnant and looking far rounder than they ever had, the next minute it’s as if nothing had ever happened, and they’re their normal slim and trim selves.

Some celebrity moms try to make it seem effortless, saying they’re just breastfeeding and chasing after their kids and were surprised to see the weight melting off. Other celebrity moms are a little more honest, and admit that they’ve been spending hours a day working out because their body is their livelihood and they have fashion shows and photo shoots coming up.

Here are ten celebrity moms who lost the baby weight in record time and have amazing post-baby bodies.

10 Kristin Cavallari


Former Laguna Beach and The Hills star Kristin Cavallari married NFL quarterback Jay Cutler in 2013, but before they tied the knot, they welcomed their first child into the world, Camden. Cavallari returned to her slim self in seemingly record time, and was photographed by US Weekly looking stunning and showing off her post-baby body in a striped bikini. Cavallari was honest about how she got back in shape – a lot of hard work and healthy salads. She’s a self confessed “freak about eating healthy” who says no to alcohol and yes to the gym. Given her healthy lifestyle habits, it’s no surprise that she bounced back so quickly post-baby.

9 Jessica Alba


8 Gisele Bundchen


After giving birth, Gisele Bundchen quickly regained her gorgeous pre-baby bikini body and absolutely no one was surprised – look at her! Those are some crazy good genes. The recently retired supermodel has two children with NFL quarterback Tom Brady. After the birth of her second child, daughter Vivienne, Bundchen is shown in a teeny black bikini holding her son Benjamin’s hand as the family enjoys a beach vacation together. Despite it being only two months after Vivienne’s birth, Bundchen looks ready to rock the runway. While it’s likely a huge motivation to bounce back quickly when your job involves you looking gorgeous dressed in sample-size clothing, it’s nonetheless admirable.

7 Heidi Klum


Surprise, surprise, another supermodel. Let’s face it – whether it’s because they just get great healthy habits over the years that allows them to rebound quickly, or whether they’re putting in hours of sweat so that they can get back to work, supermodels are notorious for getting to their pre-baby bikini bodies in record time. Heidi Klum is no different. She gave birth to her youngest, Lou, in 2009; despite it being her third pregnancy, and despite the fact that Klum wasn’t exactly in her 20s anymore with a fast metabolism, she managed to whip herself back into shape and strut her stuff on the runway weeks after giving birth.

6 Miranda Kerr


When Miranda Kerr was pregnant with her son Flynn, whose father is actor Orlando Bloom, Kerr was a tabloid darling – she looked absolutely stunning with her pregnant glow. Her post baby body is receiving no less attention, as she bounced back in record time. Losing the baby weight definitely wasn’t a small task, as despite the fact that Flynn weighed nearly 10 pounds, Kerr estimates she gained somewhere between 30 and 40 pounds. That’s a lot of weight to lose. Yet, she did it, returning to the runway at Paris Fashion Week two months after giving birth. How did she do it? According to Kerr, her secrets were breastfeeding, yoga, and a lot of healthy food such as vegetables, fish and lentils.

5 Beyonce


Everyone knew Beyonce would return to her bootylicious pre-baby body quickly – I mean, she’s Queen B. She definitely didn’t disappoint. Four months after giving birth to her daughter Blue Ivy, she was on the cover of People’s Most Beautiful People issue, looking slim and radiant. Even earlier than that, she was getting dolled up in a tight dress to attend husband Jay-Z’s performance at Carnegie Hall, looking like a knock out. What’s her secret? She has attributed a lot of it to breastfeeding, but she also revealed that she lost a lot of the staggering 60 pounds she gained with Blue the old fashioned way, by clocking in a lot of miles on the treadmill.

4 Jennifer Lopez


3 Alessandra Ambrosio


Victoria’s Secret Angel and supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio felt the pressure to get back to her pre-baby body quickly after the birth of her child, as she makes her living by being photographed in her bikini. She gained about 45 pounds while pregnant, and with the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show not too far on the horizon, she was definitely motivated to whip herself back into shape. Ambrosio was honest about the struggle, noting that it was particularly difficult to go from indulging every craving and eating anything she wanted to consuming a healthy diet. She also enlisted her mother and sister to watch her daughter, Anja, while she worked out for two to three hours a day. Small portions of healthy meals, and three hours of sweating a day? It’s no wonder she bounced back so quickly.

2 Maggie Rizer


Supermodel Maggie Rizer is a mother of three, but despite being in her late thirties, even after her third child was born, she bounced back in record time. Rizer gave birth to daughter Cecilia Kathryn, and nine weeks later was snapped in a small string bikini that showed off every inch of her post-baby body. She also received attention after her other pregnancies, as she managed to return to her pre-baby body very quickly after each pregnancy, not just after the third. Rizer has modestly shared that her post-baby body looks so great because she is very careful which images she shares on her social media accounts, but let’s be honest – even the best photoshoppers can’t make someone look that good when they’re not already in phenomenal shape.

1 Victoria Beckham


Victoria Beckham is the queen of the post-baby body. She has four children with husband David Beckham and is always fitting back into her enviable wardrobe of tiny designer clothes very soon after she has given birth. The mother of four is rarely anything but impeccably groomed, and her body is even better in her 40s than it was when she was just starting out in The Spice Girls in her 20s. Think it’s just carefully tailored clothing and sky high heels creating the illusion of an instantly svelte post-baby body? Think again – six months after having her daughter Harper, her youngest child, she was modelling lingerie for a fashion spread.

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