10 Most Expensive Things Disney Princess Fans Can Buy

Most girls go through a Disney princess phase during their childhood, when they dress as their favorite princess, watch the movies nonstop, and wait for their fairy godmother to appear. This period of obsession usually doesn't last forever, but some girls grow up to never become disenchanted by Disney princess dreams. These women admire the grace and poise each Disney princess represents, and will vie after princess replicas, clothing and decor, to make their lives as close to that of Disney royalty as possible. The biggest Disney princess fans might want to empty their wallets for the 10 most expensive Disney princess items in the world.

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10 Princess Shoes

via etsy.com

If you want your attire to have a subtle nod to your inner princess, without wearing a ball-gown to work, hand crafted princess shoes might be the way to go. This Elsa inspired pair from etsy.com are ballet flats decorated with glitter and coated with clear polyurethane resin. For $105, you can wear these custom-made shoes as a sparkly touch to your everyday outfit, or as the finishing touch to your princess Halloween costume.

9 Cinderella's Glass Slipper

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Fans of the animated classic, Cinderella can tastefully add a touch of Disney magic to their homes by displaying this glass slipper. The shoe is crafted out of solid crystal and is embellished with a frosted crystal heart on the toe. The $145 item can be bought by itself, but is also a popular part of a classic "glass slipper engagement," in which the luckiest princess fans are proposed to by their real-life Prince Charming at Cinderella's castle in Disney World. Along with a ring, the lucky lady receives one of these glass slippers engraved with the date of the proposal. Just make sure to keep this breakable memento high on a mantle away from pets and kids.

8 Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Makeover

via celebrationpress.com

The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in Disney World is a dream come true for fans who want to turn into their favorite princess. Unfortunately for adults, the magical salon is for children only, but some mommies are more than happy to dish out the $194.95 for their daughter to get a princess hairstyle, makeup, manicure, costume and complimentary framed photo of their finished look. The boutique is run by none other than Cinderella's Fairy Godmother and her apprentices, who are trained to get your little girl ready for the ball (or a day of theme-park rides).

7 Crystal 'Beauty And The Beast' Rose


What would look better on your coffee table than an iconic glass-encased, crystal-studded rose from Beauty and the Beast? The Arribas Brothers think nothing, which is why they designed this intricate limited edition replica, including a rose-studded with over 500 Swarovski crystals kept behind a glass and gold trimmed case. For $295, you can purchase one right from the Disney Store as an enchanting edition to your home.

6 Cinderella Carriage Bed


You can go to sleep feeling like Cinderella, in this full-sized bed with a carriage bed frame and satin pink bedding. For $595, this essential item can complete your princess's bedroom. Intricate spirals surround the bed and rise up into a carriage-style canopy, draped with sheer pink fabric. True Disney princess fans will want nothing less than to be carried away into dreamland by Cinderella's carriage every night.

5 Giclée Artwork by James Coleman

via amourdart.com

Artist James Coleman is known for his dreamy paintings that often star Disney characters. For $1169.50, you can purchase a framed giclée (a high quality inkjet print) of one of his famous paintings from the Disney Store. Coleman takes Disney princesses from animation to high class artwork, with the stroke of his brush. Princess fans need at least one Coleman giclée hanging above their desk for when they need some dreamy inspiration.

4 Alfred Angelo Disney Princess Bridal Gowns

via hitched.co.uk

Brides-to-be who are planning a royal Disney themed wedding can't walk down the aisle without a gown worthy of a Disney princess herself. Designer Alfred Angelo tackled this challenge and came out with the Disney Fairy Tale Bridal line, featuring gowns inspired by our favorite princesses like Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty. Ranging from $999 to $1599, these bridal dresses embody the style of each Disney princess, while still maintaining the classic white bridal image.

3 Adult Elsa Gown


Ever since Frozen blasted into theaters this past winter, girls and women alike have been searching for replica dresses of Disney's two newest princesses, Anna and Elsa. Elsa's icy blue gown is the most coveted of the costumes, and if you want to wear one for Halloween this year, be prepared to spend a whole lot of money. The dress quickly sold out from Disney's official online store, so costume makers online are competing to create the most detailed Elsa replica to sell to fans. For $2000, you can purchase a hand-sewn, made-to-order Elsa gown from etsy.com, crafted with blue satin, organza, a silk cape and crystal embellishments.

2 Disney Princess Ring

via opi5.com

For an understated wardrobe edition inspired by a Disney princess, fans might want to purchase a Disney princess inspired ring. This Beauty and the Beast ring, for example, has a yellow sapphire center-stone, accented with blue sapphires and rubies and set into 14 karat yellow gold. Don't forget the engraving on the ring's interior, which can reflect your favorite sentiment from the movie. For $2550, this Princess Belle ring could be yours.

1 Overnight Stay in Cinderella's Castle Suite

via disneytouristblog.com

Staying in the suite inside Cinderella's Castle in Disney World would be a dream come true for Disney princess fans, but you better just keep dreaming because it's a luxury that Disney refuses to put a price on. The suite has two queen beds, an electric fireplace and a foyer, displaying Cinderella's glass slipper, coronation crown and scepter. Guests can look out the stained glass windows for astounding views of The Magic Kingdom. You can't pay any amount of money to reserve the suite, though; Disney has to personally invite you to stay. Kevin and Danielle Jonas, and Tom and Suri Cruise are celebrities who had the honor of staying in the suite, and in 2013, a Disney sweepstakes contest included a night in the suite as part of the grand prize. You better wish on your lucky stars for a chance at this Disney princess dream night.

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