10 Of The Most Expensive Bottles Of Bubbly

In truth, the most expensive bottle of champagne is now the designer bottle of Goût de Diamants. The cost is primarily in the packaging, although the bubbly liquid is also in the luxury-priced category.

The genius behind this specific bottle of "Taste of Diamonds" is Nigerian luxury designer, Alexander Amosu, who partnered with Swarovki to create and introduce the world's most expensive bottle of champagne. This is Amosu's way of making another mark in the world of luxury. It's cost is around $1.8 million, so will most-likely never be actually imbibed.

The bottle's design includes hand-crafted , 18-carat white gold label with a solid gold center that hosts a single, flawless, deep-cut, 19-carat white diamond. To achieve this pinnacle of being the most expensive, Amosu collaborated with luxury champagne producer, Goût  de Diamants.

Sparkling wine, by its very nature, was always intended to be a luxury product for the wealthy and royals and as the years progressed became more available to the masses. Each year over 300 million bottles of champagne are produced and according to industry reports there are increased projections for the upcoming years, so it has become more mainstream.

The truth is, actual champagne must use grapes from the Champagne region of France. Anything else is considered a sparkling wine, however, most lovers of the bubbly do not choose to make the distinction. For this list, we are encompassing the most expensive of all bubblies, although we included traditional champagnes, as well.

Many of the most expensive champagnes are limited editions and vintage and are treated as collector's items more than the bottles one would invite friends over to share. Although the others are somewhat affordable and made in higher quantities, so you just might be tempted to order a bottle for your next celebratory moment.

Check out our selections to see what you think. There are always bottles of vintage champagnes coming up for auction, so this list will change with time.

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10 Moet & Chandon Bi Centenary Cuvée Dry Imperial 1943 ($1,400)

Via: financesonline.com

The company was founded in 1743 by Claude Moet who was known for making champagne for King Louis XV and other royals. His son, Jean-Remy took over and began exporting their products to neighboring countries.The company name stayed the same until Jean-Remy's son, Victor, and son-in-law, Pierre-Gabriel Chandon took over the company when it become Moet & Chandon.

This particular limited edition was created in 1943 and released in celebration of Moet & Chandon's 200 year anniversary. As you can see from the photo, the labels and the cork wrapping are aged, which is part of what makes this vintage champagne so valuable.

9 Moet & Chandon Dom Perignon by Karl Lagerfeld ($2,000)

Via: siterg.terra.com.br

Karl Lagerfeld, German-born fashion designer who heads up famous brands Chanel, Fendi and Chloe, collaborated with Moet & Chandon to create this limited edition champagne. It was released in 1998 along with a typical Lagerfeld, sexy advertising campaign, as seen on the cover of this article. The pink guitar case holds six bottles: three bottles of 1996 vintage and three from 1998. The set also includes three champagne flutes, is lined with lamb's skin and covered on the outside with leather perch. Of course, the pink motif matches the pink liquid that is contained in the luxurious packaging.

8 Krug Private Cuvee ($2,100)

Via: http://www.google.ca/

Visionary Joseph Krug founded his champagne company with the full intent of producing elegant sparkling wines. During select years, the company has released a private cuvée to express the character of the grapes for that year. A limited number of bottles are stored in the Krug cellars until they reach their full potential before being tasted and sold and are often found on auction at some of the world's finest and most exclusive auction houses, such as Sotheby's and Christies.

7 Boërl & Kroff Brut - $2,500


The Boerl and Kroff NV Champagne Brut is not cheap, however if you're having a larger party, you may wish to purchase the 30-liter bottle. It will set you back around $120,000, but for a most elegant event attended by close friends and family, it could be perfect. Just the sight of the bottle alone raises the bar on how champagne-savvy and fiscally fit the hosts are.

6 Moet & Chandon Dom Perignon Charles and Diana 1961 ($4,500)

Via: burzsuj.blog.hu

This lovely limited edition Dom Perignon was produced in 1961, which was the year Diana was born. Moet & Chandon released a limited edition of this vintage to commemorate and celebrate the 1981 royal wedding between Princess Diana and Prince Charles. 600 magnums were sent for the royal toast and if you were one of the lucky wedding attendees, you were able to enjoy the blend that some consider to be the "quintessential Dom Perignon".

5 Louis Roederer Cristal "Medalion" Limited Edition ($32,000)

Via: vinoge.com

This ultra modern bottle design was created by Philippe di Meo in 2002. The limited edition's bottle is covered with a 24-carat gold geometric latticework and gives it an elegant and expensive appearance. The jeroboam (bottle that is four times larger than a standard bottle) was made with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay to create this effervescent beverage. We would say it looks like liquid gold, however another brand has claimed that name.

4 Moet & Chandon Dom Perignon White Gold  ($40,000)

Via: ekstrabladet.dk

The three-liter, limited edition bottles were created to celebrate the coming of the new year (1995) and was later considered one of the most expensive bottles of champagne in the world. It has since been out-priced by others, but its extraordinary style and elegance still makes this a favorite among champagne collectors and enthusiasts. The name reflects the bottle more than the intoxicating bubbly and is also part of its expense.

The bottle is actually made from white gold and has a white gold plated sheath or label. However, remember the price includes four-times the amount of champagne than a standard bottle.

3 Pernod-Ricard Perrier-Jouet ($50,000)

Via: ohnoosully.tumblr.com

One-hundred sets of this remarkable champagne were produced with each set including twelve bottles. Created for the uber-elite, it offers purchasers the chance to customize the champagne that is in the bottles as well as a customized storage container where the bottles can properly age and bubble for up to eight months. One must fly to the winery in eastern France if that is their pleasure, otherwise sets can be purchased in the U.S., U.K., Japan, China, Russia, Switzerland and its homeland, France.

2 Gouts de Diamants ($250,000)

Via: passion4luxury.blogspot.com

Even without designer Amosu, the Goût de Diamants is considered one of the most luxurious and expensive champagnes in the world. It is a handmade champagne from a family-owned and run estate in Oger, France. The brand makes other champagne products, such as the Brut Diamond, Rose Exquisite, Blanc de Blanc Diamond and the Vintage Diamond. But it is the Goût de Diamants that hits the high note on price.

The family calls it "a tribute to luxury".

1 Shipwrecked 1907 Heidseick  ($275,000)

Via: exorcistsmansa.blogspot.com

True story: Two thousand bottles of this Heidsieck champagne were found on a ship that was supposed to be headed to the Russian Imperial family. Instead, in 1916 during WWI, a German sub hit the boat with a torpedo and the bottles sank with the ship. Eighty-two years later (1998) the boat was discovered off the Gulf of Finland and the bottles were salvaged and auctioned off. There are still bottles that can be found for purchase, for the right price tag. One thing for sure, the price of these bottles will not be going down.

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