10 Hollywood Stars You Didn't Know Have Sexy Abs

Few people in the world are as harshly critiqued as Hollywood celebrities. This is especially true when it comes to matters of body image and a celebrity’s overall appearance. Thanks to the more recent trends of body acceptance, learning how to eat (and train) in a healthy and realistic manner and viral phrases like “strong is sexy” and “strong is the new skinny”, we’re seeing a new appreciation for fit female bodies.Thanks to realistic fitness being at the forefront of people’s minds, the ludicrous idea that abs are masculine or that women can’t have abs and be sexy is being pushed aside for examples of strong, confident, sexy and healthy celebrities that everyone can appreciate. Whether they’re subtly defined or well chiseled, great abs are a testament to the hard work, perseverance and dedication to the healthy lifestyle that goes into achieving them. While every body is (and should be treated as) beautiful, these ten female celebrities prove that if you’re determined and willing to put in the work to balance your busy life and work hard, you can have the body you want, including awesome abs. While having the access and finances to afford celebrity trainers are helpful, those components alone are not what creates physical results of great abs. These celebrities show us that no matter what your age, whether you’re an actress, dancer, entrepreneur, mother, singer or any combination of these professions, dedication and a healthy dose of self confidence are key in achieving a strong and sexy body.


10 Taylor Swift


Few celebrities are as connected to their fans as pop princess Taylor Swift. From writing and preforming her own songs, to dancing and surprising fans with generous and personalized gifts, Taylor Swift seems to have it all. Her sweetheart looks are balanced with her honest and fun loving demeanor. Unlike other female celebs who are comfortable sporting their athletic builds, Taylor prefers to keep her body more of a mystery. A current fan of cropped tops and high waisted skirts, Taylor masterfully gives us a hint of her well kept abs while keeping the majority of her figure under wraps. Taylor shows us that not every fit celebrity wants to flaunt their body, and that’s okay—being confident and healthy is what’s important.

9 Julia Roberts


This auburn haired rom-com beauty has an ageless beauty. From her early acting days of Pretty Woman to My Best Friend’s Wedding, Oceans Eleven and Eat Pray Love, Julia Roberts has been a constant in natural beauty in Hollywood for the past three decades. This wife and mother of three (including a set of twins!) shows that keeping in shape isn’t something that needs to diminish with age. While Roberts is in her later 40s, her abs (along with the rest of her body) show that she takes her health seriously. Robert’s youthful smile, contagious laugh and fit body are evidence that a constant awareness of being healthy and taking care of yourself will keep you looking youthful and happy.

8 Megan Fox


From kick ass action films to the cover of Maxim magazine, Megan Fox is an actress who’s name is synonyms with sexy. Her early modeling days likely prepared her for her acting roles in the Transformers films that solidified her place in the Hollywood spotlight. In her late twenties, Megan shows us that being young, successful and busy doesn’t mean you can’t be physically in shape. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles star typically maintains a more subtle set of abs, with enough definition to show the work that goes into maintaining them. While Megan’s abs might not be the most defined abs out there, the effort and strength that goes into creating them is evident.

7 Britney Spears


Since the tender age of 16 when she entered and quickly dominated the world of Pop music, Britney Spears has been known for rocking a hard body. Thanks to her love of dancing, preforming and singing, Spears has continually kept her body in shape. When Britney went through a rough patch in the late 00s, no one knew what would happen to her career. Now back in action and looking happier and more fit than ever, Spears has gone from an impressionable pop princess to an in charge and confident mother and performer. Britney has always been willing to show off the hard work she puts into her body in her performances while keeping her outfits tasteful. Her well defined abs are easy to see in most of her performance wear. Showing us that anyone can overcome their past, Britney is a great testament to the importance of taking care of yourself both emotionally and physically.

6 Jennifer Lopez

Actress, dancer, entrepreneur, mother and singer, there seems to be nothing that will keep Jennifer Lopez out of the spotlight. Thanks to her active lifestyle and bubbly, upbeat personality, J Lo has always kept herself in great shape. With a dancers body, J Lo’s abs seem almost effortless. While the definition of her body has changed over the years, from the softer, more subtle days of the early 2000’s when she sported that unforgettable low cut green Versace dress at the 2000 Grammy awards, to the more toned and defined abs she sports in her Booty music video, J Lo knows how to rock a fit body.

5 Beyoncé

Beyoncé has always been a star. With her voice and killer dance moves, Beyoncé knows how to entertain a crowd. Always presenting herself with class and confidence, it is clear that Beyoncé knows the value of keeping herself healthy and in great shape. Even after the birth of her and hubby Jay Z’s daughter Blue Ivy (Carter) in January of 2012, Beyoncé has made time to balance her career, family life and fitness to ensure she can have the best of everything. Beyoncé is a great example of how women can have killer abs and still maintain a curvy shape that so many women desire.

4 Heidi Klum

From strutting down the runways for Victoria’s Secret to hosting Project Runway, Heidi Klum has always been a stunning woman. Her sexy, confident image is wonderfully balanced by her kind natured and empathetic personality that is seen in her TV appearances and in the few glimpses we are given into her personal life as a mother. While Heidi seems to have always had a body that is the envy of many, it’s clear that she works hard to keep herself in shape. Like any other mother and business woman, she knows the importance of giving herself down time and takes care of her body. Despite Heidi’s runway past, if she didn’t work hard and take care of herself, she wouldn’t have her athletic yet sexy abs.


3 Pink

Pink has been in our faces and in charge since she came into the pop music world in the late 1990s. With her kick-ass attitude and larger than life sense of confidence, Pink has always marched to the beat of her own drum. Unafraid to be herself and always keeping her style on point with what she enjoys rather than following the crowd, it’s unsurprising that Pink is so confident. By staying true to herself, knowing who she is as a person and not apologizing for being unique, Pink radiates a rocker type sexiness that is unmatched. Pink's physical appearance goes along with her persona, she is strong, confident and feminine all at once. Pink is’t afraid to show off her rockin’ abs on stage or in her music videos. This straight forward mama knows how to keep herself in shape.

2 Gwen Stefani

At the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards, everyone was captivated by Gwen Stefani’s performance and killer abs when she and her on again off again band No Doubt preformed their hit song “Just a Girl”. Since then, we have seen Gwen continue to dominate the spotlight with her musical and fashion ventures. Gwen’s sense of style is both bold and evolving. It’s never a dull moment when Gwen is on stage. Of all the things that Gwen changes about her image, her focus on staying fit remains intact. Despite her busy career life, begin a wife (to Bush lead singer Gavin Rossdale) and mother of four children, Gwen makes time for herself to keep her body healthy and strong.

1 Jada Pinkett Smith

Image courtesy of US Magazine

Being the wife of a man as well known as Will Smith, one would think that it would be hard to avoid the label of “Will Smith’s Wife”, but Jada Pinkett Smith has proven that she is no trophy wife. Like her husband Will, Jada is a presence and carries herself with an air of confidence and kindness. As an actress, entrepreneur, mother, wife and philanthropist, Jada has a lot to manage in her life. Thanks to her physically demanding acting roles (such as the Matrix films) and active lifestyle, Jada always has a great six pack. As a successful mother who is known for promoting self worth and self expression, it is great to see Jada proving that physical fitness and self confidence can go hand in hand.

These twelve celebrities show us that it doesn’t matter what your career is, whether or not you have kids, whether you’ve been through hard times or you’ve always known success, hard work and dedication will give you the healthy and sexy body you’ve always wanted.


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