10 First Date Questions She Is Secretly Dying To Ask

First dates can be awkward, uncomfortable and a whole lot of stress. They are loaded with expectancy and questions, hoping that the two of you will jive. Women tend to overthink first dates much more than men and they are ready with questions they know they can't ask just yet. Women will keep most questions to themselves, they don't want to come on too strong right away. Questions they are dying to ask include ' how much money do you make?' and ' how many people have you slept with?'

But we thought it might be just a bit easier for men if they actually knew what we wanted to ask. So we compiled a list of the 10 questions that women really want to know on a first date. Men, whether you choose to bring these subjects up on your date is up to you. But we promise your chances of a second date will be higher if you can subtly answer any of these 10 questions right away. So sit back, read on and learn what women really want to know.

10 Let’s Talk Sex

Every woman wants to know your feelings about sex. Whether or not you usually sleep with someone on the first date or if you like to wait. She wants to know all about your sex life, from your past to your current interests, are you into kinky stuff? As much as it may be hard to believe, women do think about sex, a lot. She just wants to be sure about you before she makes any big decisions.

9 What’s the Deal with your Mom?


What is your exact relationship with your mother, does she know every detail about your life? Does your mother make your decisions or rule your life? Every girl wants to know about the matriarch in your family because they usually have a lot of input on your decisions. And she wants the honest truth about your relationship. Girls will never ask the detailed questions about your mom on the first date but now you know she wants to. Beware though, if all you can talk about is your mother, this will send her running for the hills. Answer wisely.

8 Talking about Booze


Most first dates involve booze because in all honesty it helps relieve the tension. But how much booze is the girl allowed on the first date? The truth is most women drink a tad more on a first date then they usually do while out for dinner, she just needs something to calm her nerves. On the other hand she is monitoring how much you drink and what type of drinks you order, do you like beer, liquor or wine ? And lastly how often do you drink? The answers to these questions will help her compare your lifestyle with hers.

7 Let’s Talk Money


Most people do not bring up money and spending on the first date but that doesn't mean she isn't thinking about it. She wants to know how good you are with your money, if you save or if you live paycheck to paycheck.  She also wants to know how much you make and where your career is headed but she is certainly not going to ask you just yet. Women may also wonder about your credit history, have you ever been in debt and are you still paying it off? They want to know if you supported yourself through school, if you work hard or if you are just a free spirit who doesn’t give a heck about money. You know, the simple questions..

6 Baggage


Everyone has a past and thats okay, we can accept that but what we are curious about is your current involvement with your past? Women will want to know about your previous partners and whether or not you are still in contact with them. They will also wonder about any secrets you may be hiding about your exes or breakup- have you been married, engaged or have any kids, did you cheat? Once again the answer to these questions are not a simple right or wrong, its just a way of figuring out how compatible you will be together and if you are worth sticking around for.

5 Online profile

How many sites are you a member of and how much time do you spend online? Are you still going to use online dating sites after this date? Are you into weird stuff and how much p*rn do you actually watch? These are all random thoughts that women have on any first date. These questions will certainly not come out but be sure that she is checking your online profiles, Facebook and Instagram are good ways to see how much you reveal about yourself online.

4 The Ex


We've already covered some of the questions about your dating history but now its time to hear about the exes. It is what every girl wants to ask, but few have the guts to do it on the first date. How many exes do you have and are any of them absolutely crazy or still in love with you? Were you the jerk in the relationship and that’s why your ex broke it off? Are you still hung up on them? All those female friends you keep mentioning, are any of those your ex? How many people have you slept with and have you been tested for STI's? We want all the details.

3 Just How Creepy Are You

You seem like a pretty great guy, who just happens to be single, have a great job and you seem really smart. So why are you still single? Are you the creep that is going to slip something into my drink when I get up to use the washroom? Is your apartment full of weird collections? If I choose to go back to your house does it smell and is it dark and creepy? Do you actually have all these amazing travel tales and amazing friends or are you leading a double life just to get me into bed? Is this all real? And do you have any weird sexual desires?

2 Your Current Dating Life


Women want to know if they are the only one you are going out on dates with. They want to know how many other dates you have been on this month. They want to know their competition and if you are stringing any of these girls alone. They also want to know what you have been up to since you and your ex broke up 5 months ago. Are you a player? Are you just looking for a good time or are you looking to settle down? Speaking of settling down…..

1 Marriage and Kids

Yes, she wants to know if you are at all interested in marriage and having kids. No she doesn't want to walk down the aisle that instant but she wants to know if these are things you want in the future. Women will spend the entire first date trying to figure out if you are actually marriage material. Do you want a big wedding or would rather run away and elope somewhere? How do you feel about divorce? Do you make vows and plan to keep them forever? Women let their imagination go wild on any type of date; don’t blame them, it’s in their DNA. They want to know what will happen and if you two have any chance at a future together.

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