10 Expensive Versions Of Everyday Items

Everyone in the world uses a number of items in their life every day. These everyday items include the products related from washing oneself, to going to the bathroom, to using the kitchen. Mostly, pe

Everyone in the world uses a number of items in their life every day. These everyday items include the products related from washing oneself, to going to the bathroom, to using the kitchen. Mostly, people use everyday items that cost them reasonable amounts. However, many items are used by people that are just an expensive version of the products that you can get at a regular price.

Every day items are purchased by people to make their life easy and comfortable. They use detergents and toilet cleaners to keep their clothes and household environments clean and hygienic. Several products including water bottles, ice cubes and computer mouses are used to make your life comfortable and easy as they are used to keep the water safe and cool along with using the computer easily. This can be done through low priced items also but some people use the expensive versions of these items for various reasons.

Reasons behind using expensive versions of everyday items lie in the affordability of the users. Most of the people who have money in abundance use high priced products for their day to day life not only to make their life comfortable and easy but also to show off their luxurious lifestyle and status in the social world. Though the expensive versions of everyday items work not much better than products available at usual prices but even then, affluent people buy them to show their potentiality and capability. Below are some of those items that are just an expensive version of a simple, everyday item

10 Studio OOOMS Gold-Plated Staples: $280

This set of ultra-luxury 14 karat gold-plated staples created by studio OOOMS are one of the expensive everyday items that are available in a pack of 24 pieces packaged in a jewelry style velvet case. The price of $280 of the pack makes it an impractical gift item due to the small sized pieces of this worthless item as they are not mentioned to be gold plated by their producers. It can be used only as a memorable gift.

9 Bling Water bottles: $2,500

Bling Beverages introduced luxury water bottles for affluent people as an expensive everyday item. This corked glass bottle covered with Swarovski crystals is available at only $2,500. It is made by the company in collaboration with Kathrine Baumann, a well known accessory designer. Every bottle made in the Dubai series has approximately 10,000 small glittering crystals fixed by hand. The high price of this bottle is not only due to its elegant look but also for the gloves provided with it to handle the battle elegantly and keeping it away from smudge and dirt.

8 Glitzy Crystal Computer Accessories: $300

The Glitzy computer mouse from Swarovski is a wireless mouse. This gorgeous looking mouse can be used not only as an ornamental item but also as a utility device for your computer. This mouse was designed by Dareen Doherty, Jeremy Doherty and Simon Doherty from New Zealand for the competition of the Crystal Vision design organized by Swarovski and Designboom. It won first prize not only innovative design but also its worthy looks. For a glittering mouse, you have to spend a whopping $300.

7 Designer Tampons: $1,000

Andrea Mettler, a luxury designer, had introduced these designer and traditional tampons. The twist in their conventional designs made them more attractive. These tampons are more liked by people for their looks. The uniqueness and exclusivity of its designs make them more popular among society. They can be used as a luxurious gift item to be presented to your girlfriend after wrapping them appropriately. However, you should have around $1,000 in your wallet to gift someone with designer tampons.

6 Glace Ice Cubes: 5 pieces $40

The ship shape hand carved ice cubes are introduced by Glace Luxury Ice Co. 2.5” size cubes are actually made by freezing pure water and are delivered at your door step by the company on order. Large size, tasteless and crystal clear appearance are some of the features of these cubes that make their price high as they can be used to cool cocktail parties. Minimum price of five pieces of these ice cubes is fixed at $40 and the bulk of these ice cubes costs you $1,440 for a package of 240 pieces.

5 Laundress Laundry detergent: $50

The fabric detergent introduced by Laundress is not only safe for your delicate and expensive clothes but also maintains their elegance. It is one of the top class fabric care products founded and introduced by Lindsey Wieber, a sales executive for senior designers Ralph Lauren and Chanel. They wanted to introduce some thing into the market that can be used to maintain the fragrance, sophistication and delicacy of your household and clothing and founded this detergent in various types of fragrances on the basis of the designs suggested by their entrepreneurs. By the way, to use this premium detergent, you have to spend a cool $50.

4 Limoland luxury Streetwear: $800

Limoland is one of the luxury streetwear brands that produce streetwears for affluent people. The logo of a blue hot dog with ears ensures the quality of the products as they use cashmere and Japanese cotton of finest quality to make these streetwears. The most popular streetwear of this brand costs $800 which is not much as compared to its quality which is liked by the people who admire the products in classic style.

3 Russell Hobbs Crystal Toaster: $300

This toaster introduced by Russell Hobbs is studded with more than 200 Swarovski crystals on its stainless and glass surface. This limited edition toaster from Russell Hobbs costs only $300. It is provided with a cord and plug to toast bread like a normal toaster in your kitchen but it's set to provide dark or light toasts made different from others.

2 Harrods Posh Pot Noodle: $50

These luxury instant noodles are introduced by Victoria Beckham at the price tag of $50 to give all of its proceedings in charity. Reasonably priced instant noodles are normally liked by college students or single people. Though the high price of these instant noodles seems to be ridiculous, if one wants to collect more for the purpose of charity then everything can be possible. These instant noodles were introduced by her through the most prestigious department store of UK, Harrods, because she was a regular customer.

1 Gold 'Up Yours' Ashtray: $55

It is a ceramic luxury ashtray introduced by Jean-Marc Gady which seems to be a controversial item at this time when people are searching ways to quit smoking. However, its unique design saying 'Up Yours’ to the non-smoking organizations makes it a unique gift item. These ashtrays are available in platinum, gold, orange and black finishes to choose from to make any social gathering graceful and make a political meeting aggressive. These luxurious ashtrays are available in the price range of $55 to $125 as per the quality and finish.

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