10 Dirty Secrets She's Hiding About Her Past

The male gender is often the one that is accused of hiding things from a potential mate. After all, most all of the publicized stories of infidelity are about men. We don't hear much about women hiding things from their dates or lovers, so many men are fooled into thinking that what they see is what they get.

However, it is not true. Many women work so hard to mold themselves into the "perfect woman" so they will be seen as attractive all the while the reality of her past, present and future is well hidden and guarded. Perhaps these little white lies are completely innocuous and won't mean a thing in the long run. There is a chance at least one of these will blow up in your face at one time or another.

The main reason is simple. All men (and women) want to believe they are with an honest, direct, nothing-to-hide type of person so they can extend their trust and fall in love, infatuation or other. Even a man who lies and pretends to be something he is not will still want to hook up with someone who is genuine and honest. Right?

Today we're going to reveal the 10 most common secrets she is hiding about her past that we think you men would like to know. Take a look and see which one of these "secrets" would bother you enough to end the potential of any future right now. Comments are welcome.

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10 Sexual partners


Many men would like to believe that their current lover treasures their sexual relationship. It is much easier for them to believe they are the best lover around than recognize the sexual freedom women have felt for over half a century. In order to continue the charade, most women downplay the number of men with whom they've had sex. It's an innocent white lie and helps most men feel like the conquest winner. Face it, how many men would like to know their sexy, little feline has been with over 30 men in her life?

9 How much she loved her ex


If you are dating a divorcee or someone who is fresh out of a relationship, keep in mind the "rebound law" that most women follow. It is never a smart move to date someone who has recently left a long-lasting or deep relationship. However, this secret is a little difficult to ascertain. She could be smiling on the outside and thinking about her former lover on the inside. She is never really going to confess the depths of her love for him, as it is not the polite or seemingly right thing to do. But take note if she is still posting/viewing or hanging photos of the two of them.

8 How much the breakup destroyed her


Subsequently, it pays to know who broke off her last relationship. If she was the one who got dumped, then she could be hiding anger toward her ex as well as the rest of the world. You might end up experiencing fragments of behaviors that are intended for her ex, while she masters the art of finding a way to justify her actions. Face it, if she hasn't had the time or inclination to heal her wounds, you are in for a rough ride without any advance warning. A word to the wise, start out as friends and get the inside scoop beforehand and proceed slowly.

7 Finances


Financial issues on either end of a relationship can be the ultimate demise, particularly if either of the two aren't being upfront about their financial situation. Has a bankruptcy been declared? Is there an inexplicable amount of debt? Is she responsible or someone who spends without another thought? The bottom line is that no one wants to hook up with a liability, right? Somehow, before a serious relationship sets in, financial snapshots must be provided on both sides. If both of you have had and still have financial difficulties then the relationship could be doomed to sink based on the financial debt-to-asset ratio. Financial woes are one of the top reasons couples break up and divorce.

6 Appearance enhancements


If you love a natural appearance and your new love looks amazing, how would you feel about her if you found out much of her is not real? Sure, breast augmentations are pretty common now. But if her hair, buttocks, eyelashes, lips and nails are all false, how do you feel then? Does it matter if the woman you take out to dinner is not the same women with whom you wake up? In today's world of injections, plastic surgery and a number of other enhancements, you can almost expect the two to be different. She's not apt to confess these things until she has to, so learn the "appearance enhancement tells" so you know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

5 Cheating


Women always want to know their current partner's"attendance record" with their former girlfriends. Well, with sexual activities on the rise, it only makes sense that the male in the relationship would like to know the same thing. Has she cheated and, if so, how many times? Will her answer be what you want to hear or will it be the truth? Although it may make a big difference in younger years, this may not matter at all if the couple is mature. Once a cheater, always a cheater is not necessarily a truism.

4 Lying about college attendance


Having a college educated woman is very important to some men just like having a woman with big breasts is to others. It's very easy to state that one has a college degree and unless asked to provide proof, there are only a few ways to ensure its validity. Paying for her public records is one way to prove it, but is that the best way to solidify the bond or convey trust? The answer is: it depends. Most people who fabricate information do so in more than one area. She might fib about her weight, her financial situation or her past romances. It won't be difficult to spot someone who is glamorizing her past, if you keep your eyes wide open.

3 Childhood weight


No one should have to justify their past. Everyone's lives change and it should be no big deal if your new mate was heavier in the past. However, this will bother some men enough to call it quits. Why? Because it is the belief of many appearance-oriented males that if she was heavy before then her tendencies to be heavy again in the future will be realized... and he is fearful of watching his women morph into his antithesis image of how he pictures his woman. After all, many females have been known to gain weight once they have a baby and use it as a reason to stay overweight.

2 Online dating experiences


You met her through a friend, but you know she had been an internet dater previously. She does not talk about it, and you have to wonder why? Is she a 3-month wonder? Or is there sustainability? If you have never understood the online dating scene, it is unlikely you will enjoy the fact that she has been doing it for years and is practically on one the minute there are any conflicts between you. Are there back-up guys just waiting in line if this fails? This can get a non-internet dater a bit concerned, as they don't understand that date potentials fall away as quickly as they manifest themselves. It is not something to be overly concerned with, unless she is hiding something.

1 Contact with her exes


This may not be accurate for all scenarios, but it does often happen that girls keep in contact with their exes and their families until one of them moves on. If you are the first serious relationship since her big breakup then she might be hiding her strong bond with the ex in-laws. But don't be scared this should fade as your relationship becomes more serious, hopefully.

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