10 Dirty Little Secrets Women Keep From Men

Ever stop to think what little dirty secret your woman is keeping from you?

When your woman looks you in the eye with a straight face and tells you that she's never, "had sex like that before," or that her ex was terrible in bed, that can often be true, but these are topics she may lie about. The first reason to lie is, they don't want to hurt your feelings or second, it is not a topic they want to discuss any further.

Beyond sex and love, have you ever wondered how your woman manages to get everything on sale? Thinking how does she do it? Well there is no secret store that has secret sales, the truth is she most likely bought that item for 20% more than she is letting on. However there are many times when she probably did get those items on sale, just not for as cheap as she has made you believe.

Every woman is different and we all find times when we think fibbing is our best bet, don't assume everything they say is untrue, there are just times when we feel it is better to tell you what you wanna hear- and men don't act like you don't do it too. Here is a list that includes dirty little secrets women keep from men.


10 Money/ Spending

According to a study conducted by Marie Claire magazine, 1,500 women ages 20-40 were questioned about their honesty when it comes to shopping. The percentages were quite shocking, these women admitted that 80% of newly purchased clothing items and shoes are kept secret from their other halves. Women really aren't that great at saving as they make men think. There are many women who spend money that their men don't even know they have. Some hide credit cards and have secret bank accounts. So the next time she says, "I got this on sale," think long and hard before you believe it. There may even be more clothes hiding in the trunk of her car, to be taken out when you aren't around.

9 Past Flames And Ex-Lovers


Women tend to lie when it comes to exes and their feelings towards them. They will also test the waters by telling you a little bit at a time, to judge your reaction. If you do not react well when they tell you they are going for coffee with an ex, be careful, that might be the last time she shares that information with you. On the other hand, women tend to use their exes as a way of making their new flame jealous, once again its about testing you to see how you react.

8 Sexual History

A man doesn't really want to hear about how many other guys before him, a woman has taken to bed. But they are curious to know the number, sadly they most often won't hear the truth. According to Daily Mail 52% of women will lie about how many men they have slept with, and 78% will lie to make their new partner like them more. Women often lie to seem as wholesome as they can, guys on the other hand will gloat about their conquests. Women lie about the number of men they have slept with to save themselves from being judged and labeled, whereas the double standard is that a man can sleep with as many women as they want and not be labeled.

7 Beauty Regime


Women hate waxing! Hate it, hate it, hate it! Women don't always tell men about what and where they wax.  It's true that waxes have gone from being a risque novelty to a basic grooming procedure. But trust us, when we do it, we do it to make the men in our lives happy; very happy. There's also a number of intimate grooming products that women use everyday even though they don't have too. From washing their face every morning to the moisturizer they use, the list of products women use can be miles long, and you will only be let in on a quarter of them.

6 We Want You To Be A Little Jealous

According to Fox News, women do in fact want their men to be a little jealous. Not scary violent jealous, but more cutesy, territorial jealous. All women want to feel wanted and the way we go about it is not always right. If we feel as though you aren't as into her lately or aren't as jealous as she would like, there are times when she may provoke you, just a little. We know that laughing at another guy's jokes ( a little too much) and smiling at guys across the bar will in fact get you to become more territorial, therefor it works.

5 Her Friends Know Everything


One of the things women enjoy about their close friends is that with them, they are free to talk about anything and everything. This includes talking about sex. Women know their close friends won't repeat things. One of the topics that will come up will be a guy's size, or even about the strange things guys do in bed. The point is, everything about the guy a woman is with is conversation. Girlfriends are going to share general things and may sometimes get into a bit of detail, but it's meant to be positive and to learn from it.

4 Faking It

According to a study done in 2010 and reported by NBC News, 80% of women fake the big O. How do they do it? The study shows that when women want to "speed things up" they pretend that they are close to climaxing by making high pitch noises. This boosts a man's self esteem and in return, he quickly will finish up. Another reason women do fake it according to, is to actually get turned on if their partner is failing them in this department.  But don't worry guys, sometimes they are just having an off day and don't want to hurt your ego.


3 She Has Wild Fantasies Too


According to Women's Health Magazine the top fantasies women secretly have are:

Women also have wild fantasies about their partners even before they start dating them.  The minute a woman sees a man that interests her, is the minute that that she starts wondering how it will be to have sex with him. Women daydream about the men in their lives just as much as men daydream about the women in their lives. Women are just better at keeping that a secret.

2 She Secretly Compares You To Her Ex

This happens in the beginning and fades. Everything you do from how you kiss to how you comfort her, she secretly compares you to her ex. She isn't doing it to hurt you, she either may not be over him or she is mentally just taking notes to see if you are worth it. If she is doing the comparing for the silliest reasons it only means she’s secretly evaluating who makes the better boyfriend and long-term partner.

1 Women Will Date You Just For The Sex


If you are really hot and the sex is amazing, a woman will still date you even if you are a rude idiot. A woman is great at leading a man to believe she is in love, but deep down we know that compatibility is something we look for in a husband, so a woman won't marry a man for his sex but she will enjoy some fun time while she can. Just remember this fact can go both ways, if two people have an amazing sex life but are lacking in other aspects of the relationship, it will be harder to end the relationship.



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