10 Designer Ads Featuring Top Celebs

No matter which perspective you look at advertising from, high end designers know their demographic (or at least their advertising teams do), and they know that even though they aren’t BFF’s with celebrities, that we somehow relate to them in a very powerful way. Therefore, since the beginning of design houses, they have been utilizing popular celebrities to model their clothing and accessories so they can connect with their fans. In turn, their fans are lead into the designers stores to purchase the pieces so that they can be “just like” the celebrity that they adore.

Over the years, there have been some iconic collaborations between designers and celebrities that have caught everyone’s attention and gone down in history. For instance, how can anyone forget Brooke Shields first working with Calvin Klein? The partnership is epic! In some cases, many of these celebrities become more than just a model to the designer but a muse. They then become featured over and over again in their advertisements and their daily style becomes a huge inspiration for the direction that they take with their collections for each season.

Moreover, brands don't always look for celebrities who dress in their clothing all the time or exude their signature style, but in many cases turn towards the hottest celebrities of the moment. They do this because they will know attention will then be drawn to their label, receive even more press than they are paying for, and remain current in the industry.

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10 Brooke Shields for Calvin Klein

At only fifteen years old, Brooke Shields launched her first campaign with Calvin Klein denim and drew attention for the whole industry. She’s beautiful, a movie star, and innocent, what could make for a more successful advertisement? Shields got to work with renowned photographer and director, Richard Avedon to create this now legendary campaign that went down in history.

This campaign launched the now very popular CK by Calvin Klein jeans and branded the saying, “You wanna know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing" into pop culture history.

9 Michelle Williams for Louis Vuitton

Let’s face it, Michelle Williams went through a lot in her personal life and overcame everything working against her to score major movie roles in highly acclaimed films. She has also drawn lots of attention from designers for her unique personal style. In 2013, she landed the advertisement role of a lifetime by working with the renowned designer Louis Vuitton to model their W Bag Collection. Having been spotted countless times on the red carpet wearing this amazing designer label, it was only a matter of time before a collaboration happened. The bag retails for $3,650 – $4,650 USD, so we can only imagine how much she got paid to endorse this product.

8 Keira Knightley for Chanel

When beautiful and highly acclaimed Keira Knightley accepted the role as the face of Coco Chanel Mademoiselle perfume, we were all in awe of her striking good looks, yet also how she handled the campaign with ease. Her beauty seems so effortless and her youth is perfectly aligned to be able to relate with their younger clientele, who this particular type of perfume is targeted to. Chanel knew that by making her the face of this product, it would spike in sales and connect with their audience in a more relatable manner.

7 Charlize Theron for Dior

6 Lady Gaga for Versace

When Lady Gaga entered the world of stardom, she made her mark in a very big way. She is an eccentric musician who knows how to cause an uproar and have all eyes on her. When she collaborated with iconic design house Versace and toned down her look, making her appear very delicate, simple and sophisticated, it caused attention in its own way.

Once people heard that Lady Gaga striped the makeup away for Versace and bared her true self, they were completely drawn to the advertisement and everything it had to offer.

5 Madonna for Dolce and Gabbana

Over the years, Madonna has done countless collaborations with the very well-known Dolce and Gabbana from more racy advertisements, to images in black and white of her appearing to go about her daily life in style. She portrayed to Dolce and Gabbana’s audience something of a muse or a woman that all women strive to be: beautiful, successful, chic, yet down to earth. With Madonna continuously going through very public transformations of her own style throughout her career, her fans have had the chance to capture a small portion through these vivid advertisements.

4 James Franco for Gucci Eyewear

When eccentric actor James Franco stole the limelight in Gucci’s 2013 advertisement for their summer eyewear, every female drooled at the look of him. Even though he has an edgy persona (and done some pretty risky things in the public eye as of lately), Gucci highlighted his masculine charm as he captured an old Hollywood, James Dean, style. While Franco has won many women’s hearts for roles in movies such as Spiderman, Gucci has him on their radar and knew that a collaboration would be a successful one for both parties.

3 Marky Mark for Calvin Klein Underwear

Back before Mark Wahlberg was the dignified actor that he is today, he was a raunchy rapper trying to make his mark on the world. Along the way, he somehow made an impact on Calvin Klein underwear and they quickly hired the young music star to collaborate for their newest underwear advertisement. Since Calvin Klein is highly recognized for their sexy ads that draw lots of attention, it only made sense for them to capture Marky Mark in a pose that would get people talking about “their Calvin’s.” Pictured in black and white and groping himself for the camera, this advertisement didn’t leave much left to the imagination.

2 Brad Pitt for Chanel Perfume

This advertisement caused a lot of uproar in the media because…well…it was funny! Chanel made the world renowned Brad Pitt so serious in both their print advertisements as well as their television commercials that no one was really able to take him seriously, but we have a hunch that they KNEW that. Even though the highly acclaimed actor has played in a mixture of both comical and serious roles over the years, this partnership with Chanel to promote Chanel Number Five drew attention in a humorous way. However, no matter how you look at it, Chanel got extra press and had people searching for the advertisement on YouTube all over the world. We think they accomplished what they set out to do.

1 David Beckham for Armani

Being known all over the world as a sex symbol doesn't make it easy to keep your clothes on, even for a national Armani advertisement. Armani chose right when they picked hot bodied David Beckham to model their high-end underwear simply because every woman wishes she could spend some time with the ex-pro soccer player in his underwear and every man wants the ladies. Therefore, this advertisement basically convinced every man into thinking that they NEED this underwear. That is why advertising with celebrities is genius on every level.

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