10 Celebs Whose Kids Are All From Different Fathers

Nowhere have complicated family trees been more rampant than in the land of Hollywood. Perhaps it’s the nature of the industry, with its obsession with the superficial or its long hours of filming and recording or being exposed to other beautiful people. Whatever the reason, Hollywood has seen the rise of divorce rates, custody battles, and paternity lawsuits.

It’s almost considered normal for celebrity kids to have step-siblings and half-siblings, since their parents have had multiple relationships, with each one producing children. These set-ups can be confusing to these hapless kids, something the parents ought to try to rectify by explaining the situations for the little ones to absorb. These celebrities have had children that are all from different men. Some of the children are from husbands, others are from fiances, while others were from fleeting relationships. In these situations, the children are always the ones who bear the brunt of the complicated scenarios.

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10 Fantasia Barrino (two children)


When Fantasia Barrino joined American Idol on its third season, she never hid the fact that she was a single mother. She was a teenage mom, having given birth to her daughter with an ex-boyfriend at the young age of 16. After she won the American Idol plum, her career was on an upswing, with several albums and a Broadway starring role tucked under her belt. In 2011, Barrino announced that she was pregnant with a son, though she initially refused to reveal the identity of the father, who as it was discovered later on, was a married man.

9 Kate Hudson (two children)


At the tender age of 21, young and headstrong Kate Hudson married The Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson. But six years and one son later, the couple filed for divorce. Apparently having a penchant for musicians, she began dating Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy in 2010, even buying a house in London to be closer to him six months a year. They became engaged and had a son together in 2011, but after three years, the couple announced that they had broken off their engagement.

8 Halle Berry (two children)


7 Erykah Badu (three children)


She wears many professional hats, but Erykah Badu is best known as a recording artist in the R&B, hip-hop, and jazz genres. She can be credited for being a pioneer in the neo soul subgenre as well, being known as the “Queen of Neo-Soul.” Badu’s professional fruits extend to her prolific personal life, as she has three children with three different men. She has a son with rapper Andre 3000, a daughter by rapper The D.O.C., and another daughter with yet another rapper, Jay Electronica.

6 Melanie Griffith (three children)

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5 Christie Brinkley (three children)


She may have that fresh-faced, innocent look about her, but judging from her controversial personal life, it’s clear that Christie Brinkley is anything but. She has been married four times and has children from each marriage, save for her first one. Her second husband was musician Billy Joel by whom she had a daughter, Alexa Ray. Her third husband Richard Taubman proposed to her while she was still married to Joel and the two were married for only a year, with one son together. She had her third child with her fourth husband, Peter Halsey Cook.

4 Ulrika Jonsson (four children)


She’s a Swedish TV personality based in the UK, but that’s not what makes Ulrika Jonsson famous. Rather, she’s a celebrity because she has four children by four different men, a fact which is still quite eyebrow-raising, even by Hollywood’s standards. Her first marriage to cameraman John Turnbull produced a son. She had a daughter by boyfriend Marcus Kempen, a German hotel manager, six years later. She and second husband Lance Gerrard-Wright, who was a contestant in the reality show Mr. Right, had a daughter together in 2004. She is now currently on her third husband, American advertising executive Brian Monet, and they have a son.

3 Madonna (four children: two biological, two adopted)


2 Mel B (three children)


She’s known as Scary Spice in the five-member female pop group Spice Girls, but her other nickname is Mel B. The only time her personal life came into public scrutiny was when she claimed that her child’s father was Eddie Murphy, who vehemently denied it. A DNA test made Murphy look the fool for not acknowledging his own child. Not very many people know, though, that Mel B has two other children by two other men. Aside from her daughter with Murphy, she also had a daughter by her first husband, Dutch dancer Jimmy Gulzar and a third daughter by her current husband, film producer Stephen Belafonte.

1 Kate Winslet (three children)


Since she basically stays way below the radar when it comes to her personal life, not very many people are privy to the knowledge that Kate Winslet has three children with three different men. She had a daughter by her first husband, director Jim Threapleton, whom she divorced after three years of marriage. She soon got involved with another director, Sam Mendes, by whom she had a son. When her eight-year-marriage to Mendes dissolved, Winslet began a relationship with Ned Rocknroll, a nephew of billionaire businessman Richard Branson. The couple married in 2012 and have a son together.

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