10 Celebs Who Would Still Be Rich If Not Famous

The film and music industry are some of the toughest to get into, especially in the United States. For every actor that moved to Hollywood and eventually made it, there are thousands of struggling actors working as waiters and clerk staff all over Los Angeles. It’s the same with the music industry too. For every Bruno Mars or Lady Gaga, there are thousands of struggling artists that will remain undiscovered for life or play in small neighborhood joints for a free beer and sporadic applause every now and then. But even with these extremes, there are several actors and musicians who would have lived a very cushy and comfortable life even if they weren’t discovered. Their secret? They had family money and that’s one factor that can never be discounted. Here are 10 of them below:


10 Adam Levine

These days Adam Levine is everywhere. He is the popular frontman of the band Maroon 5, and he’s also one of the star hosts of the reality TV show, The Voice. There are probably a ton of men out there who are extremely jealous too because his wife is the stunning and very sexy supermodel Behati Prinsloo. But even before all the fame, we can say Levine was doing just fine. His dad Fred Levine is the founder of a successful men and women’s fashion retail chain called M. Frederic. So even without the music and fame, Adam would be doing just fine.

9 Dakota Johnson


One of the big movies that debuted this year and has already been a huge sensation at the Box Office is the sensual, movie 50 Shades of Grey. The stars of the movie were the young upcoming actress Dakota Johnson and the Northern Irish actor Jamie Dornan. The movie was definitely a big break for the 25-yr-old Dakota Johnson, but the truth is that she was already born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She is the daughter of popular Hollywood actors Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith. So you can say, the acting talents (and money) are firmly embedded in her genetic DNA.

8 Armie Hammer

The 28-yr-old actor Armie Hammer is an actor that is slowly developing a nice catalog of movies in Hollywood. He has acted in movies like The Social Network, The Lone Ranger and he has several other promising projects in the works too. Even if he wasn’t making it big in film, Mr. Hammer would still be doing just fine. He happens to be the great grandson of the recognized oil magnate, art collector and philanthropist, Armand Hammer.

7 Psy


In 2012, Park Jae-Sang aka Psy exploded onto the music scene with his K-pop single titled Gangnam Style. In the year that followed, he became a global figure, making appearances at weddings, christenings, birthday parties and night clubs, all doing his famous dance. His song has been watched over 2 billion times on YouTube and he has made a ton of cash. But even before all that, Psy was born to a very wealthy family in Seoul, South Korea. His dad is the executive chairman of DI Corporation, a successful semi-conductor maker and his mother owns several restaurants in the Gangnam district where the family resides.

6 Ariana Grande

She is currently being called this generation’s Mariah Carey and she is obviously one of the biggest pop starlets on the scene. She is also in a relationship with the young Detroit rapper Big Sean who is one of the leaders of the new school in hip-hop. However before the Boca Raton singer made it on the national scene, she was already part of an affluent family. He father Edward Butera is the founder of a very successful company called IBI Designs that offers services like advertising, photography, architectural renderings and more to wealthy clients.

5 Lana Del Rey


Lana Del Rey is one of the more enigmatic musicians on the scene right now. She has had some very remarkable success with her Born to Die album in 2012 and her single “Summertime Sadness” ended up being a huge hit that reached #6 in the country. But even with all her angst and melancholy, she really can’t say that growing up was tough at all. She is a born and bred New Yorker, and her Dad was a former copywriter for the established advertising firm Grey Group. He is also currently the CEO of Web Media Properties, an established online publishing company.

4 Lady Gaga

In recent times, there have been few artists who have made an impression on the trajectory of pop music as much as Lady Gaga. She is definitely not as big as Madonna, but she is on track to create a music catalog that could compete with some of the true greats. However hers is not a story of rags to riches. She grew up very well off in the chic Upper West Side of Manhattan. Her Dad also happens to be a very successful and accomplished Internet entrepreneur named Joseph Germanotta.


3 Jordin Sparks


The pop singer Jordin Sparks has been going through a lot in the media lately because of her very public breakup from the successful singer Jason Derulo. These days, she’s trying to turn her focus back to the music and she is also sexing up her image with more risqué tracks like “Double Tap” featuring 2 Chainz. However before Jordin was discovered on American Idol, she was already from a wealthy family. Her dad is a former NFL player for both the NY Giants and the Dallas Cowboys, and we all know that professional athletes make a lot more than a pretty penny in the United States.

2  2. Edward Norton

The actor Edward Norton is one of those really gifted actors in Hollywood. All you have to do is look back at some of the movies in his catalog to see his stellar performances. There are movies like Primal Fear, American History X and 25th Hour. Even recently, he turned in a really superb performance in last year’s Award Winning flick, Birdman. Ed Norton also happens to be another actor who was born with money. His grandfather on his mother’s side is James Rouse – he is the founder of The Rouse Company which has built shopping malls and thriving communities all over the United States.

1 Ed Sheeran


It’s a tough battle on the charts now for the #1 spot between two talented UK acts. One of them is Mark Ronson and the other is the superlative singer Ed Sheeran. The latter has a beautiful song out now called “Thinking Out Loud” and it’s certainly going to be one of the more ubiquitous songs during the coming wedding season. Sheeran is an extremely gifted singer but he grew up with some money at home too. His father is a successful art curator and his mother is an influential culture publicist. His parents also ran a popular art consultancy together and they did a great job raising their son.


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