10 Celebs Who Hate Photoshop

In our day and age there is a very blurry line between real and fake and it is no wonder why Photoshop is at the heart of many controversies. While some celebrities embrace being retouched and altered, others have taken a very vocal stand against it. Campaigns such as Dove’s Real Beauty and Seventeen magazine’s pledge to eliminate Photoshopped covers have sped up the movement against such image altering programs.

Celebrities of all ages are taking a stand and speaking out against this unrealistic standard of beauty. Stars such as supermodel Gisele Bündchen and designer Jessica Simpson are trying to ensure their images are not altered and have even gone as far as not wearing makeup to photoshoots. Lady Gaga slammed Glamour Magazine when they altered her image and we doubt Coco Rocha will be letting Elle magazine take her picture anymore.

These high profile celebrities are trying to showcase that beauty comes from within and that society is to blame for low self esteem issues. They are urging others to follow their lead and demand that companies, designers and photographers recognize real beauty. Read on to discover 10 amazing women that are saying no to Photoshop.

10 Beyonce Knowles


9 Keira Knightley


8 Gisele Bündchen


This supermodel is gorgeous with or without Photoshop and is starting to voice her concerns around the altering of images; encouraging photographers to embrace the imperfections. Back in 2013, Gisele shot an ad campaign for BLK DMN without any beauty products or Photoshop. The results were stunning and this supermodel is rallying others to follow suit. Gisele has also been known to work with photographers that really understand this unconventional approach. As a supermodel this star has had more than her fair share of photo retouches and she is hoping that will all change as a result of people becoming more aware of what really makes someone beautiful.

7 Lady Gaga


6 Jessica Simpson


5 Lorde


Lorde is not your average teenage girl that demands multiple retouches. In fact she is quite the opposite and has been speaking out about retouching images. After seeing a photo of her posted with flawless skin, Lorde was quick to react in sending out her own un-edited photo complete with flaws. Telling her fans to remember that flaws are okay she went one step further and posted a selfie with her acne cream on. Not afraid to speak her mind, this superstar is reaching teens all over the world and letting them know that perfect isn't always real.

4 Kate Winslet


This actress has quite the history of speaking out against Photoshop dating all the way back to 2003 when GQ altered her image to look significantly slimmer. Winslet spoke out publicly against GQ stating that she did not give the magazine permission to digitally alter her image. In 2013 Vogue released a cover with Winslet on it so heavily altered she looked like a Disney character rather than a real person. Vogue reported that a pregnant Winslet argued on set with photographer and we certainly have to wonder if it was about these airbrushed photos.

3 Coco Rocha


One of the few supermodels who speak out about Photoshop, eating disorders and the problems with modeling is Coco Rocha. In 2011 this model partnered up to promote a Photoshop-free campaign with Canadian retailer Jacob and was quoted saying that she hoped the shoot would promote a pull back on the trend of digital manipulation. Rocha also has a strict policy on posing in any shoots that portray her as looking nude and fought back against Elle Brazil when they Photoshopped out her nude bodysuit on the cover to give the impression she was showing more skin. She had this to say "As a high fashion model I have long had a policy of no nudity or partial nudity in my photo shoots. For my recent Elle Brazil cover shoot I wore a body suit under a sheer dress which I now find was photoshopped out to give the impression of me showing much more skin than I was, or am comfortable with."

2 Colbie Caillat


This singer songwriter took a stand against Photoshop musically with her new song Try. In the music video for the song Caillat starts off with her being perfectly polished and made up. Throughout the song her and other women remove hair extensions, wigs, eyelashes, lipstick and more; finally revealing them as their true selves at the end of the song. Caillat made the music video in hopes that it will help take the focus off unrealistic beauty standards. She believes that women need to be true to themselves and that seeing perfectly beautiful women all the time on covers of magazines and albums sets the stage for unrealistic expectations.

1 Vanessa Hudgens


It is nice to see that some young celebs are trying to put forward a more positive image to their fans and Hudgens is the perfect example of this. When asked by Bongo to pose in an all natural campaign this actress hopped on board before they could even say go. No digital alterations or filters were used in the campaign; a move that Hudgens hopes will inspire others. Believing that it is important to find beauty within, Bongo and Hudgens form a powerful team that sends a positive message about being confident and carefree. We only hope that this young woman continues her quest to make others around her feel just as good as she did au natural.

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