10 Celebs Who Must Regret Their Plastic Surgery Procedures

Plastic surgery can be an incredible tool – cosmetic surgeons do some incredible work helping patients with burns or deformities re-shape and re-fresh their appearances so that they feel confident about themselves again. However, just like anything, it can very easily go wrong, particularly when individuals who are perfectly fine to begin with decide to go under the knife.

Plastic surgery is particularly prevalent in the celebrity world. Let’s face it – when the paparazzi are constantly following you around and you find photos of your face splashed across tabloids everywhere, you’re likely to be a bit more self conscious of any flaws you may perceive. There’s no hiding when you’re a celebrity. Many celebrities decide to have one small procedure done, whether it be breast implants or a rhinoplasty, and it ends up helping their career. Not because they weren’t beautiful to begin with, but because it gives them the confidence they needed, and fair enough.

However, there are many celebrities that undertake that first procedures and then get another, and another, and another…. And it becomes just too much.

Here are 10 celebrities who damaged their appearance by trying to improve it with too many plastic surgery.


10 Katie Price

While she may not be a household name in North America, everyone in the U.K. knows who Katie Price is – whether they want to or not. She’s a tabloid staple. When she was just starting out in her glamour modelling career, Katie Price adopted a new name she felt was more appropriate for the persona she was trying to create – Jordan. She went under the knife for a series of procedures over the following years, starting out with breast implants, then lip injections, rhinoplasty, dental work, frequent Botox injections and more. When she was starting out, Price was fresh faced and beautiful; now, while she has her admirers, she’s gone a bit too far with the plastic surgery, and it certainly doesn’t help that she’s rarely spotted without thick make-up on.

9 Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace always had a fairly unique look and striking features, but hey – she was at the head of a fashion empire! It only helped that her face was a memorable one in the crowd of symmetrical, delicate features. In recent years, however, it’s become memorable for another reason. While she hasn’t been particularly outspoken about her surgeries, anyone who looks at her can tell she’s had work done. According to several plastic surgeons who gave their opinions and expertise to, she’s likely had fillers, Botox, lasers for the skin, a face lift, brow lift, and who knows what else. It’s her lips in particular whose artificially plumped look scream ‘I’ve been in my plastic surgeon’s office way too much.’

8 Lil Kim

In her prime, Lil Kim was one of the biggest female rappers on the scene, and while perhaps not classically beautiful, her features were definitely cute. She apparently didn’t think so, as she quietly underwent a series of surgeries. Like some of the celebs who sweep their surgeries under the table, Kim hasn’t exactly been shouting from the rooftop about what procedures she’s undergone. However, many claim she may have had everything from cheek implants to breast implants, lip injections, a nose job and more. Her face is completely different than the look she was rocking when she first stepped onto the scene.

7 Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan is known for being America’s adorable blonde sweetheart in the 1990s, when she starred in rom com hits like When Harry Met Sally and You’ve Got Mail. Her lips were perhaps on the thinner side, but it just added character to her face and was part of what made her such a recognizable star. However, they were likely something Ryan was self conscious about, as she decided to make an ‘improvement’ that were anything but. Some have speculated about other procedures Ryan has had, but there’s only one that seems blatantly clear – lip injections. She plumped her lips up in a way that was unflattering and totally changed her face shape.

6 La Toya Jackson

The Jackson family has had a lot of struggles over the years, and La Toya’s brother Michael Jackson was basically the poster child for celebrities who have gone under the knife far, far too many times. However, though the two may have had trouble agreeing on many things in life, they certainly agreed on the benefits of plastic surgery. La Toya also underwent what seems like several procedures, including chin implants, cheek implants, and a rhinoplasty. While she may not have had dramatic skin lightening like her brother, her before and after faces are drastically different – and not in a good way. While her features were cute before, they’re slightly strange now.

5 Leslie Ash

You can’t have a list of celebrity plastic surgery without including British actress Leslie Ash, best known for her role on British sitcom Men Behaving Badly. After all, she basically originated the ‘trout pout’ look. However, her surgery store is heartbreaking and she admits it was a mistake. After seeing an acquaintance’s new and improved lips, she decided to undergo the procedure herself, but she picked the wrong plastic surgeon. The surgeon didn’t disclose what he or she had done during the procedure, but later Ash found out her lips were injected with liquid silicone rather than collagen, the more commonly used filler for lip injections. Ash is another example of stars who looked great before, and ruined it trying to tweak their appearance due to insecurities.

4 Pete Burns

You know your plastic surgery journey is over the top when you’re able to make an entire documentary about it, like Pete Burns did. Burns rose to fame with the band Dead or Alive (who you’ll probably know best for their hit song, “You Spin Me Round (Like A Record).” Unlike some stars who stay quiet about the plastic surgery mistakes they’ve made, or even claim they think they look better, Burns has admitted he made some mistakes when it comes to transforming his face, even going so far as to sue a Harley Street plastic surgeon.


3 Axl Rose

If you remember Axl Rose as the rambunctious, over the top frontman for legendary band Guns N’ Roses, you’re lucky – his current look is far less appealing. His distinct face and trademark flowing reddish locks were what made Rose so recognizable to fans. When Guns N’ Roses took a hiatus, Axl retreated from the public eye. Fair enough, right? However, when he came back into the limelight, he returned with what seemed like an entirely different face. He hasn’t catalogued the procedures he’s undergone himself, but plastic surgery experts claim he may have received Botox, chemical peels, cheek implants, facial fillers and more. The guesses seem reasonable - in order to achieve such a dramatic transformation, you’d definitely need to have had quite a few procedures.

2 Janice Dickinson

Janice Dickinson is outspoken and unapologetic about everything, from her personal life to the procedures she’s had. Her distinctive, exotic features led her to achieve the status as America’s first “supermodel” – and if you see photos of her early modeling days, you’ll definitely see why. She had a unique, striking look. However, like the rest of the celebs on this list, there was apparently something she didn’t like and she sought to fix it through plastic surgery. She’s had breast implants, a tummy tuck, face lift, neck lift, Botox, liposuction and more. Her love for going under the knife apparently got so bad that her son Nathan pleaded with his mother to stop. Her most recent surgery was to correct breast implants that were beginning to sag and ripple, according to Dickinson.

1 Heidi Montag

Everyone who has been tuned into pop culture for the past few years knows exactly what Heidi Montag did when it comes to plastic surgery. She was all over the tabloids during her surgery-palooza, as she transformed from an average, cute blonde girl to a real life Barbie doll. At one point, she even had a staggering ten procedures done within the same day. While she definitely set out on the surgery route on her own, she claims that her initial wish was to merely get her nose reset and slightly larger implants. However, her plastic surgeon gently brought Montag’s attention to a few ‘flaws’ he saw, and she became obsessed with correcting them all. Rhinoplasty, brow lift, pinned ears, a shaved down chin, increasingly large breast implants, fat injections in her cheekbones, liposuction… it may be easier to state what procedures Montag hasn’t had than the huge list of procedures she’s had.



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