10 Celebs Who Make Crazy Cash For Club Appearances

Of all the things that celebrities make money off of, simply showing their face at a club has to be the most ridiculous. They are spending a night at a bar with their friends, probably getting all their drinks for free, and they actually get paid to do it. Club promoters can then use the fact that celebrities frequent their club in order to raise their prices, seem more exclusive, and get more people to stop by.

Most of the time the celebrities who attract the huge crowds willing to drop a bunch of cash aren't even the A-listers you'd think. Reality show stars like the cast of Jersey Shore were all raking in tons of money while their show was at the peak of its popularity, and Paris Hilton herself helped make the paid club appearance a mainstream thing. According to club owners, paying a reality show star to come to the club is a lot cheaper and a lot less hassle than getting a band or big DJ to play there. But do people really care about partying with D-list reality stars? Apparently it's a lot better than no celebrity at all.

Here are 10 celebrities who demand ridiculous fees for simply showing up at a club and partying the night away.

10 Kim Kardashian

Remember how Kim Kardashian used to be Paris Hilton's assistant? Well the student has officially surpassed her teacher, because Kim now demands double what Paris could ever get for a club appearance. The Huffington Post found out that Kim made close to $300,000 for an appearance at a Las Vegas New Year's Eve party. One A-list celebrity booker said, "in return, all she will be asked to do is walk the red carpet and hang out in the VIP area with her friends, drinking and eating whatever she wants to order for free.”

9 Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

The Queen of the Jersey Shore, Snooki, was the perfect guest star for a club. Not only was she a huge party animal who love to drink and dance the night away, but she was quickly becoming a huge reality star. When Jersey Shore was at it's most popular, Snooki could make up to $75,000 for showing up at a club. Then of course she'd drink all night for free, which was good because the girl could drink. She's settled down a bit now, since it's hard to party that hard when you have two kids waiting for you at home.

8 Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino

If Snooki was the Queen of Jersey Shore partying, then Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino was her King. He hit the clubs hard, fist pumping his way to a $6 million net worth, but in the last season of the show it was revealed that Mike attended rehab. But he was allegedly making up to six figures for club appearances, and he didn't want to give up that money because he was sober. So he didn't. Even after getting out of rehab, Mike went on to do another season of Jersey Shore, and even joined the rest of the cast at the clubs, sipping water instead of Jagerbombs.

7 Lindsay Lohan

If you remember, for a short time Lindsay Lohan was considered an A-lister. But she ended up wasting all that potential by getting into drugs and alcohol, and getting arrested for numerous DUI's. But she's trying to get her life back together now, living in London for the time being. Supposedly she's accepted a few club appearance offers between 5K and 15K, which is pretty good for someone who doesn't exactly have the movie offers rolling in. Hopefully spending all that time in clubs doesn't affect her sobriety though.

6 Jay-Z & Beyonce

A true A-lister, Jay-Z certainly doesn't need to rely on club appearances to make money. But he'll still sometimes host the odd event, and not just out of the goodness of his heart. He reportedly made a cool $1 million to perform at a Las Vegas New Year's Eve party. Hosting a party is one thing, but if you want Beyonce to put on a private concert, you're going to have to shell out approximately $2 million for that honor.

5 Jessica Simpson

Who ever thought bubblegum pop star and clueless reality show wife, Jessica Simpson would end up being a multi-millionaire? Her fashion and accessories line makes her enough money to never have to sing a note again, but she's still working on a possible career in country music. She also demands up to $100,000 for personal appearances, and she can because she appeals to a wide range of audiences thanks to her business smarts, and experience as mother to her two kids, Maxwell and Ace.

4 Christina Aguilera

Singer and The Voice judge, Christina Aguilera is known for her powerful voice, and stage presence, which is exactly what allows her to demand so much money for a performance. She reportedly got paid $1 million for a one hour long private concert at a Halloween party in San Diego in 2010.

3 Mariah Carey

Everyone has their price, and Mariah Carey's is $250,000 per song. In 2008, she performed four songs at a private party held by the Gaddafi family (Libyan leaders), but claimed later that she didn't realize who hired her. She made $1 million for the appearance, and although fans and critics encouraged her to donate that money to a human rights organization, she never did. She promised to raise money through her next single instead, and she admitted she was "embarrassed" to have participated in the concert at all.

2 Charlie Sheen

If there's anything Charlie Sheen can do, it's provide entertainment. The former star of Two and a Half Men star now demands $200,000 for a bar or private party appearance. After he left the show and was touring the country going anywhere he was welcome, he was obviously not the most reasonable of party guests. He also expected a private jet and the most expensive hotel room available if he was going to stop by at your party, but it was probably worth it considering how fascinating he was during that time. What party animal in the world wouldn't want to party with Charlie Sheen?

1 Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is willing to come to a party and hang out, have some drinks, and mingle with your guests for a small fee of $100,000, but if you want her to perform, it's going to be more like $1 million. Not really surprising considering her performances involve a lot of work on the production side. The makeup, the outfits, the dance numbers? It's no small undertaking.

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