10 Celebs Who Inspire Us To Hit The Gym

We all know hitting the gym is important for your health, and let’s face it – we all want to look good in the summer, a season of bikinis and board shorts. However, sometimes it can be tough to gather the motivation to really work hard in the gym – or even to get there in the first place!

Yes, celebrities have it a little bit easier when it comes to finding the motivation and time to work out – for many of them, it’s literally a part of their job. They’re paid to get their butt in the gym, in some cases, as many actors and actresses who play certain characters are required to either bulk up or tone up for a role where they’re portraying someone with an active lifestyle, or a superhero/demi-god.

For mere mortals, it can be tough to balance a fitness routine with a hectic schedule, and sweating for an hour on the treadmill seems like the least appealing thing to do after a long day of work. However, for those who constantly vow that they’ll get their butt in the gym on a regular basis, a little extra motivation can only help.

Here are 10 celebrities who inspire us to hit the gym.


10 Chris Pratt

We’ve all seen Chris Pratt and his off-season dadbod, playing roles like Andy on Parks and Recreation, and we’ve also all seen Chris Pratt when he’s playing an action hero. It’s like two separate guys, and just proves how hard work in the gym can have an incredibly impact. For Guardians of the Galaxy, Pratt shed 60 pounds in six months. He was training four to six times a week with personal trainer Duffy Gaver (plus extra sessions, if felt able). Of course, he was also following nutritionist Phil Goglia’s diet plan, but merely cutting calories would never have added the muscle and bulk to his frame that his gym time did. As Gaver said, Pratt is a hard worker when it comes time to get back into shape “He isn’t the client you have to push, he is the type of client you have to pull down. If you were to walk into the gym when he was training, you would have thought for sure you’ve got a guy getting ready for the NFL Combine.” What can you learn from Pratt? Go hard or go home.

9 Jenna Dewan Tatum

You might know Jenna Dewan Tatum from her earlier role in Step Up (where she met her eventual husband, Channing Tatum) or for her role on the Witches of East End. One thing has remained consistent throughout her career – she’s always in incredible shape. Part of it may be due to her past as a dancer, and according to her trainer Jennifer Johnson, she definitely incorporates that into her routine. Dewan Tatum tries to squeeze in three to five gym sessions in a week, often starting with a thirty minute dance warm-up. Then Johnson pulls out resistance bands, they do some kickboxing, ab work, some work with the ballet bar, and more.

8 Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth was always in good shape, but when he landed the role of Thor, he took it to a new level – after all, the physique of a demi-god is different than the physique of a mere mortal. Hemsworth enlisted the help of trainer Duffy Gaver (a former Navy SEAL who has trained several action stars for their big roles), eventually packing on 20 pounds of muscle. How did he do it? According to Gaver, he went old-school. Simple moves like pull-ups, bench presses, squats and more. It’s not reinventing the wheel – it’s just putting in the hours and dedication. While not everyone needs to bulk up to Asgardian proportions, Hemsworth’s gym routine proves that even the simplest moves can have a big impact if you stay committed.

7 Jennifer Lopez

Let’s be honest – Jennifer Lopez seems to be aging backwards. While most people find it more and more difficult to stay in the same shape as they age, she just keeps getting fitter and fitter. The secret? Plain hard work. Lopez is a mom with a thousand commitments, from movie premieres to school plays to music video filming. She always makes time for her workouts, which according to trainer Gunnar Peterson include things like weighted sumo squats and reverse lunges. She also does cardio and, like many of Hollywood’s fittest female celebs, workouts from the Tracy Anderson Method.

6 Kelly Ripa

Morning television star Kelly Ripa might not have rippling biceps, she might not be able to deadlift three times her body weight, but she's a dedicated gym-bunny. She’s an inspiration because of her sheer determination and consistency. While she likely takes rest days when her body needs it, she's looking to merely maintain her physique, not add on pounds and pounds of muscle, so a varied full-body routine is perfect for her. She works out every single day, ranging from yoga to cardio workouts. One of her particular favorites, which she has been outspoken about, is Soul cycle. Her trainer Anna Kaiser helps her add variety to her routine, and it's obviously working.

5 Hugh Jackman

When Hugh Jackman re-emerged as Wolverine, despite being in his mid 40s, he looked better than most 20 year olds would ever dream of looking. He worked with trained David Kingsbury, a former MMA fighter who is now the head trainer and owner of The Fitness Room. Jackman is apparently very dedicated, using the trainer to help guide his workouts rather than motivate him. He lifts heavy and incorporates things like low intensity training and intervals in order to put on muscle while keeping his body fat down. While he’s in fairly good shape most of the time, the periods when he’s prepping for films where he plays Wolverine demonstrates just how committed he is.

4 Channing Tatum


When the trailer for the Magic Mike sequel, Magic Mike XXL, came out, everyone was in awe of Channing Tatum's body. He's always in great shape, but he took it to a whole other level for his newest film. How? It's not easy to look that good, that's for sure. According to People magazine, Tatum trained for three hours a day, as well as followed a strict diet that forbid dairy and gluten. It's not the type of routine that can be sustained indefinitely, as such intense training sessions will eventually impact your body and cause potential strains or injuries. However, his dedication should definitely inspire you to get in the gym more often. Once he's done playing the super-ripped Mike, he'll likely cut back on the training - but we bet he'll still be in the gym several times a week to maintain his physique.


3 Carrie Underwood

The entire public saw Carrie Underwood shrink from her slightly curvier American Idol-era body to her current physique, and everyone immediately began asking how she got her new svelte shape. The answer - hard work! Now, Underwood is known for having some of the best legs in country music, and both she and trainer Erin Oprea have been honest about how she got there. She does moves like squats, bosu jumps, and lunges, from kickboxing to elliptical cardio, and tries to get in six exercise sessions a week - in the mornings, usually, when she's on tour. As she told Women's Health, she makes fitness part of her daily routine, something she always makes time for.

2 Chris Evans


How did Captain America get his drool-worthy frame? For the naturally quite slim Chris Evans, it required a lot of hours in the gym. "These weren't normal gym sessions," Evan said to, "I was puking at the gym. They were brutal, absolutely brutal.) Evans did everything from dips to chin-ups to deadlifts, trying to bulk up his muscles. The secret? Training every body part, and training them all hard. "We would take two muscle groups, whether it was chest and back or biceps and triceps and we would just destroy those muscles, literally, destroy them for just over two hours," explains Evans. Since he didn't have a lot of fat to shed, he shied away from cardio to make sure he didn't lose the bulk he'd worked so hard to gain. Instead, the cardio element of his workouts came from circuit training.

1 Joe Manganiello


Joe Manganiello has one of the best bodies in Hollywood, period. It's blatantly obvious that he spends hours and hours in the gym, and his efforts pay off - just look at his rippling physique! Manganiello's passion for fitness even led him to write a book, titled Evolution, which shares a six-week body transformation program that Manganiello developed with readers. According to Manganiello, "the program in the book is the one I used to get in shape for my first season of True Blood about four years ago. This is the actual werewolf workout." You heard that right - if you're willing to put in the time at the gym and rigorously follow his program, he's presented it to you in an easily accessible book. If you need inspiration, just look at the man himself - he followed the program and looks outstanding.



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