10 Celebs Who Have Used Their Money To Help Their Fans

So many times, celebs get a bad rap in the media. They are often described as being vain, shallow, inconsiderate, insular and not concerned about anyone except themselves. For the most part, there are several celebs we are all familiar with who hold true to this stereotype. Some have been caught being cheap, not tipping or refusing to pay for services they requested. Whats worse is most of the time these individuals are worth millions. However, there are many other famous people in the public eye who have hearts of gold and are always willing to lend a helping hand. In the following article, we list 10 major celebrities who have dipped into their own pockets and performed loving acts of kindness for their beloved fans. Check the piece below and some of these will surely leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling on the inside.


10 Taylor Swift

The 25-yr-old pop star Taylor Swift is one of the most popular and best-selling singers on the scene today. Her last album 1989 was a complete smash and she has tons of fans on social media who support her and will do almost anything for their beloved Swift. Last year, one of her online friends named Rebekah made an online video of Taylor Swift and her celeb friends to the theme music of the hit sitcom Friends. Taylor Swift was so taken by this gesture that she reached out to her and sent her a personal package of gifts along with a check for $1989. The personal note on the check said: “Rebekah, now you’re $1,989 closer to paying off those student loans.” Now that’s a really sweet gesture, don’t you agree?

9 Kevin Garnett


Kevin Garnett is one of the biggest stars in the NBA, and the team that really launched his career in the beginning was the Minnesota Timberwolves. Well, since players get shuffled around so much in the NBA, he ended up moving around to different teams for 8 years. But early this year, he landed back in his original team one more time. Garnett was so happy to be back home that he decided to purchase 1,000 game tickets for his fans in appreciation for the love they showed him all through his career. It’s always great to see an athlete with such a great heart.

8 Juicy J

Now this is a different kind of story, but it’s one of a celeb helping a fan nonetheless. Last year, Memphis rapper Juicy J announced that he was giving out a $50,000 Twerking scholarship. He teamed up with the popular website to launch the scholarship and it went viral. However it ended up that the girl who won the education money didn’t even have to twerk at all. It turned out that the fine print in the scholarship rules didn’t require any twerking and the winner ended up being a girl named Zaire Holmes. She was a 19-yr-old mother and full-time student at the State College of Florida. She still got to maintain her dignity (no twerking required) and won the money to further her education.

7 Beyoncé


We all know that Beyoncé is completely loaded, but did you also know that she is extremely generous too? At the end of 2013, she released a self-titled album that pretty much broke the internet by being so successful. To celebrate the album, she went to a Wal-Mart in Massachusetts on Dec 13th of that year and ended up giving everyone in the store a gift card for $50. Of course her fans were going absolutely bonkers to have the superstar in their midst and the gift card was a very welcome bonus. When it was all said and done, she spent about $37,500.

6 Oprah

Let’s be absolutely honest, when we are actually talking about celebrities who give the most expensive things to their fans, Oprah is probably the name you have to mention first. Do you remember the “Favorite Things” giving parties she used to have on her show? It was insane. She gave away pricey items to her entire audience like: brand new cars, diamond watches, seven-day cruises and much more. It’s no wonder her fans adore her so much. Oprah is worth a stunning $3 billion dollars; could one of the reasons of her having so much be the fact that she gives so much?

5 LeBron James


There’s no doubt that LeBron James is one of the most popular athletes in the world. High school kids everywhere aspire to be like him, and there are talented basketball players in colleges all over America who want to be just like LeBron. To make it easier for his young fans to hone their skills and achieve their basketball dreams, King James donated $1 million to his high school alma mater, St. Vincent-St. Mary in Akron, Ohio.  The renovated gym at the High School is going to bear his name, and one has to admit, it’s still a wondrous feet of generosity.

4 Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is an extremely skilled basketball player for the NBA. He currently plays for the OKC Thunder and as a testament to his skills, he was chosen as the MVP of the entire league in 2014. It goes without saying that he’s a major star in Oklahoma, the city he plays for. He has a multitude of fans there and when they needed him for relief efforts after the terrible tornado disaster in 2013, he was right there to help. After the natural disaster, he donated an amazing $1 million for the relief fund. There are many celebrities out there that have spent their time and money to help rebuild communities, this list includes Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.


3 Justin Bieber


Bieber might get a lot of backlash for some of his immature antics and reckless behavior, but the truth is he’s still young and feeling his way into becoming a young adult. JB does have a good heart and he showed that in December of 2013 at a screening of his movie Believe. Before the screening, Bieber selected a group of his young fans and he used his own money to purchase toys that he handed over to them for their Christmas celebration. Bieber stated the following that evening, “I remember growing up with not a lot, no toys, and I wanna make sure each and every one of you have a great Christmas.”

2 Ellen DeGeneres

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres has one of the warmest hearts around. With her much-loved television show, she goes above and beyond to help her fans and people who are in dire need. That’s what she did in 2013 when she helped a woman named Ry’Shonda Fields struggling with four kids. She was a huge Ellen fan and she wrote a letter about her “Ghost Angel,” - a woman named Diane Tobly who had been helping her and her kids for three consecutive holiday seasons. Ellen heard the story and this is what she did. She sent the “Ghost Angel” on a trip to Jamaica, and gave the Fields family a total of $55,000 to pay for bills, college scholarships and a master’s degree for Ry’Shonda. Now that’s a story that really makes your heart melt.

1 Eminem


When you discuss cities in America that have gone through tough economic times lately, Detroit is certainly one of the top names on the list. The city has seen a lot of blight and unemployment due to the crash several years ago of its auto manufacturing industry. The city is slowly staging a comeback, and superstar rapper Eminem is doing his part in the recovery. Eminem  has so many young fans in his home city, and in 2013, he gave away $200,000 to the Wolverine Human Services department to buy presents for disadvantaged kids. It’s always a heartwarming story when a hometown hero comes back to do good for his/her city.


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