10 Celebs That Took Revenge For Being Cheated On

The allure of celebrities is complex. The most honest fans admit it's just pure envy and jealousy of the fame, fortune and privilege. Many are fascinated by the difference in public versus personal images that famous people often project, and some will admit they take perverse satisfaction in seeing their idols fall.

But when the dust settles at the end of the day, the one thing the haves and have -nots both must deal with are broken hearts. In the words of renowned poet Emily Dickinson, “The Heart wants what it wants - or else it does not care,” and that boundless emotion of love is the best natural high that most ever experience. Sadly, when a lover betrays that bond, the anguish is just as fervent and revenge can be devastating—yet sweet.

Although some celebrities keep their revenge plots passionately private, others flaunt them as publicly as they did their "forever after" pairings. No matter what your social or financial status, you can wreak havoc on your cheating ex in a variety of creative ways. Social media lets jilted lovers share their stories with the masses, with or without photos of the victims and villains, a popular option with superstars. Some who have been betrayed took much more drastic measures…and suffered the consequences. It's best to keep vengeful tactics legal so you'll be free to take the plunge again when the heartbreak is on the mend.


10 Reggie Bush

Usually women are the more creative gender when it comes to revenge but sometimes a guy will be pleasingly creative with payback. When Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush split, it was never crystal clear who did the dumping. But when Bush started dating a lady who could be Kim's body double, Kim definitely didn't take it as a compliment. In fact, she filed a lawsuit claiming Old Navy's use of Melissa Molinaro in a commercial mislead the public into thinking it was Kardashian. Kim's complaint might have held water if she'd filed it when the ad originally aired…but she didn't get her knickers in a twist until 6 months later.

9 Mary Harvey

Years before Steve Harvey started hosting Family Feud, his then wife Mary Harvey aired her version of family discourse on YouTube. In 2005, Mary and Steve split and she aired a three-part video overview of her version of what events preceded the break-up. Her story highlighted her husband's alleged infidelity with Marjorie Bridges (who became the next Mrs. Harvey in 2007), the birth of their son Wynton, and charges she and Wynton were tossed out of the family home by Steve. A judge finally ordered her to stop the trash talking after Steve pleaded for her to cease and desist.

8 Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes

Many broken hearted lovers quickly vow revenge on those who two-timed them, and those threats often include bodily harm – or worse. Luckily, tempers generally subside before anyone gets hurt. But when NFL player Andre Rison cheated on Lopes of the singing group TLC, she burned down his $1 million home! She convinced a judge she only meant to set Rison's shoes on fire and the blaze got out of hand. Lopes got off with five years probation, a $10,000 fine, and was ordered to enroll in an alcohol rehab program. The couple reconciled, became engaged, and broke up again. Sadly, Lopes perished in a car accident a year later in 2002.

7 Courtney Love


Always seeming to teeter on the edge of sanity, Love is not a woman you want to wrong. Her daughter Frances Bean recalled an incident included in editor Maer Roshan's eBook Courtney Comes Clean. She told Roshan that Love once took her to ex-boyfriend Jim Barber's home in the dead of night and, "She screamed at him, threw rocks at the house, and threatened to burn his house down. His children were inside the house, but that did not stop my mother." Love later slammed her ex, Nine Inch Nails band leader Trent Renznor in an interview with Spin magazine, stating in her MySpace blog, "Anyways, In a Spin interview, I stated the truth. Frankly, [Reznor] started it. ... He shouldn't call his band Nine Inch Nails when he has a three inch one."

6 Satsuki Mitchell

Money talks and film producer Mitchell made it shout when actor Daniel Craig left her for actress Rachel Weisz. Craig reportedly didn't do the honorable thing by telling Mitchell he had fallen for another woman. Instead, he allegedly took the easy way out and just didn't come home to Mitchell one night. This left her hurt and humiliated. But instead of ranting and raving and destroying property, Mitchell went on a spending spree. Seems Craig had given her permission to legally use his credit cards. Mitchell said nothing but just calmly made $1 million dollars of purchases and left Craig with the tab.

5 Alanis Morissette


Scorned artists have the advantage of shaming those who wronged them on canvas or with words. One of the most intriguing songs on Morissette's breakout Jagged Little Pill album was a song called You Oughta Know. The songstress crooned about a guy she called "Mr. Duplicity" and asked the pointed question of whether his new squeeze would "go down on you in a theater." More than a decade after the album debuted, Dave Coulier, who played Joey on the hit sitcom Full House, came forward as Mr. Duplicity, claiming that when he heard the song, he suddenly realized, "I think I have really hurt this person." Really.

4 Katy Perry

Even if you're a world famous pop star that had the honor of performing at the Super Bowl halftime show and can pretty much date anyone you want, old heartaches still die hard. Perry was performing at her old high school in 2010 and saw a guy in the crowd who she'd gone to school with. Instead of approaching him personally and discreetly, Perry shouted into the mike, "You were the most popular kid in my class! But you never wanted to date me, it was always Amanda Wayne. Oh yeah, you really chose right honey. What's up? What's up now player?" The victim, Shane Lopes, tried to shrink into the crowd but then Perry started belting out her song Ur So Gay, already a controversial tune for her derogatory use of the word "gay," dedicating it to Lopes. No wonder the guy dated Amanda.


3 Naya Rivera


Known for a slew of crazy antics, some related to romantic run-ins, some not, Rivera is apparently a lot wackier in real life than the character she plays on Glee. When she was dating co-star Mark Salling and suspected him of stepping out on her, she attacked his car. Despite Salling's denial of the incident, eyewitnesses reported to RadarOnline they saw Rivera and an accomplice key Salling's car and then cover it with raw eggs, bird seed, and dog food. The pair was allegedly cheering gleefully each time they pelted the car with debris.

2 Taylor Swift

Swift goes through beaus faster than most people finish a loaf of bread. Her ability to present such a saccharin persona concurrent with writing scathing songs about many exes is most intriguing; in fact, it's almost expected when yet another relationship goes kaput. When Joe Jonas allegedly started seeing actress Camilla Belle while he was dating Swift, she penned Better Than Revenge with lyrics like, "She's not a saint, and she's not what you think/ She's an actress/ She's better known for the things that she does on the mattress/Soon she's gonna find stealing other people's toys on the playground won't make you many friends." Swift still couldn't let it go and followed up with another ode to Jonas, Forever & Always, with the lines, "Was I out of line? / Did I say something way too honest? / That made you run and hide like a scared little boy?" Geez, Tay, how about trying a little tenderness?

1 Justin Timberlake


Nothing's better than two lovers battling it out in song, which is what Timberlake and Britney Spears did after their breakup, allegedly caused by Spears' dalliance with a backup singer. Timberlake struck first with his video for Cry Me a River with the words, "I already know/ I found out from him/Now there's just no chance/ For you and me, there'll never be." and later, "Your bridges were burned and now it's your turn/To cry, cry me a river." He got in an extra jab by casting a Spears lookalike in the video. Spears struck back with, "Once upon a time there was a little boy who tried so hard to be down/ Playing me publicly, twisting the story, see/ Made it the talk of the town," and later, "Cry me.. cry me.. done/Here's a bridge to walk over it too," in an unreleased song called Clubsong.



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