10 Celebs That Abstain From Drinking

In a town where celebrities are considered gods, rehab and shrinks are common practice, and lavish parties are an ordinary occurrence, it’s hard to believe that there exists a list of famous stars that abstain from it all. Well perhaps, not all, but at least the alcohol induced part of it. While many use tinsel town to turn every illicit desire into a reality, we've put together a list of celebrities who don't partake in drinking of any kind! Listing 10 celebrities that don't drink!

10 Jennifer Hudson

9 Jennifer Lopez

Known simply as JLO, Jennifer Lopez is one of the most recognized high profile celebrities worldwide, and the most influential and highest paid Latin American entertainer in the United States. Her record sales tally $80 million, whereas her films have earned a combined $2 billion, making her net worth a whopping $250 million. The woman who sang about herself as ‘Jenny from the block’, is also a self declared ‘romantic’ who has married three times. Lopez has her own stake in the fashion world, with her own line of clothing and accessories and is noted for shaking up the fashion world when she arrived at the 2000 Grammy awards in a green Versace dress that had a plunging neckline and intricately placed tape to avoid a wardrobe malfunction. Although it may seem like she’s an avid party girl, Lopez has said she doesn't drink at all. For toasts, she says she sips champagne, but doesn’t like consuming any alcohol stating, it’s not ‘good for your skin.’

8 Blake Lively

Best known for her wicked role as Serena on Gossip Girl, Blake Lively has become one of the most sought after young actresses in Hollywood. Blake was born into an entertainment family, and was taken along to her parents acting classes as a child to avoid being left with a babysitter. Although she had little interest in becoming an actor, she landed the role of Bridget in The Sisterhood of the Travelling pants after her brother recommended she audition for the part. Lively has since gone on to have roles in several Hollywood films including The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, The Town, Green Lantern (during which she met her husband, Ryan Reynolds), Accepted, and Savages. Lively has also referred to herself as a ‘homemaker’, citing Martha Stewart as her idol. She attests to not drinking or being a drug user, and claims she’d much rather cook. Ironically, Lively has portrayed several roles of a drug and sex addicted character.

7 Bradley Cooper

In 2011, he was the sexiest man alive according to People Magazine. Today he has grown into an even bigger film star with roles in Hollywood blockbusters including Wedding Crashers, Yes Man, He’s Just Not That Into You, The Hangover trilogy, and Silver Linings Playbook. Cooper was born to an Italian mother and Irish father and was raised Catholic. The 39 year-old star has stated he does not drink alcohol, professing he has not had a drink since he was 29. Cooper was quoted as saying “it sabotaged his life.”

6 Kim Kardashian

Reality royalty, Kim K, is known for many things. Her sex tape, 72 day marriage, opulent taste, and designer threads to name a few. While her public image has been carefully crafted since the launch and explosion of Keeping of with the Kardashians, Kim claims her tamed party ways resonate with the truth, “I do not drink alcohol at all. My sisters drink, so when they get a little crazy, I am there to pull them down.” The reality star has added spokesperson, model, entrepreneur, fashion designer and television producer to her list of credits and is worth a reported $40 million, receiving $80,000 per episode of her family’s reality show.

5 Tobey Maguire

Although he began his career in the 1980’s, Tobey Maguire is most associated with everyone’s favorite crime fighting spider-like superhero, Spiderman. Prior to becoming an established actor Maguire was sent on several auditions, where he eventually met and befriended aspiring actor Leonardo DiCaprio. The friends often found themselves up for the same roles, and vouched early on to help one another when possible. Maguire has spoken openly about his personal life, citing by the end of his teens he had a drink and drug problem and has been in Alcoholics Anonymous since he was 19. The actor with a net worth of $75 million was also named the world’s sexiest vegetarian in 2012.

4 Kristin Davis

Her portrayal of Sex and the City’s prude yet lovable Charlotte, was a testament to Kristin Davis’ great acting ability. Unlike her character in the hit sitcom, Davis is a recovering alcoholic. In 2008, the star spoke about being sober the ‘entire time she was famous’. The TV and film star stopped drinking at the age of 22 after admitting she had a drinking problem. While her parents didn't drink at all, Davis described herself as rebellious, while maintaining “a good girl” external persona.

3 Kim Cattrall

The character of Samantha Jones is perhaps one of the most uniquely memorable and brilliantly executed personas as far as TV sitcom’s go. The Canadian born actress has won a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress in 2003 and received four nominations for the role of the mischievous Sam Jones. She also received two Screen Actors Guild Awards (while being nominated seven times), as well as five Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. Unlike her character’s wild ways, Cattrall has stated she doesn't drink or do any drugs, admitting alcohol gives her a headache. She also diets every single day as part of a healthy regimen and lifestyle. Cattrall was listed in TV Guide’s sexiest stars of all time in 2005; she was ranked 8th.

2 Kelly Osbourne

The purple haired fashionista and rock legend descendant, Kelly Osbourne is also a singer-songwriter, actress, television, presenter and fashion designer. During her youth, Kelly travelled with her father legendary rocker Ozzy Osbourne while he was on tour, causing her to live in a variety of homes between the UK and the US. She joined her family starring in a reality series in the early 2000’s entitled The Osbournes. She has been open about her bouts with pill addictions and alcoholism and issues with self-image. Osbourne has had several visits with rehab which she claims helped her get clean and saved her life.

1 Tyra Banks

She is an original angel, a Victorias’ Secret angel that is, a model, producer, TV presenter, actress, and author. Tyra Banks has also been listed in Time Magazine’s Most Influential People, several times. With a net worth of $90 million, the 5 foot 10 inch beauty has been quite outspoken about her less than healthy past relationships with included an assortment of emotional abuse. When discussing her personal life the model turned entrepreneur also points out she doesn’t do any drugs and never drinks. In fact her only taste of alcohol came at the age of 12, “and that was about it.” Banks is recognized for representing a positive image for women even stating “she was put on this Earth to instill self-esteem in girls.”

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