10 Celebrities And Their Secret Body Insecurities

Celebrities can often seem impossibly perfect. After all, we generally see them in two situations – when they’re impeccably groomed and lit on a movie screen, or beautifully made up and styled on a red carpet or television interview. Even when celebrities are spotted by paparazzi going about their everyday lives, they generally look pretty good – and why shouldn’t they, when they can afford the top hair dressers, wardrobe stylists, personal trainers, personal chefs and more. Never a hair out of place, never an extra ounce on their toned frames.

Given all the access they have to personal services that help them maintain a certain image, it can be easy to think that celebrities are constantly walking around totally confident in their appearance. However, at the end of the day, celebrities are still people. Though someone may look at them and think they’re perfect, many of them have their own set of insecurities just like every other person.

They generally put a brave face forward and show up on the red carpet or movie set with a smile on their face. They send out positive messages – love your body, love who you are, accept yourself, everyone is unique, etc. However, every now and then in an interview, a celebrity will be a little bit more candid and reveal some of the facets of their appearance that they still feel insecure about.

Here are 10 celebrities and their body insecurities.

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10 Jennifer Lawrence

9 Beyonce 

8 Anne Hathaway

7 Taylor Swift

Tall blonde Taylor Swift has blossomed from a young country star to a pop phenomenon, and her star power shows no signs of slowing down. However, even she has insecurities. She has spoken about how difficult it can be to have even normal, human insecurities in Hollywood, as her celebrity status means all her insecurities are highlighted for the world to see. As she told InStyle magazine, “every single part of me has been dissected at some point or another by a blog writer or a 14-year-old girl on a comments page who says something really terrible.” She has mentioned being insecure in particular about her eyes after reading something online in which someone commented on how tiny they were. However, Taylor manages to keep her confidence and just shake, shake, shake it off.

6 Katy Perry

Many may remember Katy Perry’s Proactiv commercial, in which she was open and honest about her struggle with her skin and her insecurity about her acne. While some may suggest she only accepted the Proactiv contract for the money, Perry has truly had an ongoing insecurity about her skin, particularly since entering show business. She’s talked about the effect that big stage lights and constantly putting on thick make-up for performances had on her skin, and the way high definition technology has exacerbated her worries because of how it puts her skin under the microscope. While she’s forthright about her former need to add layer after layer of coverage to deal with her skin insecurities, she’s learning to accept her skin for what it is.

5 Cheryl Cole

British superstar Cheryl Cole, who shot into the public eye as part of the pop group Girls Aloud, has a body that many girls would love to have. She’s been at the center of many magazine and newspaper stories as people try to figure out exactly what she eats and what her workout regime is. However, even this bombshell has occasional worries. She has stated that she hates her legs (the legs that many around the world covet) and tries to cover them up whenever possible, although the skimpy outfits she wears on stage don’t always make that a possibility. She has also confessed to reading gossip magazines and making herself feel better by looking at the flaws of other celebrities. The girl from Newcastle is insecure at times, just like the rest of us.

4 Kate Moss

3 Katie Holmes

2 Angelina Jolie

1 Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer is in her 50s, yet she still looks better than many women do in their 20s or 30s. Her face is viewed as one of the most beautiful in Hollywood, and it ranks high on the criteria of the ‘Golden Ratio,’ a number that measures facial proportions to determine the most aesthetically pleasing structures. In a 1990 interview with People magazine, she commented that “I look like a duck. It’s the way that my mouth sort of curls up, or my nose tilts up.” She’s since laughed over the comments, but her former insecurity proves that even the most beautiful celebrities aren’t immune to feeling down about certain parts of their body.

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