10 Celebs And Their More Secret Side Jobs

Most celebrities are known for one particular career path, primarily in the entertainment industry. Whether it be an actress, a musician, a producer or a director, the general public usually associates a household name with a single job. Little do followers of celebrity pop culture know that a large chunk of Hollywood’s finest also have secret side jobs that supplement a pipeline income for themselves and their families. The reasoning for taking on a second career endeavor varies from person to person. For some, it may be a continuing business they used as a survival gig during their rise to the top in the entertainment world. Other individuals may have a niche passion for something they always had the desire to pursue and can now do so with their financial stability. Then there are always the celebrities that simply want to add even more zeros to their bank accounts by taking on a side business.

There are a number of entertainment pros like Natalie Portman and Leonardo DiCaprio that have their own companies they use to produce Hollywood feature films and television shows, but one would be surprised at the amount of celebs that also work in a field that has absolutely nothing to do with business in Hollywood, whatsoever. One may find it rather refreshing to know some of the wealthiest and most famous people in the world sometimes work the same duties as them. Read on to discover which famous faces have secret side jobs one would have never thought about.

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10 Reese Witherspoon - Online Entrepreneur

Reese Witherspoon is known as an actress in films like Legally Blonde and her Oscar-Winning performance in Walk the Line. Witherspoon is still going strong as an actress with another box office hit, Hot Pursuit, currently playing in which she stars opposite of Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara. The actress has begun a new business as an online entrepreneur only this past May. Witherspoon’s new site is called “Draper James” and sells Southern-styled apparel, jewelry and home furnishings. When the site officially launched early last month, a number of items available for purchase sold out completely in only a few hours of being live online. The star reportedly named the site after her grandparents, Dorthea Draper and William James Witherspoon, and used her Nashville upbringing as inspiration for this latest endeavor.

9 Nick Offerman - Woodworker

Nick Offerman landing the role of Ron Swanson on the Amy Poehler-lead comedy series Parks and Recreation is what brought him into the mainstream Hollywood limelight. Little is it known that Offerman still regularly works at his survival job he had all the years before his success on Parks and Rec. The comedic actor has a second career path as a woodworker, running his own woodshop simply called “Offerman Woodshop”. Offerman states that the majority of his creations are done by hand, himself. His items include everything from tiny mustache combs to full-on canoes. The star, reportedly, worked alone in the shop with no other staff for years and that was how he made his living in between acting jobs in Los Angeles. Once cast in Parks and Rec, he had to hire a manager and gradually bring on more staff to continue the business, but still remains very active in the shop.

8 Gwyneth Paltrow - Blogger

Everyone knows Gwyneth Paltrow for her roles in films such as Shallow Hal, the Iron Man franchise and Shakespeare in Love for which she nabbed an Academy Award. She is also a well-established blogger and lifestyle guru. Paltrow launched her lifestyle site, Goop, in 2008 and blogs about a great many topics including grocery shopping budgets, the best restaurant picks, body cleansing techniques and promoting her very own products such as an upcoming skincare line she is producing through Goop. The star’s site is partnering with a San Francisco-based skincare company, dealing in organic products, called Juice Beauty. Paltrow is also designing a makeup line in conjunction with the company that is said to be available later this year. The actress has stated that she is taking a brief hiatus from the acting world in 2015 to solely focus on her duties at Goop.

7 Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie - Vintners

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are known as one of the most powerful couples in Hollywood for their acting, directing, producing and humanitarian work, but the fact that the couple are indeed high-class vintners is one of their accomplishments that has not been brought to the forefront very frequently. The stars own a 1,200-acre property in the South of France that serves as the harvesting grounds for the copious amount of grapes used to make their wines. Both actors reportedly do much more than put their name on the label of their products, they are also heavily involved in the design and marketing of their wines and even the harvesting of the grapes. The first organic wine Jolie and Pitt produced was called Miraval Cotes de Provence, named after the couple’s $60 million estate on which it was made.

6 Sandra Bullock - Deli & Bakery Owner

Sandra Bullock won over the nation’s hearts in classic films like Miss Congeniality and continues to thrive at the box office with hits like The Heat, opposite of funny girl Melissa McCarthy and the space thriller Gravity with George Clooney. As charming and likable as she already is to the public, Bullock is adding another mark of charm to her profile by owning an Austin, Texas-based deli, bakery and flower shop called Walton’s Fancy and Staple. The establishment is a neighborhood market of sorts, comparable to Whole Foods, but with an original flair and local inspiration. Bullock is the sole investor and her and her team are aiming for the downtown Austin crowd to make use of the place, conveniently located on 6th Street in the heart of the city.

5 2 Chainz - Cookbook Author

The rapper 2 Chainz is fairly new to the mainstream hip-hop scene, but has garnered success with singles such as “Birthday Song”, “No Lie” and “I’m Different”. He can also be heard as a featured artist on a number of tracks for fellow musicians such as pop star Jessie J’s hit single “Burnin’ Up”. An interesting and somewhat unexpected tidbit about 2 Chainz is that he is indeed the author of a cookbook. His 28-page book, titled #MealTime, was reportedly written while cooking various recipes on his tour bus. The book not only contains a selection of interesting meals, but hilarious instruction notes from 2 Chainz as well. The cookbook is available with the rapper’s album B.O.A.T.S. 2 #MeTime.

4 James Franco - Teacher

James Franco is considered a Hollywood veteran after starring in blockbusters like the Spider-Man franchise with Tobey Maguire and Oz the Great and Powerful as well as taking on edgier roles in independent projects such as Spring Breakers. Franco has not only honed his own craft in show business, he has also begun teaching it to various students around the country. The actor has served as a professor at NYU, Colombia University, UCLA and USC teaching various topics including acting and screenwriting. Franco has now partnered with the famous Los Angeles acting school, Playhouse West, to create his own acting school called Studio 4. He and a selection of guest instructors teach their students using primarily the Meisner acting method.

3 Lenny Kravitz - Interior Designer

Grammy Winner Lenny Kravitz is widely known for his success in the music industry with iconic songs like “Fly Away” and “American Woman”, but is also seen acting on the silver screen in films such as The Hunger Games franchise alongside America’s sweetheart, Jennifer Lawrence. The star is also the founder of his own interior design company, Kravitz Design. His style is reminiscent of the 70’s, but still reflects a very modern vibe. Kravitz has stated that he is very dedicated to creating not only a visually appealing space with his work, but also one that is very comfortable to live and relax in. Some of Kravitz’s go-to spots for his design items are various flea markets throughout Paris and Todd Merrill’s shop in NYC.

2 Jamie Foxx - Avocado Farmer

Jamie Foxx is a man of many talents, winning awards for acting and music, alike. Audiences know him from films such as Ray, the movie that allowed him to place an Oscar trophy next to his Grammy. In addition to dominating multiple fields in the entertainment industry, Foxx has a more particular agricultural interest that serves as another source of income. The star is actually an avocado farmer, growing, harvesting and selling his own avocados. It turns out that Foxx is not the only A-Lister who has taken a liking to the green thumb way of life. Fellow musician Jason Mraz has his own farm as does actor Tom Selleck. Foxx and Selleck are actually neighbors and share a fence that divides their two separate avocado farms.

1 Daniel Day-Lewis - Cobbler

Daniel Day-Lewis is a three-time-Academy-Award-winning actor appearing in notable films such as There Will Be Blood and Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln. The critically-acclaimed actor has been known to be very selective in his roles and takes large gaps of time off in between projects. After his Best Actor win for Lincoln in 2013, Day-Lewis announced that he would be taking a five-year sabbatical from acting to focus on family and personal interests, one of which happen to be shoemaking. Yes, the esteemed star is indeed a cobbler. He actually took time away from the entertainment industry in the 90’s to study as a cobbler in Florence, Italy under master shoemaker Stefano Bemer. Day-Lewis has also stated that he is interested in learning the art of stonemasonry during his current sabbatical.

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