10 Celebs Accused Of Faking Their Pregnancy

With paparazzi everywhere celebrities are tempted to not only conceal things but falsely advertise as well. Fans around the country are always eager to hear the latest and greatest inside story on their favorite famous person. Knowing this, some of our favorite stars have been accused of faking numerous things for extra publicity. From staging relationships to pregnancies, no subject is out of consideration. Some of the biggest reasons for these accusations of faking a pregnancy is the size and stage of the belly in reference to the expected due date. For example, if in one photo a lady's belly looks rather large and then a week later much smaller the question would arise as to whether or not the pregnancy is real. Maybe they are just trying to throw off the public by making their pregnancy look as if it is further along, so that they can have more privacy around their actual Big Day. Celebrities are at fault when the accusers, media and onlookers point their fingers, but it can also be those pointing the finger that are to blame for such pregnancy fabrications.

Today's stars are in the public eye non stop. They do not have much privacy and may get really frightened to think of strangers intruding on their new little bundle of joy. For this reason they would want to throw off the public as to when their baby will arrive. On a different note, if there is a celebrity that is looking for more publicity they may want to put it out there that they are expecting just for more attention. Capitalizing on the hunger of paparazzi for information. Either way there are a few stars we know that have been accused of staging their pregnancies.


10 Katie Holmes


Actress Katie Holmes, known for her work on Dawson's Creek and her infamous marriage to long time hearth throb Tom Cruise, brought to question whether or not her pregnancy was real back in 2006. Numerous photos of her belly in varying sizes and stages, out of normal routine order of growth was the first reason to spawn speculation. Then came the pictures of her with coffee almost every day and then the belly button that looked as if it were roaming from side to side, from picture to picture. One picture that seemed to debunk the myth was one of a close up of some possible stretch marks near her hips and lower belly.  Yes, this is craziness to think that paparazzi are so eager to find truth or falsehood that they would zoom in on skin underneath the belly but when the rumors run wild so do the pictures.

9 Nicole Kidman

Just like Katie Holmes, Actress Nicole Kidman was married to Tom Cruise and accused of faking her pregnancy. The only difference here is that Nicole was pregnant by her now husband, County Singer Keith Urban. The biggest reason pictures of Nicole's bump looked so suspicious was because of how thin she was. It seemed to take forever for her bump to grow and when it did her arms and frame were still very thin. Many thought she was possibly faking in order to throw the public off from her surrogate. Thinking that she needed a surrogate due to her age, since she was in the older range that a woman usually targets for having the best fertility. However the baby was born, it was a girl, Sunday Rose. For her second child, also a girl, Faith Margaret, she opened up about her journey with a surrogate due to her issues with fertility and being able to carry another child. This child was her and Keith's baby biologically just as the first.  Many thought that if she had a child this way, the first must have been a fake to not allow the public into her private matter of conception. Today they are a healthy and happy family of four.

8 Kim Kardashian

Reality star Kim Kardashian whom in the past has been best known for her butt, stirred questions when talk turned to her bump. Some of the first pictures of her pregnancy made her critics think she was just gaining weight to "look" pregnant, and that she was not actually "with child". To fuel the fire, she continued to wear clothes that were no where near what you would call maternity wear. Basically converting very sexy, short and even sheer skirts and tops as a custom fit outfit for her new bod. Kim also wore fairly high heels throughout most of her pregnancy which most women refrain from. By the end of her pregnancy with her daughter North West, she was clearly pregnant and the whispers and questions died down. Now as her daughter is a toddler, Kim is trying to conceive her second child with Kanye West without much luck. She has personal fertility issues that have been discussed in the latest episodes of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" where she is candid with her struggles and goals with parenthood.

7 JWoww

Another reality star that was not taken seriously when announcing her pregnancy was JWoww. Better known for her partying ways on the reality show Jersey Shore. Jwoww was not seen as the motherly type, especially with how hard she and fellow reality alums use to party at the Shore as well as her racy photos with sexy clothing. This picture, from a Youtube video where she talks of a miscarriage scare, she is 4 months pregnant. The picture caused a debate to whether or not her belly should have looked bigger at that stage. Later, her pregnancy and delivery is documented on yet another reality show with her partner in crime, Snookie who was also from the popular Jersey Shore show. Before the show with the two of them aired it was speculated that it could be a publicity stunt for higher ratings. The baby's father Roger has been at her side since before the pregnancy.

6 Kelly Preston

Actress Kelly Preston has been married to her uber famous actor husband John Travolta for what some would say is forever. After loosing their son, Jett, in 2009 to a seizure while on vacation, it seemed that the couple was inspired to have another child. The decision was made a few years later, after they had learned to live with and heal from their tremendous loss. One of the main reasons for onlookers to believe that she may have faked her pregnancy was her age, 47 at the time. Even if she was actually pregnant it was clear to most that at her age there had to have been some intervention such as IVF and even an egg donor. In any case they welcomed a baby boy, Benjamin, to their family. They also have a daughter Ella who is 15.

5 Tila Tequila

Now this is pregnancy that many media outlets have said to be fake. Famous adult film star Tila Tequila claimed she was with child shortly after her then girlfriend Casey Johnson, had passed away. Many thought it to be odd and that the star was lying for publicity but she insisted it was the truth. Shortly after her announcement Tila was injured and needed to be taken to a local hospital. This is where she claimed to have lost the child. When a fake magazine editor, who just wanted to 'out' the star, asked about her pregnancy, Tila had this to say “So, as of right now, after the unfortunate accident last night with my head concussion and miscarriage, I am no longer pregnant. Please don’t announce to the media that I lost my baby. It’s something very private..”

This one will remain a mystery indeed.

4 Sarah Palin

During the 2009 election when Sarah Palin ran as vice president on the Republican ticket she had a baby in tow named Trig. It was widely speculated that she was covering up a scandalous situation by claiming her grandson was actually her son. This debate went on for weeks until it was noticed and then confirmed that her daughter Bristol was actually pregnant with her then boyfriend's baby. This threw aside the idea that Trig might not really be Sarah's son. Sarah is not any stranger to controversy since her emergence into the political spotlight. She still resides in Alaska with her family and pokes her political opinion in where she wants.


3 Natalie Nunn


Natalie Nunn, a reality star from the Bad Girls Club has been known to create drama. When she announced her pregnancy with her other half Jacob, some were quick to roll their eyes in disbelief. To make matters worse after being photographed with a baby bump and then later with a flat stomach and no word on the baby, rumors flared that there had been a pregnancy hoax in the works for a publicity stunt. Just another way to get more drama and attention diverted her way. Unfortunately and with great sadness there was something much more devastating underway that took a while for Natalie to speak of. She had complications and soon miscarried.  As this would be hard for anyone, she could not go public with the news right away as it was such a difficult circumstance to endure. Those with allegations of a false pregnancy quickly quieted. Hopefully Natalie and her husband can heal and one day be ready to conceive again.

2 Beyonce


We all know Mrs. Beyonce. She is known worldwide and pictures of her are often criticized or praised. In October of 2011, while pregnant with her daughter Blue Ivy, she was photographed a few times where her baby bump appeared to look unnatural. In the picture it seemed to almost be able to fold or bend with her as she leans down to take a seat for an interview in Australia. For this reason it was speculated that she was faking her pregnancy. All sorts of theories for this were thrown out there such as, she may be using a surrogate, doesn't want to gain weight or just wants the extra publicity. At any rate she put her accusers at rest with half naked pictures that followed, showing how REAL her baby belly really was. We will never know if it was a prosthetic intended to enhance her "pregnant look" or if it was just a bad dress choice. Either way Beyonce is a mom with a beautiful child.

1 Danielle Jonas


Danielle Jonas is best known for marrying one of the Jonas Brothers, Kevin. They are a beautiful young couple that have not been married for very long. Some may remember her from a short Jonas Reality show she shared with her now husband Kevin, that lead up to their wedding. With this pregnancy controversy it was not just an odd looking baby bump that put the question of fallacy in the minds of onlookers but the changing size of the belly and how it seemed inconsistent. Many thought that in one picture her changing bump would look rather large while a week later it was a bit smaller. Even the angle at which she took certain pictures was speculated as a possible angle of deception. Maybe she was using a surrogate and not wanting the public to know. Maybe her health could not sustain a pregnancy OR they could have had fertility issues. Or maybe, just maybe she really was pregnant. How horrible she must have felt with all of the questioning. In any case this Jonas couple did welcome a beautiful bundle of joy, Alena Rose on February 2nd, 2014.



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