10 Celebs Accused Of Faking Their Pregnancy

With paparazzi everywhere celebrities are tempted to not only conceal things but falsely advertise as well. Fans around the country are always eager to hear the latest and greatest inside story on the

With paparazzi everywhere celebrities are tempted to not only conceal things but falsely advertise as well. Fans around the country are always eager to hear the latest and greatest inside story on their favorite famous person. Knowing this, some of our favorite stars have been accused of faking numerous things for extra publicity. From staging relationships to pregnancies, no subject is out of consideration. Some of the biggest reasons for these accusations of faking a pregnancy is the size and stage of the belly in reference to the expected due date. For example, if in one photo a lady's belly looks rather large and then a week later much smaller the question would arise as to whether or not the pregnancy is real. Maybe they are just trying to throw off the public by making their pregnancy look as if it is further along, so that they can have more privacy around their actual Big Day. Celebrities are at fault when the accusers, media and onlookers point their fingers, but it can also be those pointing the finger that are to blame for such pregnancy fabrications.

Today's stars are in the public eye non stop. They do not have much privacy and may get really frightened to think of strangers intruding on their new little bundle of joy. For this reason they would want to throw off the public as to when their baby will arrive. On a different note, if there is a celebrity that is looking for more publicity they may want to put it out there that they are expecting just for more attention. Capitalizing on the hunger of paparazzi for information. Either way there are a few stars we know that have been accused of staging their pregnancies.

10 Katie Holmes


9 Nicole Kidman

8 Kim Kardashian

7 JWoww

6 Kelly Preston

5 Tila Tequila

Now this is pregnancy that many media outlets have said to be fake. Famous adult film star Tila Tequila claimed she was with child shortly after her then girlfriend Casey Johnson, had passed away. Many thought it to be odd and that the star was lying for publicity but she insisted it was the truth. Shortly after her announcement Tila was injured and needed to be taken to a local hospital. This is where she claimed to have lost the child. When a fake magazine editor, who just wanted to 'out' the star, asked about her pregnancy, Tila had this to say “So, as of right now, after the unfortunate accident last night with my head concussion and miscarriage, I am no longer pregnant. Please don’t announce to the media that I lost my baby. It’s something very private..”

4 Sarah Palin

3 Natalie Nunn


2 Beyonce


1 Danielle Jonas


Danielle Jonas is best known for marrying one of the Jonas Brothers, Kevin. They are a beautiful young couple that have not been married for very long. Some may remember her from a short Jonas Reality show she shared with her now husband Kevin, that lead up to their wedding. With this pregnancy controversy it was not just an odd looking baby bump that put the question of fallacy in the minds of onlookers but the changing size of the belly and how it seemed inconsistent. Many thought that in one picture her changing bump would look rather large while a week later it was a bit smaller. Even the angle at which she took certain pictures was speculated as a possible angle of deception. Maybe she was using a surrogate and not wanting the public to know. Maybe her health could not sustain a pregnancy OR they could have had fertility issues. Or maybe, just maybe she really was pregnant. How horrible she must have felt with all of the questioning. In any case this Jonas couple did welcome a beautiful bundle of joy, Alena Rose on February 2nd, 2014.


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10 Celebs Accused Of Faking Their Pregnancy