10 Celebrity House Break-Ins And Robberies

What could be worse than coming home and realizing that an intruder has not only come into your home but also stolen some of your most treasured belongings? Even celebrities have been robbed despite their high tech home security systems. Celebrities are followed day in and day out by photographers who take pictures of them wearing expensive clothing, driving luxury cars and sparkling in the most expensive pieces of jewellery. It is easy to see why certain thieves get tempted to break into celebrity homes where pricey valuables are around every corner. Although celebrities are the ones who can afford state of the art security systems for their homes, they also have to contend with Hollywood star maps and added traffic to their neighbourhoods.

Celebrity home robberies are never random events. The thieves might probably have a clear indication of which celebrity to rob based on what they are seen wearing in magazines. Or maybe it is the Porsches and Bentleys in the driveways that tip off the criminals as to which homes to rob. The members on this list have all been the victims of home robberies with losses of property ranging from just over $1000 to $2 million. Aside from the monetary value, it can be assured that their biggest loss was the loss of their peace of mind. The homes of celebrities are surrounded by intricate security systems and most burglars do get caught on video footage (not that this deters them from trying). If the robbers are caught, the stolen property is not always returned to the victims. The difference between celebrities and everyone else: replacing the lost valuables does not necessarily make a dent in their bank accounts!

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10 10- Megan Fox -$1 000

9 9- Kirsten Dunst -$15 000

On August 9, 2007, Kirsten Dunst’s penthouse suite at a Manhattan hotel was broken into. The possessions stolen totalled $15 000 and included a $ 13 000 purse, a cell phone, cash, credit cards, digital cameras, an iPod and Spider Man ID cards. The downside of being a celebrity and being easily recognisable is that she probably still had to go in to work the next day despite her stolen ID cards! The robbers were caught thanks to the hotel security cameras and Kirsten’s possessions were returned to her safely.

8 8- Audrina Patridge -$43 000

7 7- Steve Jobs -$70 000

Even celebrities in the afterlife are not exempt from home robberies. On July 17, 2012, the late Steve Jobs’ home located in Palo Alto, California was robbed by 35 year old Karlem McFarlin. He stole around $70 000 worth of possessions including jewellery and tech devices. He stole 3 iPads, 3 iPods, 2 iPhones, an Apple TV box, a Macbook and a Macmini. Perhaps as a souvenir, he even stole Steve Jobs’ driver’s license! McFarlin managed to break into the house while it was under renovation and no one was home. Catching him was no great feat. When Karlem plugged in some of the stolen devices, the PC communicated with Apple servers about needed upgrades. This act notified Apple security and the police department who then traced the stolen items. Not such a ‘genius’ after all!

6 6- Kourtney Kardashian -$108 000

5 5- Rachel Bilson -$130 000

4 4- Lindsay Lohan -$130 000

On August 23, 2009, the “Bling Ring” struck again, this time, targeting Lindsay Lohan. Nearly $130 000 worth of clothing and jewellery was stolen from her house. Two watches, a Hermès bag, paintings, a custom made fur coat and a Chanel necklace was missing when she returned home. When the home security alarm went off, the intruders ran. The police released video footage of the robbers a few days after the incident. The video footage shows the 3 suspects walking into the home through an unlocked door during broad daylight. Lohan arrived home at 3am that day to realise her home had been ransacked. After waiting 4 hours, she finally notified the police.

3 3- Kate Moss -$140 000

Not all robbers make a beeline straight to the jewellery box and closet of the celebrity homes. Some have a taste for the finer things in life. In May of 2010, robbers found their way into Kate Moss’ London home. They stole $140 000 worth of valuables. Only in this case, the valuables did not include clothing nor jewellery. The robbers stole 3 pieces of artwork including a Banksy portrait. Perhaps a coincidence but within a week, a nearby art gallery was also robbed of their Bansky portraits. These robbers were clearly art connoisseurs!  Despite the robbery, Kate Moss was very lucky to be unharmed since she was at home at the time of the crime and sleeping. These robbers may not have the ability to walk the runway like Moss but they are surely light on their feet!

2 2-Orlando Bloom -$500 000

Another victim of the infamous “Bling Ring” was Orlando Bloom. In July 2009, Orlando’s house was broken into while he was away in New York City. The thieves made their way into Orlando’s home by  entering through a window late at night. The robbers made off with over $500 000 worth of property.  Jewellery, a few Rolexes, artwork, a Louis Vuitton laptop sized bag and even his underwear were lifted from his home. Even his wife at the time, Miranda Kerr, had her closet raided when she realised she was missing an Alex Perry dress! Alexis Neiers was caught and held responsible for the robbery at Bloom’s house. Neiers is herself a reality TV star on the reality show “Pretty Wild”. If convicted, she could face as much as 6 years in prison.

1 1-Paris Hilton -$2 Million

Paris Hilton was the victim of 5 home robberies that took place between October to December of 2008.  Two intruders from the “Bling Ring” entered Paris Hilton’s house and stole $2 million worth of expensive bras, jewellery, her signature Louis Vuitton bag, cash from purses and last but not least, nude photographs of the celebrity. The thieves even tried to steal Paris’ prized Chihuahua Tinkerbell! Before they left, they made sure to take a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka for the ride home! The intruders Roy Lopez, and Nicholas Prugo were eventually caught and Paris Hilton was even seen collecting her retrieved valuables from the Los Angeles Police Department. The saddest part of this story is that the intruders made their way into her 7 500 square foot Los Angeles mansion located in the upscale Sherman Oaks neighbourhood by using a key found under the mat! Talk about an easy target!

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