10 Celebrities Whose First Kisses Were On-Screen

As if having your first kiss isn't awkward enough but doing it on camera with a co-worker in front of hundreds of people makes it just that much worse. Surprisingly a fair number of stars didn't get there first real kiss until they were on set filming either a TV show or movie. While some of the kisses were just a light peck on the lips others were wide open mouth intimate kisses.

From being nervous to asking how long a kiss is supposed to last to winning a ‘best kiss’ award these celebrities have some amazing stories about their very first kiss. For some of these celebrities they were locking lips with some of the hottest actors around; although they may not have had the same opinion at the time. For others; they waited years before kissing anyone again.

Although they may be pro kissers now in front of the cameras they certainly weren't at the time of these first kisses. Mishaps, parents being on set and crushes on co-stars made these kisses awkward and unforgettable. From happily ever after to calling Brad Pitt disgusting; discover 10 of the hottest stars that just so happened to be on-screen for their very first time.

10 Anna Chlumsky


Most people who grew up in the '90s can admit to watching My Girl repetitively, many of you will want to watch it right now. Most of us won’t forget about the kiss between Macaulay Culkin and Anna Chlumsky as it was just so darn adorable. Turns out that this was Chlumsky’s first kiss; and she even won an award for it. At the MTV Movie Awards the movie was awarded the ‘Best Kiss’ and as Chlumsky claimed the award she made sure to joke about it saying, “my first kiss and I even won an award”. It doesn't get much cuter than that.

9 Ashley Benson


8 Dakota Fanning


Coming in as the youngest celebrity to have her first kiss on-screen is Dakota Fanning, at the young age of 7! Yes we could hardly believe that in Sweet Home Alabama this ridiculously cute girl is 7. Not to shy away from the media a young Fanning let them know on the red carpet that she not only kissed a boy but a boy that was three years older than her! All grown up now; she admits her first kiss was not enjoyable and that she used to wipe her mouth off in-between every take.

7 Kirsten Dunst


Kissing Brad Pitt is about the farthest thing from disgusting that we can imagine but according to Dunst that is exactly what it was. In her defense she was only 11 years old at the time and Pitt is 18 years older than her. It was on set of Interview with a Vampire and it was more of a peck on the lips than anything else. Still who else can say that their first kiss was with Brad Pitt? Boy do we pity the next guy who had to live up to that.

6 Josh Hutcherson


We have watched him kiss Katniss on the Hunger Games but Hutcherson’s first on-screen kiss came years ago and it just happened to be his first real kiss as well. While filming a movie called Little Manhattan at 11 years old, Hutcherson had his first real kiss, with a girl even taller than him. Knowing that it was his first kiss scene his mom even went so far as to fly his dad in to New York City for ‘support’. Hutcherson remains avid that this first kiss was the most non-real non-intimate kiss he could ever imagine for a first kiss and it didn’t help that there were over 50 crew members watching.

5 Alia Shawkat


This Arrested Development star describes her first kiss as ‘two fists hitting each other, boom, in and out.' not exactly the romantic first kiss people talk about. Shawkat describes herself as a late bloomer so it wasn't until the pilot episode of Arrested Development that she actually kissed someone. Michael Cera was the lucky man who was quite nervous as Shawkat’s strict father was on-set. These two were good friends on and off the screen which only made the on-screen kiss more awkward. The way Cera and Shawkat dealt with the aftermath of awkwardness; they just pretended it never happened.

4 Saoirse Ronan


This actress was only 10 when she received her first kiss and one of the youngest on this list to do so. While filming I Could Never Be Your Woman there was some negotiation between the director and Ronan on how long the kiss should be. Ronan insisted on a strict length and director Amy Heckerling negotiated for it to be for 5 seconds. Apparently Ronan would pretend she was kissing her hand while counting to five under her breath and then pull away as soon as she hit 5. Luckily their kiss does not look as awkward as it sounds on-screen.

3 Victoria Justice


This actress had no room for error in her first kiss as she was in front of a live audience. Victoria Justice was guest staring on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and had a kiss scene with Cole Sprouse. Luckily things went off without a hitch and Justice and Sprouse remain friends to this day. When on-screen kissing is concerned; Justice believes that it’s as un-romantic as you can get and at the end of the day it is simply just a job.

2 Selena Gomez


This young actress was only 12 years old when she had her first kiss; also on the Disney hit The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Gomez kissed Dylan Sprouse in what she considers one of the most awkward kisses she has ever had in her life. Fitting for a first kiss in our opinion. Apparently Gomez turned her head with her mouth half open and pretty much missed Sprouse’s mouth completely. Luckily Sprouse laughed it off and everyone understood.

1 Mila Kunis


This is one first kiss story that truly ends up as happily ever after; it just took 15 years or so to come to light. Mila Kunis had her first kiss on the set of That 70’s Show with now husband and father to their daughter, Ashton Kutcher. At the time of the kiss though these two were just co-workers and Kunis was only 15. She admits that she had a huge crush on Kutcher and was nervous about kissing him. Kutcher on the other hand had no idea that it was her first kiss and actually was just as nervous as she was. All ends well here in their romantic story.

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