10 Celebrities Who Love To Make Out In Public

Nothing proves more that celebs are as 'normal' as you and I than the fact that they love to 'get it on' in public. Considering how private they tend to be, it's kind of ironic that these big name celebs seem to forget that they are constantly being followed by the paparazzi and that they're every move is being photographed. Maybe it's the thrill of being caught or these very public moments are to show everyone that they're in love. Whatever the reason, for most of us who are celebrity obsessed, we just can't get enough.

While most of these grabby-handed celebs usually tend to fawn over one partner, some of these A-listers are serial offenders choosing to fondle whoever they're dating at the time - regardless of how long they've been together.

Here are 10 celebs who love to make out in public.

10 Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

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They met while filming The Amazing Spider Man back in 2011 and fell head over heels in love. Four years later, 30-year-old Andrew Garfield and his House Bunny, 25-year-old, Emma Stone are still going strong and if their PDA-filled outings are of any indication, there is no way this relationship is coming to an an end any time soon. Though the darling duo tend to put good use to their fame when it comes to the paparazzi getting too close (on June 21 while brunching in New York, the couple held up signs to the photographers to raise awareness for their favourite charities), this hasn't stopped them from indulging in some major tongue hockey whenever the mood strikes them.

9 Katy Perry and Russell Brand

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Though their marriage was short-lived (14 months if anyone's counting), stories about pop star extraordinaire Katy Perry and her ex-hubby Russell Brand's intense sexual chemistry were notorious around Hollywood - and the paparazzi were there to capture all of the crazy moments. Whether snogging in a parked car or making out in an airport, the two former lovebirds couldn't seem to keep their hands off each other. But listening to Brand describe Katy's lips, it's no wonder: "They are a conduit to paradise, a tunnel to another world. They are redemption, salvation, glory, poetry," the actor confessed during his 2010 appearance on The View.

8 Paris Hilton

In her thirty-three years on this planet, socialite Paris Hilton has had a long, long list of boyfriends - and none of them have escaped her immense love of PDA. In 2010, it was former night club owner Cy Waits who fell victim. The two were photographed canoodling anywhere and everywhere (especially when the photogs were present). The high-rollers were even arrested together after Hilton was nabbed for cocaine possession in Vegas back in 2010. And it's her twenty-two-year-old model boyfriend, River Viiperi who is garnering all of the blonde beauty's attention these days. The Spanish heartthrob and the heiress have enjoyed many passionate make out sessions with absolutely no care who might be watching.

7 Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber

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You would think that after being together for more than nine years and with two children, Hollywood heavyweights Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber would have cooled it with the PDA- but not so! Though both in their mid-fourties, the UK born Watts and her American baby daddy, are not shy to indulge in some very passionate behaviour, often resulting in some intense heavy petting, perfect for the ever present paparazzi.

6 Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

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Oh, young love! Can anyone really blame über rich and famous Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber from indulging in some spicy behaviour whenever they can. The on-again, off-again couple are forever in the tabloids as tales of their rendevouz are quick to hit the press. Hollywood Life recently reported that the two were definitely 'on' again after they were spotted getting hot and heavy at a mutual friend's birthday party on June 17. “They were almost always kissing in the corner at one of the tables they were at. She was a little puppy dog all night, following him everywhere and being all over him. They were definitely make out machines," a source told the website.

5 Sienna Miller

Though she's been involved in some very high-profile relationships including a rocky romance with fellow Brit, Jude Law and an affair with a married Balthazar Getty, thirty-two-year-old Sienna Miller seems to have put the past behind her. The fashion designer and actress is engaged to actor Tom Sturridge and is a doting mommy to daughter, Marlowe born in 2012. But don't count this spunky blonde out of the PDA game  just yet. Whether she's dating, just friends or engaged, Miller loves to put her romantic gestures on display - and doesn't seem to care what prying eyes are watching.

4 Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis

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They may be proud parents to three-month-old son Otis, but that hasn't stopped Rush beauty Olivia Wilde and her former Saturday Night Live cast member fiancé Jason Sudeikis from cooling it in the romance department. Together since 2011, the happy couple are known for their constant PDA and aren't shy to gush about it. Wilde once boasted in an interview with Vulture that they "have sex like Kenyan marathon runners." Guess that's a good thing?

3 Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale

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If you search for pictures of rockers Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, most likely the images will be of the power couple passionately locking lips or sharing an embrace. After close to twelve years of marriage and three of the most adorable little boys you'll ever see, the two lovebirds continue to make headlines (and hearts swoon) with their love of all things PDA whether surrounded my hundreds of onlookers or out on a private family outing. "To be with one person for a very long time actually gets more interesting," Rossdale told E! News in 2013.  "I'm into that. She's a great girl. I'm lucky."

2 Kim Kardashian

Does it really come as a shock that reality TV queen Kim Kardashian loves to put pretty much everything on display for the world to see - don't forget the girl has a sex tape! Whether she's behind the lens of a video or a still camera, the middle Kardashian daughter flaunts what her mama (or a plastic surgeon) gave her and is not shy to indulge in some mega PDA whenever she fancies. Kim indulged most recently with new hubby Kanye West at a friend's wedding where the two spent time indulging in a make out session that included tongue action. Even one of their wedding guests, Vogue's Andre Leon-Tally commented on their passionate first kiss as man and wife telling Andy Cohen on Look What Happens Live: "It was extremely long which is probably a good sign. I would say there was probably tongue engagement.”

1 Cara Delevingne

As one of the world's top models, twenty-one-year-old Brit, Cara Delevingne is no stranger to having people stare at her. But the blonde socialite recently made headlines for something that had nothing to do with her strut. Earlier this year, Delevingne (pronounced de-le-veen) confirmed that yes, those pictures splashed all over the tabloids showing her getting hot and heavy with Fast and the Furious actress, Michelle Rodriguez was anything but girls being affectionate - the two were definitely an item. And Michelle isn't the only gal Carla likes to get frisky with - she's been photographed snogging a bevy of beauties from Sienna Miller to singers Rita Ora and Miley Cyrus. 

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