10 Celebrities Who Enjoy Smoking Pot

Let’s be honest - In 2014, weed smoking is more common than ever before. We see people smoking everywhere: in movies, on television, in music videos – and even the United States federal government seems to be more lax about cannabis than any time in the nation’s history. The taboo and stigma that came along with smoking weed has pretty much vanished. For a lot of people now, smoking a joint is almost deemed the same as having a glass of red wine after a hard day at work. In the list below , we talk about ten celebs that have been known to enjoy their marijuana smoke. Some of the celebs listed are obviously recreational smokers, but there are others included who are dedicated, and very active career potheads. See the piece below …

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10  Paul Rudd:

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Hollywood actor Paul Rudd has played the jovial, marijuana-smoking sidekick in several Hollywood movies including The 40-Year Old Version, Knocked-Up and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. In the movie Our Idiot Brother, he played a likeable fellow who gets thrown in jail for selling weed to a cop. In real life too, he also happens to enjoying smoking pot as well. When asked by High Time Magazine if he did any method acting for his role in the aforementioned Our Idiot Brother, he answered, “I will say that in several different incarnations, I’ve prepared for this role for many years.” Also when his buddy Seth Rogen was on Andy Cohen's show, Seth nonchalantly stated that he had smoked weed with Rudd on several occasions.

9  Jennifer Anniston:

Jennifer Anniston is a stunning A-list actress and we have to say that at the age of 45, she still looks very good. Ms. Anniston is definitely aging very well. Her significant other Justin Theroux is also enjoying significant success right now with his HBO show The Leftovers. Anyways, back to the topic at hand, did you know that she also enjoys smoking weed? In a past interview with Rolling Stone magazine, she stated: "I enjoy it once in a while. There is nothing wrong with that. Everything in moderation. I wouldn't call myself a pot-head."

8  Justin Bieber:

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When Justin Bieber had his notorious party mansion in affluent Calabasas, CA, he partied really hard and all the neighbors were aware of the excessive partying going down on his estate. Several articles have been written of Bieber and his crew (including Lil Twist and Lil Za) detailing how they picked up chicks at clubs and brought them home to the mansion where tons of weed was smoked and loads of pills were popped. It’s not certain whether Bieber is a certified pothead or just a recreational smoker – however there’s the one mug shot of him on the internet with very bloodshot eyes. In that picture, it sure looks like he had smoked a doobie or two.

7 Whoopi Goldberg:


At this point in her life, Whoopi Goldberg is pretty much a household name in America. She has been a major force on The View for so many years. Now that the founder of the show, Barbara Walters has retired, Whoopi looks like she’s going to be the head matron on that show for the foreseeable future. Whoopi has openly admitted that she smokes weed on The View, and she has written that cannabis also helps with her glaucoma. She has even stated that when she was accepting her Oscar for her role in the move Ghost, she was high on stage. “I learned a great lesson,” she said, “Never smoke before there is a possibility of having to talk to a hundred million people.”

6 Lady Gaga:

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It’s no secret that global superstar Lady Gaga enjoys smoking her weed. However there was a time in 2013 when her weed habit starting getting out of control. In an interview with Women’s Wear Daily, she mentioned that during her recovery from hip surgery, she was smoking excessively to numb the pain. She added that at one point, she was smoking about 15 joints a day, one after the other – (wow, how high must she have been getting?). But after her recovery, she said she quit cold turkey for a couple of weeks – and now she only smokes a bit every night just to relax and unwind.

5  Kristen Stewart:

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The young Hollywood starlet Kristen Stewart is perhaps one of the wealthiest actresses working in Hollywood today. She earned her popularity as a result of the immensely successful Twilight movies. The funny thing is that when one of her movies was about to be released, she was photographed sitting on a stoop smoking a bowl of weed with a friend. She has also been pictured wearing bikinis emblazoned with a marijuana leaf and t-shirts printed with the word “Irie.” Her Hollywood career continues to ascend and Ms. Stewart certainly enjoys some cannabis relaxation on her downtime.

4  Guillermo Diaz:

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Guillermo Diaz is mostly known now for his role as the ex-mercenary /tech genius on the blockbuster ABC series Scandal. But did you know that he’s also a very big fan of weed smoking? Earlier on in his career, he starred in one of the classic marijuana movies of all time Half-Baked with Dave Chappelle. Later on, he was also part of the cast on the cable show Weeds. In 2009, when Latina magazine asked if he smoked weed, he answered emphatically with the following, “Oh yeah, I love weed! I am a very big advocate of marijuana!”

3 Kirsten Dunst:


32-yr-old actress Kirsten Dunst is an admitted fan of Mary-Jane smoke. And we are not talking about the role she played in The Spider Man movie either. In an interview with the Daily Mail in 2007, the actress stated that she has  “a different outlook” on marijuana than the vast masses of the American public. She added that, “If everyone smoked weed, the world would be a better place.” Be sure to catch her in the new movie The Two Faces of January  starring Viggo Mortensen hitting theaters this fall.

2 Jennifer Lawrence:

Via: mentionedlately.wordpress.com

In February of 2013, the fresh-faced and super-talented actress Jennifer Lawrence was truly on top of the world. She had just won the Oscar for best actress for her spectacular performance on the movie Silver Linings Playbook. The following Wednesday, she was in Hawaii to shoot scenes for The Hunger Games. Whilst she was there, she was spotted on the balcony of her hotel smoking a funny cigarette that looked like a marijuana joint. It was probably just that too because she passed the “suspected” doobie to fellow actor Josh Hutcherson – who was on the balcony with her. She probably just needed to unwind before getting back to the non-stop demands of her very successful life.

1 Gael Garcia Bernal:

Actor Gael Garcia Bernal is one of the handful of Mexican actors who has been able to make the trip across the border and enjoy a successful career in Hollywood. Some of his biggest movies to date include Amores Perros, Babel and The Motorcycle Diaries. Bernal has also admitted to smoking marijuana every now and then, and he is a strong proponent for the full legalization of cannabis. Also his wife Dolores Fonzi, also a Mexican actress, freely states that she smokes weed all the time - even in front of her kids.

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