10 Celeb Exes We Wish Would Tell All

Celebrities love to talk and write about their lives. So many of them have published tell-all books about their lives, past relationships, screwed up childhoods and more. Stars such as Anjelica Houston writing about her relationship with Jack Nicholson earned her many praises as a writer and audiences couldn't wait to read about it. Holly Madison on the other hand is set to release a book about living in the Playboy Mansion as one of the bunnies alongside other bunnies and Hugh Hefner.

Now we wish that all celebs would write these eye opening memoirs about their past relationships but some remain closed off; no matter how many times we ask. These stars would rather keep their personal lives private and more often than not these are the stories we actually want to read.

From Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley's relationship to Halle Berry's rocky relationship, these are the stories we want to know about. Whether these relationships ended on 'good terms' or not we are almost certain that these celebs are hiding some serious skeletons in their closets. The following is a list of 10 celebs we wish would tell all.

10 Elizabeth Hurley (Hugh Grant)


This Hollywood relationship lasted a whopping thirteen years and has remained much of a mystery as to why these two ended things; especially after Hurley had stuck by him through some seriously rough times. According to People Magazine Hurley said Grant was often grumpy and annoying but gives him 10 out of 10 in the bedroom. Grant on the other hand has said one of the reasons the relationship ended was because the sex fizzled out. We aren’t sure who is lying here but we sure wish Hurley would write a novel about her past.

9 Kim Scott (Eminem)


This love/hate relationship started way back when Eminem and Kim were just teenagers. They have been married twice, divorced twice, had one child together and currently he is raising her daughter that she had with another man and the daughter of Kim's sister. We have heard his side of the story through his music; especially in the early days when he spoke violently about his ex in the song ‘Kim’. Apparently the two are amicable now and share custody of their daughters together, Eminem is reportedly building her a house just five miles from his in Michigan. Most of us are so curious about this twenty-five year on and off again relationship and frankly we are more interested in what Kim has to say.

8 Sandra Bullock (Jesse James)


No one can ever forget the heartbreak that Bullock went through when it came to light that her husband Jesse James had been cheating on her throughout their marriage. Sadly for us gossip lovers, Bullock has kept much of what went on to herself. The fact that they were in the middle of an adoption process makes the situation even worse. Bullock has become more open about what she went through during those trying times and is now focusing on her family which makes us think all that time spent at home is the perfect time to write that book and tell us all of it.

7 Gabriel Aubrey (Halle Berry)


Even though these two share a child they certainly don’t see eye to eye on how to raise her. But that is only one detail we would love to read from Gabriel Aubrey; Halle Berry’s ex. The amicable split as they once called it wasn't as amicable as it turns out. Berry’s now husband and Aubrey have both ordered restraining orders on each other and have been in physical alterations. Berry also tried to move their daughter to France at one point; obviously infuriating Aubrey. There is much more to this story and we would love to hear about it.

6 Amber Rose (Kayne West)


5 Guy Ritchie (Madonna)


The world knows how Madonna's brother feels about the relationship between her and Guy Ritchie but what we don't know is Ritchie's side of the story. Being married to a superstar for eight years couldn't have always been easy. They had one son together and adopted another one just before they split in 2008. Ritchie has kept his lips sealed aside from a few and far between interviews about the marriage. We want to know the real reasons behind the split; was it that she was just too big of a superstar to handle?

4 Elin Nordegren (Tiger Woods)


Their split was one of the most talked about celebrity divorces if the last decade. Once news broke that golden boy Tiger Woods was a serial cheater, with woman after woman coming forth about sexual relationships during his marriage. Nordegren has kept her lips sealed on everything to do with her ex-husband for the past five years. She gave People Magazine a brief look at how her and Woods are doing now; they live twenty-five minutes away from each other and share custody of their children. But what we don’t know is what happened during their relationship. Did she have any inkling he was a cheater? Did she think about sticking by him? Is he a nice guy? Based on Nordegren’s past silence we doubt we will ever know the truth but boy do we wish she would spill the beans.

3 Paula Patton (Robin Thicke)


These two lasted a whopping 21 years together; meeting when they were just 16 years old and being married for nine of those years. Although the breakup was made very public the reasons behind it are still a mystery. Allegations were put forth that Thicke was cheating on Patton and judging from his past bad boy antics this could very well be the reason. From naked women in his music videos to twerking on stage with Miley Cyrus to the butt grabbing scandal last year we have to wonder how Patton put up with him for long.

2 Shaniqua Tomkins (50 Cent)


Tomkins met rapper 50 Cent when he was still known as Curtis Jackson. He was a drug dealer, had no steady job and needed help. Tomkins was there for him through this time and gave birth to their son in 1997. What happened between the two of them is still unclear. Rumors surfaced that 50 Cent cheated on her and abused her physically. Tomkins tried to sue him for $50 million saying that 50 Cent had promised to take care of her and her son for the rest of their lives. Whatever the truth is; we want to know what Tomkins thinks and her experience with the rapper.

1 Katie Holmes (Tom Cruise)


Katie Holmes has been thrown into the public eye so many times we have lost count but this private actress now turned fashion designer refuses to speak out on her divorce from Tom Cruise. Cruise has publicly admitted that the divorce stemmed from his involvement with Scientology; as to what extent we cannot be sure. Holmes is now raising their daughter Suri and has only recently allowed herself back in the public eye. According to People Magazine she wants to leave all that divorce business behind her and not let it define who she is. What a story she must have though and we would love to read it.

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