10 Actors Who Don't Like Watching Their Own Movies

It is actually a little surprising that some of the hottest actresses and actors will absolutely not watch themselves on the big or small screen. It seems like people who look as good as they do and have that much talent should want to sit in front of the big screen and admire themselves. After all, they must have known they had talent plus looks or they wouldn't have had the courage and determination to get to where they are now, right?Isn't confidence part of the winning formula? Megan Fox says insecurity is a part of many actors' mental makeup, so it seems being a celebrity can be bit of a mixed bag. With all of the fans, the special treatment and the paparazzi, one would think they would get past feeling less than amazing about themselves.But on the flip side, there are critics, younger talented actors around every corner and fickle audiences and studios who are ready to displace them. It's a rough business.When we researched and found there were several A-list actors and actresses who wouldn't dream of or rarely watched their own movies, we wanted to understand the specifics.One of the biggest reasons is because they are perfectionists and they see flaws in their performance and become frustrated that it is too late to do anything to improve the finished film. Another of the top reasons is because they actually didn't like specific story-lines in some of their films. And, of course, one of the most common reasons actors won't watch their own films is that they truly do not like what they see and hear. They are self-critical, particularly when seeing their gigantic visage and Dolby-projected voice. It makes them uncomfortable and enhances any self-doubt.Makes sense, right? Take a peek at this list of A-listers who avoid watching all or most of their movies to see if our selections surprise you.

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10 Megan Fox

Via: moviepilot.com

9 Johnny Depp

Via: moviepilot.com

8 Reese Witherspoon

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7 Nicole Kidman

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6 Connie Britton

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5 Zac Efron

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4 Matthew Fox

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3 Julianne Moore

Via: www.ecuadortimes.net

2 Tom Hanks

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1 Angelina Jolie

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