10 Badass Actors Who Do Their Own Stunts

With so many advances in technology, the days of using stunt doubles are becoming greater and greater; but audiences should not despair. In Hollywood there are still a few great actors and actresses that are determined to perform their own stunts; regardless of what anyone says. Facing criticism that it may be dangerous, these stars have fought back to bring the best entertainment they possibly can.

From long time actors that have performed their stunts to up-and-coming actors that are realizing how this can affect their future careers, there are still a few stars willing to act out their most thrilling scenes. From hanging off the sides of buildings to jumping from speeding buses, it seems these stars are willing to train for anything. Speaking of training, these stars put hundreds of hours into training and preparing for these often dangerous stunts and manage to make them look easy. The following is a list of 10 actors who perform their own stunts, and do them well.

10 Jason Statham

This intense action actor almost always performs his own stunts; so much that he now feels that fans expect him to perform every single one. From car crashes to scuba diving, this actor is not known to back down from a challenge. He is an expert in kickboxing and Jujitsu and has been trained in martial arts. During the filming of The Expendables 3, Statham had a close call when the transport truck he was driving had a break failure. However he remains quiet about any failed or scary stunts and continues to wow audiences with his skills.

9 Kristen Stewart


Fearless both on and off the set, Stewart takes pride in performing almost all of her own stunts. From the famous Twilight Series to the most recent Snow White and the Huntsman, this actress trained hard to make sure she was fit for her roles. Stewart also overcame her lifelong fear of horses in order to film some of the intense action scenes. Her stunts have included jumping into freezing cold water from high above to intense fight scenes, she is definitely determined to mark her place in Hollywood.

8 Jackie Chan

7 Christian Bale


One of the few celebrities to put their fears aside and do their own stunts is Christian Bale, especially in The Dark Knight film series. Although he handed over crashing into concrete pillars to his stunt double he made sure to do all the ‘fun’ stunts on his own. When asked about his action scenes, Bale had this to say; "I do all of the fight sequences myself, although I do have a fantastic stunt double who is a great mixed-martial artist, but it wasn't necessary." Bale says he will continue to do all the action scenes himself, leaving only the extremely dangerous ones to those who are professionally trained.

6 Josh Hutcherson

Although he is young, Josh Hutcherson is prepared to play with the big boys and entertain the idea of doing his own stunts. An active sports lover, this actor isn't afraid to jump, run, yell and get dirty. As The Hunger Games film series continues, Hutcherson’s role gets more physical. He told hollywood.com that he looks forward to new and more challenging scenes. Rumor has it this young actor did all of his own stunts for The Hunger Games films and we look forward to seeing more of him in the future.

5 Daniel Craig


Unlike many James Bond actors, Daniel Craig has chosen to do most of his own stunts during the filming of the series. We can imagine the Bond movies being among the hardest to pull off in terms of stunts as things often get wild. Craig told Access Hollywood that he does indeed like performing his own stunts but he doesn't bounce back quite as well as he used to. He has also had his fair share of cuts, bruises, and most recently suffered a knee injury that required minor surgery. His stunt work continues for the film Spectre which is due to be released in the fall of 2015.

4 Cameron Diaz


There are more men in Hollywood that like to perform their own stunts than woman, but that is not to say that all women don't. Cameron Diaz is one of the actresses that is happy to train hard and perform her own high risk stunts. Take the movie Knight and Day for example, Diaz is the one who is spinning her car into a 180, straddling a speeding motorcycle and getting into high speed chases. During an interview with Access Hollywood, fellow actor Tom Cruise told audiences that Diaz isn't just incredibly talented but also athletic, which is a huge part of performing the stunts. And that is from one of the stunt masters himself.

3 Tom Cruise


This Hollywood actor is known around town for doing his own stunts and as the years go by Cruise shows no sign of stopping. Involved in some very high risk stunts over the years, Cruise remains dedicated to giving the audience the best in entertainment and to him that means performing every stunt he is physically able to. Cruise admits that he no longer gets scared of the stunts but does admit that sometimes they do indeed go wrong. The 5th instalment in the film series Mission Impossible looks to have Cruise back in action; hanging off the side of a plane and flying a car through mid air, we imagine we will see Cruise continue to perform his own stunts as long as possible.

2 Angelina Jolie


According to examiner.com the stunt director in charge of the film Salt, claimed 'Jolie did 99% of her own stunts.' However stars like Ashton Kutcher have since come forth to say that is not possible and that her insurance would never allow for that to happen. Either way this tough actress does do a majority of her own stunts. As a mother of 6 kids, Jolie finds time to train up to 3-4 hours a day for certain roles. She has had her fair share of action roles in films like Tomb Raider, Salt and most recently Maleficent. Whether it’s jumping off a moving car or hanging onto the edge of a building; Jolie never backs away from a challenge. Having kids hasn't slowed this confident mom down and we look forward to many more stunts to come!

1 Arnold Schwarzenegger

This extreme athlete has always made sure to do as many stunts as he can and as the years go by he shows no sign of slowing down. According to mirror.co.uk, Arnold is committed to continuing on with his stunts but admits his body doesn't quite bounce back the way it used to twenty years ago. In his late 60’s now this actor is still known for his infamous action scenes; in which he can spend up to three hours a day training for. In June of this year, fans will have another chance to see the actor fighting most of his high intensity action scenes in Terminator Genisys.

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