Worst Comic Book Movie Adaptations

Comic book movies are hotter than ever, making them one of the most successful movie genre of today. With movies like Batman, Iron Man, X-Men and Spider-Man being one of the most successful film franchises, big movie studios invest large amounts of money into the genre to make the best adaptation of a comic book the can possibly do. With how successful the genre is, we may think nothing can go wrong by turning a beloved comic book character into a film, but there can be which leads to studios putting a specific comic book back in the shelf. Many comic book adaptations have fumbled in the box office, here is a list of the top five worst comic book films:

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5 Catwoman (2004)

Who would have ever thought that a film starring the beautiful Halle Berry would be this bad. The film had a budget of $100 million and only managed to rake in $82.1 million, losing quite a bit of money. It receive negative reviews all across the board receiving a 3.2 rating on IMDb and 9% approval rating on Rottentomatoes.com.

4 Superman Returns (2006)

The anticipated return of Superman left many disappointed, Bryan Singer's Superman adaptation was released on June 30, 2006 and it was one of the hottest films to come out during the summer, but its fire didn't last long. The iconic superhero seemed to have been exposed too kryptonite during its release and fell short of its flight.

3 Elektra (2005)

ELEKTRA - elektra Wallpaper

After the release of Daredevil, the audience were expecting much more than this filmed offered. It was an entertaining movie and had some decent action scenes, but critics and fans, wanted more than they received. 

2 Batman & Robin (1997)

No exact words can describe how awful this adaptation of Batman was, not even George Clooney saved it from being the horrible movie it turned out to be. Luckily, Christopher Nolan rescued Batman in 2005.

1 Ghost Rider (2007)

Nicolas Cage. For most that was one of the major thing that kept audiences from liking the film.

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