William and Kate Are Amazing with Scottish Kids

Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton certainly have a lot of charisma. This comes across in their interactions with people. The duo was in Scotland recently where they charmed onlookers and received their best wishes.

Kate was especially nice to everyone around her, she had to answer many questions about the unborn child. Rachel Sawyer, who was one of the onlookers at the venue, asked her when the baby was due. The Duchess responded that the child was due sometime in the middle of July. Kate did however add that it is difficult to be accurate as babies are sometimes born earlier. It seems Kate is now willing to discuss about the baby. She does not want to keep it discreet any more. She was full of life in Scotland, and was aptly dressed for the cold Scottish weather.

Rachel Sawyer asked Kate when she would be able to relax once again. Kate responded that this was likely to happen sometime in June. Times are busy for Kate these days. She and William are on a visiting spree to places all over the United Kingdom. They went to Scotland for some promotional events.

The Royal couple visited the Emirates Sports Arena in Glasgow. The Commonwealth Games is going to be held here in 2014. The couple watched a number of dance performances, and looked out of breath witnessing them. William and Kate share a common love for all things cultural. Both of them love watching dance and theatrical shows.

A plaque for the famous Olympic Games was revealed. The dance show performed before the royal couple was choreographed by a school girl by the name of Beth. As William and Kate were leaving, a girl dressed in a Disney Princess costume, and carrying a burgundy bouquet in her hand, came up to William. He asked if the flowers were for him. She promptly shook her head and handed them over to Kate. She also refused to be kissed on the cheek by William. It seems that the number of Kate’s followers is on the rise steadily

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